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Full Version: feeding monsters
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if you have a really good monster that you never use (like horus, hermes, rgb snowglobe 1m exp, any god), will you still use that good monster as fodder? what about if you have 3 horuses, would you still use the 2 extra for fodder? if you have a +297 valk and you never use it anymore, would you use +297 valk for fodder for another monster? I can never get myself to use a useless god monster (that I never touch) as fodder.

I have 4 eco salamander which I was planning to evolve but I never got around to it for the skillup. I also have a green snow globe but I never use that either. I was thinking about just selling the eco salamander and give my cu chu the green snow globe for food. I had the green snow globe since 3-4 months ago and I never use it ever since.
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