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Full Version: Help on ADK Team
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I have started an ADK team and I'm really not sure where to go I have heard that going mono or bi-color is best but i am currently running rainbow. and am currently working on that but for the dark green I still need a CDK.
Here is my team:[Image: ?ui=2&ik=6eee28e16f&view...JgeKTNqJHE]
And my monster box:
[Image: ?ui=2&ik=6eee28e16f&view...7PjA3iLC78][Image: ?ui=2&ik=6eee28e16f&view...J3koSLyoyA]

Any help is much appreciated.
Your images are not visible. The links seem to be broken.

In any case, there's a thread with a lot of information on ADK teams already. Check it out, and if there are still questions, ask on that thread:
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