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Full Version: Mythlits?
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There are many theories which vary from running the first three techs on Mondays which have a terrible rate. Running Banquet of temptation on weekends I've had 3 appearances with 0 drops and running Friday dungeons at 2x drop rates.
Where is the best place to farm these illusive bad boys?
Tier 1 Technicals on Monday, Weekend Tier after Satan so you have it right, they just don't like to drop. Technically you'll get more/stam from Friday Dungeon but it's not an ideal way to collect Mythlits (bad for rank/drops/gold).
Thanks Zyrax I figured as much it's just farming these are such a grind..
There are also many encounters of Mythlits in Polar Night Tower, but only one has dropped for me in like 7 runs. By yeah, like Zyrax said, Tier 1 Technical dungeon on monday, you can hunt for pengdras and those annoying purple guys!
Why banquet of temptation and not Blue Guardian?
(08-07-2013 10:47 AM)playeryoo Wrote: [ -> ]Why banquet of temptation and not Blue Guardian?

Probably for the off chance of getting mermaid or succubus.
I blew thru 200 stamina doing tier 1 techs on Monday looking for one after I spaced out on the Friday dungeon and didn't farm one. The only waves where no monsters dropped for me were waves with Mythlits in them. It was really absurd after awhile.

If you're doing techs for something else, sure, they're probably okay. If you're looking for mythlits, just wait for Friday.
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