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Full Version: Zombie team?
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I rolled a Viper orochi and decided to stay with him but read he is used for a zombie team? can someone help me understand what and how you build a zombie team like what other stuff u need? is it the best rout for me right now?

What I've got so far..

Viper orochi
Plesiel (starter)
lil green dragon
lil white dragon
Dino rider
mystic light knight
A zombie team utilizes the leader ability of Viper Orochi. Pretty much, the idea is building a strong attacking team with minimal HP. Orochi's leader skill procs at 50% or higher HP. So when you get hit by an attack that is, for example, 12k and you only have 1.5k HP, Orochi's leader skill will allow you to survive with 1 HP. The team would need to utilize a healer that has a leader skill that automatically heals your HP when you match orbs. You just need to make sure the healer can heal passed 50% of your total HP so you may survive another hit for the monster.

This type of team is very situational and is only beneficial in certain dungeons. If the monsters you are dealing with attack on the same turn or you run into bosses that have multi-hit attacks, the zombie team becomes useless. There are only a handful of dungeons that can really benefit from a zombie team. I would not suggest you try to start the game off on a zombie team. It will not get you very far and it's not very useful.
Yah, zombie teams are only used as an absolute last resort, when you have no other way of surviving a dungeon.

You can't really plan a team around Orochi. Thus, you may want to re-roll for something else. However, he is really useful on several late-game teams, if you have the patience to play through until you get there. If you do, you'll have things a bit tougher for the time being since your current monsters aren't well set up for making any kind of team. I think the best you could do is get a red starter dragon (from your level-20 present if you're lucky, or you can farm it in certain special dungeons, but they won't be around for several weeks at least) and make a red team with titan and dino rider (replacing dino rider with mystic flame knight when you can).
Oh lol I thought a zombie team was much better Damn it Ok thanks let me see what I can do, I'm having tough time making a team right now
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