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Full Version: Valkyrie Healer team or Byakko?
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I rolled during Godfest, and got a Byakko Haku which was lucky.

I am not sure which team I should start leveling, as they are both very much underleveled.

I have a Valkyrie team which I started with, that has:

Great Valkyrie, level 44
Echidna, level 50
Siren the empress, level 30
Rainbow keeper
Green toydragon level 30, (I use this only for the burst during bosses, waiting for something better to drop)

I will have a King Shynee soon, once I find a King Gold Dragon.

I managed to get a Byakko Haku, and I was thinking of running

Byakko Haku lead level 5
Vampire Lord level 5
Rainbow keeper
Siren the empress

I know that whichever team I choose to play, I will have to level up all of the monsters quite a bit.

Which monsters should be leveled up first? Which team would be better?
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