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Full Version: Haku early team
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I *might* be fine on team cost since my second Hera-Is is maxed but unevolved (maybe I'll keep her that way for the time being...). No max skills on anything though, so this could be the part that's problematic... stalling 30 rounds for full cooldowns may kind of suck, but it's probably not that hard if I manage the colors/orbs correctly.

Probably can't get to it this time around since my Viper and Siegfried are a ways from getting to fully evolved and reasonably leveled.

I'm guessing that for lower ranks, Hera-Is/Hera/Echidna/King Baddie is the way to go. ...though King Baddie for 3/6 monsters seems like it may not be as effective as one would like. May still be fun to try it on Hell difficulty though.
Couldn't stop myself from trying lul, planned to just waste the stamina if failed though since I don't see myself ever using Goemon

This was the team I went with: http://i.imgur.com/q0o1gg4.png
With helper: http://i.imgur.com/DD9nhZE.png
Nekki is used here to pump up my RCV since I didn't have any heart makers at max skill, it was probably the only reason I could stall at all.

The run pretty much went the way I planned, stalled ~10 turns on stage 2 high ninjas, one-hit everything on stage 3 and finished charging on Mitsuki.


Edit: TGP's byakko run is up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHPLpuyau9Q
Fluffles the robot strikes again! I assume this was in Hell? Congrats on the drop! Big Grin
Thanks! And yes it was in hell difficulty, I would be killed way before I'm able to get anything up on super hell lol
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