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Full Version: Naga/Succubus Farming
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How has everyone's experience been farming these 2 females? I imagine that Witches' Ball is probably the best map to look for them. I've been farming them for 3 weekends and haven't gotten them. I nabbed a vampire last weekend so I was happy about that!
pdx lies. no bosses from CoS drop (i regetably learned that after a good 3 weeks lol). honestly naga farming is a pain because you have to try dance of flame light or whatever the one in tower of flare is. succubus should be a lot easier assuming you can beat expert dark sky dragon next week
The bosses do drop from there, its just incredibly low drop rate. I farm Polar Night Tower on the weekends for Marine Gobs for my Siren and I got a succy to drop from there, but that's after A LOT of runs.
If you got vampire, you're doing better than me. I was farming siren, Succubus, naga, and vampire for weeks also, got the girls from REM and the Skydragon dungeons, but vamp still eludes me, and I've gotten nothing useful from witches ball..
Got mine from the Sky Dragon dungeons as well. The normal dungeons hate me for boss drops.
So Succubus and Naga don't drop from CoS? Then...is it worth it to farm for succubus/naga? I plan to try to get succubus when dark skydragon rolls around. Maybe I'll just farm a titan or naga haha
I ended up farming my naga when Fire Skydragon was around. Siren, I was farming Voice of the Siren. You could try something harder or easier, but the chances are all super low, just easier dungeons have horrible xp/stam ratio.

With your AO, I'm sure Dark skydragon should be good for that succubus.

I'm pretty sure they do drop, otherwise the Chinese wiki wouldn't have reported them.
i did it the hard way and went through voice of siren and fire forest nerva's worshipping snake i believe it was(?). took me almsot 20-30 runs each if not more. Pain stakingly boring.
Is the chinese wiki more dependable? Where should I hunt for naga now?
The rate at skydragon is far better I think, got 2 of naga and mermaid before a Skydragon drop on expert. 1st master on wood skydragon got me a dryad, and 1st expert got me a cupid.
Beside, you can hope for mystic knight there.
Dark Skydragon begins on Monday, not sure what is it after, but should be fire.
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