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Full Version: Where can I farm a vampire?
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I want to skill up my vampire. Where can I farm a vampire?
IF you're doing skillups you should be farming dungeon of dark (especially when it's half stam, make sure to do Moon Death Dragon, there is a thread talking about it). You collect Baddies and Purple Sprites, level the baddies and evolve them. Then feed them to your vampire for skill ups.
anyone know the drop rate of the vampire i am trying to farm one for my dark team?
My guess is the drop rate is 'my eyes are bleeding ahhh castle of satan why do you hate me', because not only is it probably low, but it's also random if a vampire shows up at all in any given banquet. You should probably wait until the weekend when castle of satan is 1.5x drop. I'm just glad I got mine from rare egg, because farming one I can only imagine is miserable.
yeah jjust started today since i know i will need one fore my team. Plus with the update it should have the next evo which is awesome.
If you have a vampire already you don't want to farm more to skill it up. Farm baddies in the third level of dark dungeon, amlits from the first level and friday dungeon. Big baddies have the same skill as vamp lord and are much easier to farm.
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