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Full Version: Double Horus team - advice on subs?
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As of late I switched from my healer team to running a Double Horus team.
It works pretty well, because even when you take 1 turn to set up your combo, and another to actually perform it, it still averages out to 8x dmg per turn.

Anyways, I need some advice on what to run as my subs.

I really want to add my Naga to the team, but if I want all 5 colors, I'll need a dual-element from somewhere (I dont have any).

Anyways I'd like some input. Thanks!
Well, what do you have?
Naga is definitely good if you don't have Viper Orochi. For a dual monster your going to probably want something like Wood/Light Ceres. Wood & Light are two types which are kind of niche to fill in a Horus team. Using her can take care of that other wise I'd suggest Light/Dark Venus for her ability which is pretty good in a Horus team. There is a thread which outlines a few different Horus team ideas. It's the first stickies thread in this side of the forum.
Other than you usual ripper drags, healers, ADKs, I have:


None of which are really of help as subs in the team I want.

I'm considering farming and leveling a Green-Blue ogre as a stepping stone.
I think the team becomes far stronger with a delay monster (or two, ideally). Since you don't have an Orochi, you should probably do whatever you can to fit in an echidna (evolved naga). If that means making a green-blue ogre, so be it. Just bear in mind that you're gonna want better monsters eventually, should you play into the late game with a Horus team.

(For example, Hera is a nice option for dark if you aren't lucky enough to have a Hades, so you'll probably want to get one from Hera's dungeon eventually.)
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