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Full Version: Which Descend is Beatable First?
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I read strategies about Zeus, Hera-is, Hera, etc.. and they all seem to involve a team composed of drops that you only get from other descends leading me in a big circle round and round trying to read to find one that doesnt have a descend god in it so I know where to start. My main is Freyr with a mono red team but I have a Freyja also and am working on a mono green team. My question is which one is the easiest one to do first to get the ball rolling and you can take on the others. I can provide a pick of my monster box if needed and someone wants to take the time.

*edit added photos
Pic of monster box please when asking these questions.

First descendeds are usually Hera or Two Heroes for most people.
Typically hera is first since you can do it with a resolve team, setting you up to do most other descends with the gravity skill.
Strong mono blue = thief everything else i would say hera
sorry guys about no pics originally but I added them now. Thank you for the help all.
I think the order of easy to hard was
Two Heroes
then the rest.
Hera is probably the easiest but I think it'll be tough w your current team
Check this guide out
I got my 2 Hera using this guide, it's kinda minimum requirement to do this descend.
Definitely Evo and skill your mermaid up as much as you can, and maybe Odin but u can still use Odin friend and lead with ghosting

Anyway read the guide, prolly wait for next time she comes around. GH bring her back pretty often i believe.
ok sounds good guys thanks for the input. By Hera I am assuming you guys mean the regular one aka. the dark one. I have been pretty focused on getting my Mono red team up there should I just abandon that for now?
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