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Full Version: Don't Delete Me!
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I haven't been able to access my main account, in my signature, for a week, and probably won't get in for another five days. Battery got fried on the phone and it's taking...a...long...time...to...get.

In the meantime I've been playing an alt account on a new device. I've got a max level Ares, with plenty of Fire friends, though I could use more Freyr and Ares friends specifically. I also try to run a Dark team with Persephone and eventually Archangel Lucifer, but only have one or two friends, so I can't use it often to make progress.

Only rank 28 on this account, but I've been doing weekday dungeons fairly easy, just don't have a lot of stamina. Trying to evolve Ares, but didn't get the Dub-rubylit I needed today. Anyway, if you run Fire/Dark teams and would like an option for farming at the bottom of your list for now, I'd appreciate it. Really looking for Dark friends, Loki, Persephone and Archangel Lucifer mostly. Picked up two Dub-mythlits to cheat with.

I've also got a GOdin that I use for the weekday dungeons and a Fortune Deity Lakshmi to lead a mono-Water team once my team cost goes up.

At Castle of Satan. If I hadn't run Shrine of Spirits-Expert so many times, I'd be through it, but I had a couple reasons for doing so.

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