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Full Version: Buying magic stones on Android question.
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I'm always skeptical about paying money for any type of app, but this has been the most addictive game I've played so far and want to support Gungho. My question is about how I get charged for magic stones if and when I finally buy them.

When I click on the amount of magic stones I want, does it automatically go through and charge my phone bill? or does it take me a checkout screen where I can enter my cc info?

Also, is it possible to link an Itunes account on an android phone?
If it's anything like the IAPs in other apps, I believe it's linked to Google Play. When you press the "buy" button, a Google Play window should pop up for confirmation. If you linked your credit card info to Google Wallet, that should just pop up and ask for your confirmation. If you have the password protect for Google Play purchases (and you should!) then you have to input your password.

If you don't have a Google Wallet, I believe it'll ask you for your CC info.

I highly doubt apps charge you through your phone bill.
Just confirming that yes, you just enter your CC.
You do have the option to bill your phone as well.
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