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Full Version: Good end game mono color team
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So I hav a mono blue,dark,and red team. Which team do y'all think will be better during end game
I&I twin archers
Fenrir knight
Hatsume no Tsubone
Siren the enchanter

Loki GoG
Vamp lord
Siren the enchanter

Ulti evo Tyrannos
Phoenix knight
As a fellow Dark user I can say that mono dark or a main dark team can take you very far in lategame if you pair Loki with Lucifer.

As for you red and blue..idk, since I never used mono red and blue, but Red can definitely do it due to Goemon.

Judging by your current team, you should go with mono dark and or blue and get Hera/goemon. Then you can choose which one will be your ideal endgame team.
K I'm workin on a good hera team just need to get my team cost to 130 first so it can hold chaos venus and 4 RK and thanx for fast reply
You can probably take goemon down with your mono blue team. Dark team can take on hera and build from there.
For a goemon team is Horus/Phoenix a necessity?
While its technically not "absolutely required" to have a Phoenix/Horus, you severely depreciate the damage Goemon+Fireworks does. The reason why nearly all Goemon teams "require" a Fire Orb enhancer is because of Goemon's skill. 25x leader damage with 280% more damage via the enhanced orbs+Goemon Fireworks equates for insane damage, and is the main source of a Goemon Team taking down descended bosses. So while I'd sya not "absolutely required" it pretty much is a neccessity if you want to go far with the Goemon team.

Also, do remember that in terms of generalities theres two "types" of Goemon teams. That with moderate RCV+HP and the other with massive HP+Very very low RCV.
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