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Full Version: Super Metal Descend
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What is the best strtegy to beat super king metal dungeon for low level player like me? I am lvl 78. I wanna try the dungeon for the first time!
Either resolve team or dark resist leader/AmaO. Don't forget to bring a Shiva or poison.
Can't access pdx at the moment. when do/did the super metals descend?
Can also find the schedule here:


You may need to adjust for time zone but for reference group C is in 11 hours.
Fortunately, the Dark Super King Dragon is the easiest from all of them. Because it can be Oneshoot by Odin's active skill.
It can also be OS by Ra's skill. Lucifer' skill should do the job too.
You have plenty of choice.
If you don't have any of them, just find a friend with any of these pets.

I would recommend you to charge all the skills on the first floor, just in case you have an invade of the super king during floors 2 to 4 (and I wish you to have one since it is a 100% drop Wink )

It should be a piece of cake Wink
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