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Full Version: Another Horus line up
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I'm currently at hyperflow lava and would like to build a Horus team for future dungeons. What is my best options?
You got some good subs.

(lead) Horus
(blue) Orochi
(green) Parvati (stall) or Odin (stats), it's worth noting Parvati is considered an ideal Horus sub if we ever get her skillup monster
(light) Indra (stall) or L. Golem (defense break)
(dark) Vamp Lord

When you get one, Hera fits into dark for when you need Gravity. You should consider working towards that since you have a bunch of the subs you'll need/want for her dungeon.
What about etre? Or does orochi replace her?
Orochi does not replace her. You need a dual element monster such as D/L Hades to have her on your team since you will be missing a color otherwise.

Delay is invaluable and is a necessity for Egyptian teams when tackling harder dungeons.
D/L Hades or not, there are some makeshift things you can do to get her into the team.

The way I see it, you have two primary courses of action at the moment if you want to get EtRE into your team:

1) You can use an Isis or Ra friend until you get an appropriate dual-element creature. This will let you remove your blue or light sub in favor of EtRE. Isis/Horus would do well for farming, Horus/Ra would be more of a thing for Descends.

2) You can put in Neptune until you get a more appropriate dual-color creature when playing alongside Horus friends. His active is sadly not synergistic with Horus, but his stats are all well above-average. The lineup would look something like:

B/D Neptune

This team layout will do fine for general farming but does not make much sense when doing Descends.

Either way, you'll eventually come across creature that helps you out. Just keep on moving forward.
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