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Full Version: Team building?(:
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Hi guys! I've had trouble advancing in the game recently... I'm currently stuck on:
Normal: Tower of Flare, Room of Sunlight
Technical: Fertile Land, Fortdragon of the Land

Any advice? I'm rank 47

Volcano Dragon, lv 58
Gigas, lv 1
Mystic Flame Knight, lv 19
Flame Golem, lv 5

Aurora Dragon, lv 33
Undine, MAX
Plesios, MAX
Siren, lv 40
Fenrir Knight, lv 17

Earth Dragon, lv 46
Brachys, MAX
Leaf Chimera, lv 24

Sunlight Carbuncle, lv 19

Thanatos, MAX
You have the two key units for a mono-red team, Mystic Flame Knight and Gigas, so I'd try that. Top priority should be to evolve your volcano dragon (evolving resist dragons to 5-stars is ALWAYS a good idea. I'd do the same with your Earth/Aurora dragons, but it's not as immediate priority). You could also level your Gigas at least a little (easy 'cuz he's level 1) and work on your mystic flame knight (with a goal to evolve him eventually). A Naga (evolves to Echidna) would really help. You can get one from the boss of Castle of Satan->Witches Ball. However, the drop rate is super low, so it may take a while. On the plus side, you also might get a Succubus (evolves to Lilith), which is always nice.

Ideally, your two leaders (yours and your friend leader) would be:
1) Unit that gives red x2 attack.
2) Healer

Unfortunately you don't have any unit to give the attack, so you could work on your Siren. She's an excellent healer--unfortunately her skill isn't great for a red team, but the leader ability is still nice when you get her to 5 stars. You can feed her marine goblins to level up her skill, but again, that won't be as useful with a red team.
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