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Full Version: FAQ (Read Before Posting!!)
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This thread is intended as a resource to guide you to answers to your questions. All of the questions here are links to threads that should address that question.

EXP guide(s)
Low-Level, basic introduction
Basic Intro + Intermediate Practical Usage
Advanced Research study + explanation
Advanced Practical Reference Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions:
What should I Do now?
What do I need to Evolve X? Visit the wiki or database: Puzzledragonx
What do I do to beat Dungeon X?
About Pengdras: Consistent big EXP boosts
Should I Evolve before leveling? No. It is forbidden except in the case of Busty Evolution, below.
Busty evolution
What are +eggs? (and are there maxxes?) See also:
How do i save gold on +eggs?
How do I get Skill-Ups for monster X?
Should I sell metal dragons?
Are monster drops predetermined?
Does the order I kill monsters matter for drops?
How many "free" stones do I get? / Where is the Paywall?
Should I spend my stones on the REM now? Not unless a godfest is running.
How do dual-element attacks work?
Why doesn't the leader skill activate? Leader skills do not activate on 'explorer' type helpers - you must have them officially on your friends list (their label will say "friend").
Which starters don't suck:

Which monsters should I grind for to actually beat the harder dungeons:

Wiki for normal/special dungeon info, and exp charts: (google translate is your friend)
The "jp" wiki you stated above is definitely not japanese, seems like Chinese to me.
Question that gets asked a lot that might be worth including in FAQ:
How to backup on Android:
If not rooted: Carbon (http://www.clockworkmod.com/carbon).
If rooted and want to use an application: Titanium (http://matrixrewriter.com/android/).
If rooted and want to do it manually: Get a root file browser like ES File Explorer (http://www.estrongs.com/products/es-file...rer.html). Navigate from root to /data/data/jp.gungoho.padEN/ and backup the contents (data048.bin and data056.bin in files may be the key files).
Minor update
How do i get pictures on my profile?
(03-03-2014 02:59 PM)Franker Wrote: [ -> ]How do i get pictures on my profile?

User CP (at the top right) -> Change Avatar at the left.
How to add monster icons to your signature:

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Quick team template for signature use: http://puzzleanddragonsforum.com/showthr...#pid392193
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