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Full Version: Ra team Appreciation Thread (work in progress)
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[Image: Ra_Minimalist.jpg]

So you want to play Ra?

Table of Contents:
Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Leaders and Desirable Subs
Page 3: Semi-Desirable Subs and Example Teams
Page 4: How to Play Ra
Page 5: Damage Claculations
Page 6-7: Reserved for Future Amendments

So you just got yourself a Ra, and you don’t know what to do with it? Well, I’m here to (try to) help. This thread will probably turn more into a guide than most of the other appreciation threads, but I guess that’s the way it’ll have to be.

Why use Ra?

Ra is a REM only monster, the light monster in the Egyptian pantheon. He has a leader skill that multiplies all damage by 6 times when all offensive elements are matched. When used with another Ra friend, you get the 6x multiplier applied twice, resulting in a 36x multiplier boost.

The active skill is less useful and very situational. It deals 7777 damage to every enemy regardless of their defense stat. This is helpful for masks and super-high defense enemies such as third- tier evolution masks. My favorite use that I’ve had is in Legendary Dragon Rush when I could beat the Wood legendary dragon with it (ignoring its 280,000 defense stat) for an easier victory.

Ra’s 36x attack boost leads to an incredible amount of damage done to opponents when used successfully. As far as I know, every single dungeon can be beaten using a Ra team, including every single descend dungeon and the super-difficult Legendary Earth*.

Ra teams are also often considered the most challenging and fun playstyle. There is a good amount of risk in playing this team, but there is also a huge amount of reward to counteract that. The way I (and many others) see it, Ra is the way this game is meant to be played. So, let’s jump right into the fun!

*Victory is not guaranteed when using Ra.

*Please extend your thanks to user Eithyr for spending a lot of time and effort to adding some formatting into my thread. Time for me to stop being lazy and finish huh?*
[Image: 497.png]
Sun Deity Ra

Level 1:
Health: 1182
Attack: 720
Recovery: 397

Level 99:
Health: 2955
Attack: 1080
Recovery: 596

Ra (I will just call the evolution by the shortened name of Ra, then though the actual name is Sun Deity Ra) is the only leader to use for a Ra team, minus the unevolved form of itself. You could technically use a Horus with a Ra friend (or Ra lead with a Horus friend) and call it a Ra team, but then you only have a wimpy 24x multiplier, merely 2/3 (two thirds) of the damage.

Pros: Excellent multiplier, Good HP stat, Great Recovery stat, Fun to play, fast dungeon clears, relatively low team cost (25)

Cons: Mediocre attack stat, can be risky in difficult dungeons.

Basics for building your Ra team:
When building a Ra team, you NEED to have every offensive element represented, whether it is the primary or secondary element. If you don’t, you aren’t EVER going to activate the 36x blast, ruining the entire point of using a Ra team in the first place.

The subs should generally not be orb-changers either. Heartbreakers (Attack Stance Users) are ok though, especially the three that can Ultimate Evolve. They will replace an overflow of heart orbs with a missing color you need to activate Ra or boost the damage in you have a few extra unneeded heart orbs lying around. However, I wouldn't recommend more than one or two be added to the team because you will often lose useful skills that could increase your damage another way or prevent damage to yourself.

Other orb changers usually are hugely frowned upon because they take away orbs of other elements which prevents the ability to execute Ra’s multiplier. So don’t use them unless you have no other monsters of that element.

Unless you have a very high rank, team cost will likely be a concern. Many of the more desirable subs will have a high team cost.

Desirable Subs:

[Image: 201.png]
Empress of the Serpents, Echidna
Basically, Echidna (shortened name for her I will continue to use throughout the thread) is the only fire Sub you should be using for a Ra team.

This has a few reasons, the biggest being her Active skill, Menace. This ability delays enemy monster’s attack timers by 3 turns giving you valuable time to either stall or kill off a boss with more HP than you can deplete before she attacks. Echidna is one of the most useful and versatile monsters in the game and usable for many other teams.

In addition, Echidna is farmable; you never have to rely on a lucky Rare Egg Machine (REM) pull to get the most useful monster available.

