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Full Version: Need Goemon team help
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I've been trying to use my Goemon team to clear the final level of Vesta Cave, but I just can't get it to clear...
My team is:
with a random Goemon friend level 30-max depending on who is up...
If its not a heart cascade that gets me out of my sweet spot it is the lack of red orbs (even though gigas is max skill)

Should I replace someone with more X-->Fire orb changers or sub in heart breakers of a different color (like Rose valk/unevolved siegfried blue champion)? should I ditch mono red Goemon and switch to multi color/full-on rainbow? or something completely different?

I was really excited for getting this guy since I don't have lucifer/horus/ra/Loki/other elite REM monsters that can crush legendary/mythicals...now I got one of those supposed guys outside the REM, decently leveled him/ reccomnded support monsters and no luck...

(sorry for ranting, just a bit frustrated...)

Thank you!
I think most typical typical Goemon teams use x2 Gigas for a constant influx of red orbs and reducing the chance of heart cascades.
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