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Full Version: When is the next God fest?
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I have 9 stones and once my day 60 login comes in I'll have about 15. I'm kind of reluctant to use them in case I get unlucky with a 3 star or something.

Anyone know when the next God fest is? Is it like the next Holiday on the calender?
No clue yet, but unless your spending money save them. Unless the particulars start has a high drop rate in the rarer chine.
I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on stones Sad about 1/4th of it was on obtaining Zeus which in hindsight was stupid. Only buy stones when you really want to. I blew a lot of money on rare egg pulls, I regret the amount of money blown, but don't regret some of the great pulls I got.
10k likes on the facebook page hopefully.
Likes on Facebook just give u free stones, not bring the god to your home. Maybe Easter or some big vacations. Whatever my latest god fest was so terrible for me so I not gonna bother the machine pull result. Now a naga to me is much better than a costing god.
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