Get her, do your best to max her skill, and use her. There is really no excuse to not have her in your team.

Pros: Necessary active skill, Excellent Recovery, Farmable, Low team cost (13)
Cons: Rather low HP and Attack stats

[Image: 597.png]
Awoken Hera-Is

[Image: 135.png]
Demon Viper Orochi

[Image: 692.png]
Earth-Rending Emperor Siegfried

[Image: 241.png]
Parvati, the Golden Goddess

[Image: 137.png]
Susano No Mikoto

[Image: 693.png] Heroic Noble Wolf King, Cu Chulainn

[Image: 694.png]
Warrior Rose, Graceful Valkyrie

[Image: 396.png][Image: 397.png]
Underlord Arch Hades/Underlord Inferno Hades

[Image: 643.png]
Hand of the Dark God, Metatron

[Image: 190.png]
Awoken Hera

[Image: 141.png]
Usable Subs:
Rainbow Keeper

(Yeah this section needs some work)
How to Play the Game with Ra:

Ra has a very difficult play style. I promise you, no one starts right out and activates Ra every time. In fact, I don’t think anyone activates Ra every time (quit watching TubeGamePlayer on YouTube.) so don’t worry if you don’t. It will take a whole lot of practice to get good at using Ra. Practice makes perfect after all.

Using Ra basically comes in three stages: Planning, Setting-Up, and Execution. This is generally what you will have to do every single turn when using Ra.

Sometimes the Setting-Up phase can be skipped if you get a good board after the previous combo, and sometimes a lack of a certain color will require that Setting-Up last two or more turns.

You can get away with impulsive “winging it” on easier dungeons when you can tank hits without problems, but that doesn’t work on descended dungeons. So, here are the steps to take:


The first step is to analyze your board. See what orbs you have, how far apart the colors are. Count each color to see if you have enough orbs to activate Ra. You need at least three of each offensive color. Then determine whether or not each orb in a set is close enough to similarly colored orbs to make your combo.

If yes, skip right to the execute phase.

If not, you need to spend a turn organizing orbs to make a combo possible. Then plan your move. Trace your path in your mind three or four times so you know what you want to do. Take your time here, you have no limit to the amount of time you can plan while you do have a limit to how long you can hold an orb.

If you try making your plans after moving an orb you will just waste time and fail your combo. Personally, I take up to 10-15 minutes between moves (in harder dungeons) pacing around the house getting my heart rate to go down to concentrate and relax.

This is the most important step.


The next step is likely that you will have to set your board up so you can have an easier time making a combo to activate Ra. In a way, this step is the same as the Execute phase, just has a different goal.

This Setting-Up phase is also a great time to get rid of excess heal orbs or heal from a previous hit.

The best way to set up orbs in my experience is to set up L shaped sets of 3 as best as you can, preferably at the bottom of the board so Sky combos won’t mess you up.

After making your plan, set up the board how you wanted it. This is usually the hardest part, making a good board set up without ruining the easy combos.

Sometimes you won’t have the luxury of having this turn to set up the board though. This is what makes a Ra team hard to use. You may not have enough orbs of a certain color and will get killed the next turn by whatever enemy you are facing.

You may just have to hope that you have enough HP and Recovery to survive, though that won’t always save you. You will often have to make as big of a combo as you can and hope the PAD gods drop the last color you need to get that Ra activation. Sometimes it is luck based like that.

But really, this is the biggest reason you should have Echidna on your team. Remember the team member analysis? The one where I listed her as the only Fire type you should really have? This is exactly the reason for her to be around.


This is actually the easy part, provided you did the first two steps sufficiently well. Make sure you have your route planed out, take your time, relax, and NAIL THAT @#(*$#& COMBO!!!! Then watch as your damage piles up and the enemy dies (or at least takes huge damage).

Stick to the plan though, if you get greedy you will often run out of time and miss your activation entirely. This has happened to me plenty of times and it doesn’t feel good.
Damage Calculations:

I have been lying to you throughout this thread. Everyone else on this forum has also been lying to you.

