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Full Version: What does Orb Refresh do?
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I don't quite understand what "Switch Orb At Random" actually does for me. This tells me that the board is rerandomized with random orbs in each slot.

Are there any secondary effects that I don't know about?
- Combo'd orbs count towards damage?
- Ability Cooldowns are lowered?
- Guaranteed a single combo when refreshed?
- Something else?

I feel like randomizing the board should have at least some benefits besides a zero-heart/specific color situation. But those cases are usually remedied by Heartmakers/Orb changers with a more predictable outcome.
This is what I got by experimenting with a max skilled Mastering.

- Combo'd orbs count towards damage? Yes
- Ability Cooldowns are lowered? Yes
- Guaranteed a single combo when refreshed? NO
- Something else? NO

Basically this is your panic button when you have a really bad board. However, it's rather random and may not work in your favor.

In a tri-color dungeon though, this skill can be VERY useful. You are almost guaranteed with cascading combos.

Hyper Gimmicky 6x Max Skill Mastering Tricolor Master Roflstomping? (Go for record high damage)

Turns 1-6: Survive
Turn 7: Continuously activate Orb Refresh until you don't make a combo. Pummel each floor with Obscenely Massive Combos.

Does this Refresh countdown things like Menace, Defensive Stance, Poison, or Norse Actives? In all but the Poison case, this could be dangerous.

I kinda want Mastering just for the gimmicky hilarity that it offers as a humongous blob.
Back in the days when he had 5 turn CD people were doing just that. 5 mastering and a useful lead. Now that GungHo nerfed him this is not as fun as before.
Cooldowns are only lowered if the refreshed orbs connect for a combo when they fall. This happens fairly regularly though, not sure of an exact % really. I found hobgoblin to be a useful sub in the no rcv dungeon because no heart orbs made the refresh almost always land a combo, bringing sirens cd of 5 turns down by a turn that way was useful at times.
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