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Full Version: [Team Building] Mono-Green Team Appreciation Thread
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Man...I'm not going to answer your question, but I am super jealous of your monster box!

I think in most situations the more orb changers the better. Susano is going to be more useful in a team where you'll really need his active, and Parvati's value as a non-lead isn't as great as those other subs (imho). For an Egyptian or Blue Odin God team, though, that's another story.

I guess I did somewhat answer, haha. But take that for what it's worth, as I'm not green expert!
(06-07-2013 06:25 AM)Atemporal Wrote: [ -> ]Hello green team people, I have a couple fast questions. My current setup is as follows:



From what I understand, my leads are interchangeable, and isn't the focus of this question. But my question lies with the subs. Is there any reason to run Parvati or Susano in your typical team? I understand that Parvati provides the Water to Heal benefit, and Susano a damage reduction, but for most situations, a Cu Chulainn/ADK/Sasuke/Michael team works fine, yes?

I can even have Freyja as a sub if I also really wanted to.

@Atemproal, O_O!!!!...... You have every Wood player's dream team. You got every useful green monsters at your disposal Big Grin.

Agree with leaving Parvati+Susano out if you aren't doing hard dungeon, 4 orb changer and just burst through your way with anything. At higher level, I would only need to swap Parvati in Sasuke place to run easy descend and some Legend level.
Harder one I probably just run 4/2/2 and have Parvati+Susano in.

That's one of the most complete Wood team I've ever seen on this thread, lol
@Atemporal nice team, looks like you will run close to mine. I just keep Susanonomikoto in all the time, I don't need ADK's fire changers with Artemis and Susanonomikoto has better states. You never know when you need his skill, but when you do.. It comes in extremely handy.

Darn it! I used the day to evolve More Cu Chulainn, the Hero and now I don't have enough team points to play him haha, only 4 off (118/122), looks like I will spend the weekend leveling up.
(06-07-2013 06:25 AM)Atemporal Wrote: [ -> ]but for most situations, a Cu Chulainn/ADK/Sasuke/Michael team works fine, yes?

@Atemporal - Yes, absolutely. I run this exact set up with HD Artemis lead most of the time. ADK, when skilled, is only a 5t cooldown (i.e. awesome). So far I haven't used mono-green with Susano as a defensive sub but if so I'd probably drop Sasuke before ADK (assuming it's skilled).
well, i am very wrong Tongue, GungHo JP followed what they are based on Chinese story Tongue *whew, glad I am wrong, because this new picture looks awesome....(glad I only rolled twice in Eva, saved all stone for future stuff lol)

This is the newest illustration for Chinese Mystical Creature

Seiryu (sorry this isn't water thread, but I am still gonna discuss here, haha)

[Image: 2ahon5.jpg]
Haha she's so cute! I wonder who is going to be Wood. You said Genbu is usually a black tortoise right JohnnyC? For some reason I thought Genbu would be green, but if they end up being dark who would be left to be green since Byakko will most likely be light since its a white tiger?

Also wonder if they're all going to be cute girls like Suzaku and Seiryuu have been. I have no idea how the chinese gods are usually represented if they have human forms. If green ends up being a guy I hope he looks cool at least, and not like susano -_- haha
Well... I got Hera.

Back to monoteams, zombie teams are painful to play x.x

Also... I reaaaaally don't wanna start Vesta Cave and have to break 22k green damage to do anything to the boss... but the alternative is blue conditionals.

How about that ninja/toydragon fest, though? Holla holla get fairlios.
@Colbrushie - I was just looking at Vesta Cave and thinking the same thing. Mono-green looks pretty brutal, might end up trying either mono-dark or lead with Michael and throw in poison for mindless/slow finish then never do this one again.
Yeah, I ended up using alternate teams for most of Vesta cave. I took blue for the first, then green for the next two, and then Odin/Ama for the last two. For Center of the Earth, I used the blue mechdragon to kill the sub boss Ifrit, and Lilith to poison the boss Ifrit.
Alright, thanks guys. I've been focusing way too much on my Zeus team (dumped most of my pengdras into Valk/Zeus/Verche) that I decided I needed to give my green team a little loving, since it helps me clear Ocean of Heaven.

The only downside to running Sasuke over Parvati is that my Parvati is 80ish, while my Sasuke is sitting at like 50, lol.
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