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Full Version: 3,289 Stones...
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He wants for nothing...

44 million gold damn
holy crap @_@

I wish I had that kind of money to blow on this game...
In the description he put a website on how to get free magic stones for Japanese players similar to how people can use Swagbucks. With the website linked, you can choose between an Itunes card or putting the money into Google Wallet
that's about 2.3k USD, which is quite a bit for an iPhone App. But doesn't matter what game platform it is, as long as it gets you addicted. My friend spent 10k in an MMORPG Tongue

Edit: Well, that MMORPG was on PC, but yeah.
I've (maybe?) spent 10k total on all the games/platforms/computers/accessories I've ever owned, over the last 20 years...only if I include my ISP bill.
Lol, I sold 2 different WoW accounts for 1.5k~ and I sold my Everquest account for 2k

I can read Japanese but I'm too lazy to read through everything on the blog/google

Is the method he put up possible for a NA player?
Also, sites like Swagbucks pays really low for your time... So low that it's way easier to just get a job and use that to fund your PAD. Does that Japanese way/site pay way more?
yup thats tubegameplayer, i watch his vids a lot. I dont know why he would spend so much money but w/e he seems to enjoy it having all maxed out monsteres with max +'s on them....almost seems boring after that lol.
I'm always more impressed with his orb-matching skills than with his monster box/stones. I am nowhere near that level.
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