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Full Version: Itunes credit with iphone 4
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Sorry this will sound super foolish. I just got an iphone and I have some itunes credit left and I want to use it to buy some magic stones but I have now idea how to do this.

Any information would be helpful.
Go to Shop>Magic Stone Shop. Select the amount of stones you want to buy, and make sure the payment comes from the redeemed card (select payment method>Redeem, then type the code). I have an Android, but I'm pretty sure it works the same way.
What if I don't have the card anymore. I redeemed it on my itunes account and then got rid of it. I didn't think I needed it anymore.
Or should that not matter.
The credits should still be on your Itunes account and you should be able to buy stones with no problem. I don't run an IPhone, but my cousin just put the credit onto his account and he was fine.
If you redeemed the iTunes card already. Then when you make a purchase, it will automatically deduct from your redeemed credit before charging any leftover fees to your credit card.
Thanks. You all have been super helpful.
(08-01-2013 11:18 AM)CMFBreezy Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. You all have been super helpful.

It's what forums are for Tongue Plus the forum games, you can never forget that xD
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