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Full Version: Pulled Haku / Lucifer / Gabriel from Godfest
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I'm under the impression that I can form some super amazing indestoppable spike damage team with these three pulls, but please let me know if I'm wrong.

The only viable subs for this I have currently are Echidna and Shiva.

What do you suggest I start farming for to fill out the team, and how should I go about leveling it?

I'm only rank 71 at the moment, so I don't have the cost to use a full team. I just want to make sure I follow an efficient path.

Spike damage teams imply ATK damage modifiers in which case you have Haku

Haku works well with monsters that help proc her ability, so Dark, Fire, And Water. For example Echidna is fire and it gives Haku 3 free turns to do damage so she is great. But Gabriel in a Haku team is bad because his ability gets rid of dark orbs which you need to use Haku's Leader ability and so he is only useful for his stats and his element.
Monsters that will be helpful to get:
Mystic Dark Knight - You can get him in Dark Night Sword/Sky Dragon of Darkness
Mystic Ice Knight
Vampire -Castle of Satan

Lucifer is a stall leader due to his leader ability of 2x HP/RCV which means that you can take a hit and heal it back up fast. You generally want monsters that are 1. Dark 2. High HP 3. good RCV.
Useful Monsters:
Mystic Dark Knight
Dub-mythlit - replace with Rainbow Keepers as soon as you can
Rainbow Keeper

No clue on gabriel, he is good but i have no experience.

Just read http://puzzleanddragonsforum.com/showthr...p?tid=8279 about leveling monsters. You have a great set leaders for lv 71, just farm for monsters to complete a team and you will level up before you know it.
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