A successful Ra blast does NOT do 36x damage. It actually does a MINIMUM 72x damage and goes up from there.

Don’t believe me? Ok then, I’ll prove myself right.

To do this, we have to look at the damage formula for the game. Using the PDX damage calculator, a little in game experience, and my superior intellect (ok, that last one may not be very true), I have found the equation for the damage caused to opponents.

It looks like this (for simple combos only):

Total Damage=(Attack)*(1+[OtherCombos]*0.25)*(LeaderMultiplier)

Attack is your monster’s attack stat

Other combos means the number of combos that are achieved that are not the same element as your attacking monster. This means, for dark monsters, the total number of sets of Light, Fire, Water, Wood, and Heart orbs that are matched.

Leader Ability is self explanatory, in our case, Ra’s 36x boost.

Let’s plug the absolute minimum combo we can get that activates Ra. We will assume 1000 attack for simplicity.


It’s the other combos that boost our multiplier even further. This proves that everyone has actually underestimated Ra. To add (this is for the more complicated combos [warning* may be confusing]), if you have 4 or more orbs in the combo, you add another part to the equation.

This part is multiplying the total by (1+0.25*[# of orbs more than 3]) So with 4 orbs in that set, you would further multiply your total by 1.25. Five orbs in the combo would cause you to multiply it by 1.5 and so on. Having two sets of attacking orbs will do similar. You basically do the equation for each set of orbs twice and add them together. This would mean a simple doubling of the damage if both sets were 3 (or 4, as long as they are the same size) orbs. But if one set is 3 and the other is 4, you calculate one set as 3 then run the 4 orb set through the equation separately and add them together.

Sorry if this isn’t clear, I don’t really have a better way to explain it for the time being.

Will add a section here comparing Ra/Horus and Ra/Sakuya (Kirin) later.

This could be a good place for a friend finder, but I will not be able to keep one here and up to date, so If someone else wants to, fine by me.

Feel free to post now.

If you have something you want me to add, feel free to point it out. If you want to write something, I will be happy to add it and give you full credit.

I will try to keep the motivation to get this finished and complete. Sorry if it's a bit of a wall of text right now, I'll get that fixed at some point. Thanks for reading!
Really looking forward to this Smile Ra was my starter but I rarely use him due to lack of subs Sad
This is awesome. I really like your clearing the misconception caused by watching TGP videos. People who watch his youtubes (myself included) often walk away thinking that one can activate Ra and Kirin every single turn. In reality, few can duplicate his skills/moves (and he can try many times and cherry pick the best one too).

Do you think you can add a session (after finishing your guide) comparing the conventional Ra * Ra with Ra * Horus and Kirin * Kirin?

Cool, I'm interested to see how this turns out. I have a couple thoughts though. Firstly, Echidna may not always be critical. In particular, she can be less valuable in dungeons where the boss/other enemies have pre-emptive status shields (e.g., Hera-Ur Mythical). In those cases, you might be better off bringing Siegfried to cover red. Or actually Mastering's skill could be quite useful for a Ra team.

Secondly, I'd say the offensive stance orb changers are more than placeholders. They've got a few things going for them:

1) They can be skilled up to a 5-turn cooldown. This makes them useful in dungeons where stalling is impossible and there's no time to use other skills. E.g., Siegfried might be better than Orochi (or even Hera-Is, potentially...) in a dungeon where you're never gonna get Orochi's skill up.

2) They're dual-color (the good ones are, anyway), which is always useful on a Ra team. For example, Valkyrie allows you to skip bringing a green sub--not that you should always skip a green sub, but it's nice having that option.

3) There are cases where they are your best chance at defeating a boss. For example, the optimal Ra team for Hera-Ur Mythical appears to include a Siegfried. The idea is: suppose you already have the orbs for activating Ra, but there are also a few heart orbs lying around. You can use Siegfried to increase your blue damage significantly, allowing you to do massive one-turn damage to the red boss. Here, the orb changers only really make sense if you have multiple monsters of the same color on your team. For example, Valkyrie is always useful, since you have at least three (and potentially even four) light monsters.
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