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Full Version: How great are Valkyrie teams?
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I was reading up on the guide on ggftw and one of the teams it recommended was a Valkyrie team (Both 6.25x attack and Orochi Sturdy). Since the light event is up right now, it seems like a nice time as any to try and roll for her.

Currently I'm operating a dark team with a Loki lead and its been a bit underwhelming. Rank 50 and team consists of Vritra, Lillith, Big Baddie (been trying to farm Vampire to no luck) and Siren with Yomi, Devil Dragon (Soon to be CDD once I can get a rainbow sprite), D'spinas and an Echidna on the side. Then I can try farming for a Mystic Dark Knight I suppose.

So yeah. Should I continue with the dark team or try rerolling for a Valkyrie? Or maybe I can try to learn how to backup this save on to a comp and then reroll for a Valk?
If you like the 6.25 adk team, this team focuses on a 6.25 heal or a 2.5/loki/orochi combo with a good balance btw atk/hp n high rcu. Drawback in 6.25 adk is the high off n low def, while valk team can be a great hybrid with off/def depending what u need.
I don't think it's worth trying to reroll for a Valkyrie and farm all day for the healers. If you manage to get all the healers while you are doing the special dungeons, great, and if you somehow roll a valkyrie from the rare egg machine, sure, give it a try. But I don't think this team is good enough to go out of your way to restart completely for it.

For one thing, if you're comparing it to the 6.25x dragon team, it does less damage since the healer sisters have naturally low attack stats, and you're stuck using a set team (usually Valk leader, Valk, Siren, Echidna, Light Swordsman with a Valk friend leader - so it's ideal for you to roll two Valks). The dragon team can sub in dragons of any element and any type (toy for recovery orbs, mech for hps and strong aoe, CDK/ADK for orb changing, etc.) so it's very versatile. Also, the healer team having high recovery is pointless if you get one shot. Their hps are generally also much lower than a dragon team as many of the healers max out under 1.5k (comparatively, most dragons break 2-3k when maxed, mech dragons breaking 4k). While it may not be of that much use since their recovery is lower, it might still buy an extra round or two to kill the boss since you are relying mostly on damage anyway. Also, most dragon teams use Echidna for their final slot for recovery and the menace skill (+3 turns to enemy attack timer). Of course, I'm talking about later on when you start facing challenges beyond Castle of Satan and Expert/Master special dungeons.

As mentioned above though, you can sub your friend valkyrie leader for orochi for the resolve, but if you run into a fight where more than one enemy hits you at the same time, you could be in for some trouble (much like a standard Odin team anyway).

I think the team looks fun to try out, but great? I dunno. As for your current problem, your dark team has no orb changers. Mono colored teams are awful without at least a swordsman (ideally you want the swordsman and the recovery to offense monsters like vampire, titan, berserker, valkyrie, etc.). You do have some nice dark monsters, but you will suffer until you get the sworsdman at the very least.
Valkyrie team is recommended because some people think Valkyrie is the prettiest girl in p&d lol

Valkyrie team has great recover rate, decent attack (mainly from Great Valkyrie herself), the weakness would be low hp... that's why some people put a Neptune or an Orochi in the team to tank, but then they don't get the 6.25x attack bonus.

You probably need more than one Valkyrie in your Valkyrie team btw... good luck XD
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