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Full Version: How do you reroll?
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I'm new to P&D and the forums, and I see a lot of discussion on rerolling to get an ideal starter monster(s). However, I can't quite figure out how to do reroll/restart short of uninstalling the program, then re-installing it. Reason why I ask is that I invested some stones, and got diametrically opposed monsters (the knight that changes green orbs to blue, and the green dragon :/ ). How do you "reroll", and if you do, do you get back what you previously invested?

Thanks in advance
Rerolling in P&D terms is to completely abandon your account and create a new one. From what I was able to put together, the application registers you a new account whenever it asks you for your name when you start the app for the first time. And sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but if you were to reroll, the magic stones that you have left over will be gone as well since it is bound to the account.
I dont think you should reroll. sound to me like you have lil green dragon and one of the mystic knights. does monster have very powerful evolutions that are needed to pass beyond the devils dugeons.
I would re-roll. You don't have anything that's not farmable.

If you're on iOS you can use iTools to save your account data files. Then delete the PD player file on the iphone and you can start a new account. If you find an interesting roll you can save that account file as well.

With iTools you can switch between accounts by swapping files in/out of your device.
If you have a rooted android, i use titanium backup. So backup your file, then wipe the data if you want to reroll. (No need to reinstall over and over) One of the good things with this is if you roll something decent and don't know if you want to keep it, back it up first. Then keep rerolling and if you suddenly want to use that starter you first rolled, just back it up and you're back to where you started.

As for what you have, reroll. Mystic knights are farmable. Only time I would want to keep a mystic knight is if its the final evolution of the green one. (Ancient Dragon Knight aka ADK)
How does the titanium backup work ?
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