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Full Version: Castle of Satan Mystic Knight Schedule (FINISHED)
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Daily Mystic Knight Schedules (constantly updated)

Hey all!

Thought it would be nice to set up a thread for the Mystic Knight schedules this week. Would any brave souls mind sharing where you got your mystic knights each day, until we can distinguish a pattern if one exists? Smile The LINE PaD group is currently working on figuring out all the schedule by running the different stages as I write and will continue to do so for the other days of this event! >_<

Until multiple sightings are reported or a picture is included, I will not be able to add your results to this post. Do not want to provide the wrong information to anyone. Sorry if this seems a bit imposing anyone! Just want to be 100% sure before putting the information out there.

Thanks in advance to everyone that contributes to this thread! Big Grin Always love to see the community work together on things such as this!

To everyone else, happy hunting!

First off, since there seems to be a lot of questions...


Common Q&A

Q: What is so good about these mystic knights? Why bother hunting for them?

A: All of the mystic knights are considered vital orb changers for the mono-colored team of their respective color. Even if you do not have a viable mono-colored team of every color, I highly suggest you farm for these guys as an investment in the future. This mystic knight event at CoS/ CoSitA has only come around once before months ago, thus this is a very rare opportunity so I advise you take full advantage of it!

Q: Any mystic knight I should hunt for in particular?

Special dungeons for the MFK and MIK do not exist in the English version yet. Thus, these knights can only be obtained from special dragon dungeons at an abysmally low rate aside from the current event. I recommend hunting these two down first. The MLK, MSK and MDK can wait because we have been getting their respective special event dungeons about every other event.

Q: If I encounter a knight, what is the drop rate?

A: The drop is guaranteed if you chance upon a lone mystic knight while in CoS or CoSitA! Smile The mystic knight bosses do not count. No one has logistics on the exact rates for appearances though.

Q: What rounds can I encounter the knights in?

A: The knights can be a random encounter from any of the waves aside from the boss wave(s).

Q: Will I have a better chance of finding the mystic knights on the weekends due to the CoS bonus drop rates?

A: Unfortunately, a drop rate bonus does not equate to an appearance bonus. Appearance rates are the main concern here since when you randomly encounter the knight he will be a guaranteed drop. However, the weekend bonus rates will help with obtaining a vampire from random encounters and naga/ succubus if you run Witches Ball!

Expected Schedule according to FB Group:

(07-13-2013 06:13 AM)Yoona Wrote: [ -> ]This table was taken from the P&D FB group posted by Jessica Chow.

[Image: 3BlCG.jpg]

Similar to the Schedule of the CoS event the JP version had last event:

(06-28-2013 02:02 AM)arcana Wrote: [ -> ][Image: yZiU6xa.png]

For those of you who are going to hunt them.
The pattern is going to change every two days, this is for 28. and 29.06.
Edit: 1-5 are the stage numbers.

Edit2: Source http://www18.atwiki.jp/pazdra/pages/31.html
Expand "1500万DL記念イベント"
(thanks to Cel for providing a link to this post)

Judging by today's reports, the mystic knight schedule at CoS and CoSitA might be the same as that from JP's recent Mystic Knight event. CoS lines up perfectly and CoSitA seems to be following the trend. *Keep in mind that other days may not follow this trend*

Event has ended guys! Hope you found what you were looking for or got those needed skill-ups!

Congratulations to all the lucky players with a new set of shiny knights and good luck with your skill-ups veterans! Good luck to those still hunting! Dont' give up! The full set of knights and skill-ups are well worth the time and stamina invested!

-currently updating with data- want the scoop on our hunt faster? Join the LINE group Tongue You will get it as soon as it comes out!
I'm flat out of stamina right now, but I'll run some CoS later on!
Can also confirm MIK in Witches ball. First run, and i got the last knight i needed to have them all Big Grin. too bad i wasnt aslucky with the light and dark knight dungeons last week hehe.
the fire knight in cage of the beast.
there is a LINE group? ._.
(07-12-2013 05:42 PM)hkstyle Wrote: [ -> ]the fire knight if on cage of the beast.

Do You happen to have a picture to confirm this please? Just want to be 100% sure before I add this to the post
MLK from King of Darkness
(07-12-2013 05:43 PM)Stella Wrote: [ -> ]there is a LINE group? ._.

Yep! Check the link in my sig for details

(07-12-2013 05:45 PM)jro Wrote: [ -> ]MLK from King of Darkness

Any picture? Would like 100% confirmation just so I don't provide the wrong information to anyone
Big Grin I'm addicted to line... almost as much as PAD. I added you as a friend Big Grin
Thank you brave souls, who have put your stamina on the line for the rest of us!
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