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Full Version: Just Pal'd a King Metal Dragon, what do I do with it?
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Just randomly pulled one from the pal thing. What do I do with him? I know it's best leveling material but my leader is Ama. Do I drop it on her? Also, I was reading the post from the guy that said his king gold dragon was worth 300k? How does that work?
Save it and use it on a dark later, that 1.5x experience boost will save you money in the long run.

Gold dragons are worth a whole lot more than regular metal dragons.
I don't even know what dark type monster I will need to go on my team with ama right now haha
King gold dragon sells for 300,000 King metal dragon sells for like 100,000 but he is better at leveling monster since you can make money quick in weekend dungeons. King metal dragon will net you 50,000 exp point for any monster but dark will get a boost of more then 25,00 extra exp on top of that 50,000.
50,000 exp plus 2,500 for darks or is it plus 25,000? I'm thinking of using it on my amaterasu right now
it will give you 75k exp to dark and 50k to any other color...Do you have any decent dark monsters?
Don't waste anything on AMA right now until gold pengdras are available next month
My team currently has no dark monsters. I don't know a good dark monster to pair with my ama. I think I need to progress the game further or somehow pull a really good dark creature next friday. The team cost limit really sucks right now Sad Ama already takes up 15/32 of the cost for my team. I pretty much use a red dragon and ogres to fill the remaining slots. Anything better I can use for my team?
It would help quite a bit if you could post your monster box, so we can give you an idea of what to level up....or if you could just name some of your main monsters.
I pretty much don't have any monsters. I have a level 10 Amaterasu, level 16 Red Dragon, level 1 Plesios, Red/Blue/Green Ogres, and couple random evolving materials. I am currently at the last stage of Pluto Valley. Rank 17 and 11 magic stones (I wana save them to roll during next Friday's godfest). That is everything about my account right now. Sorry for the lack of an SS.
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