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Full Version: Help with Zombie Team!! (For Hera Dungeon)
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Hello Everyone!!

I have been at this forum seeking for information but was too lazy to make an account. Now that I have some questions I hope you guys would give me some advice on what to do for my team against Hera dungeon.

So thanks to the people that post different strategies for hera, I decided to go with a zombie team to snatch hera away.

My team Leader: Siren Enchanter (lv 1 hp 720 atk 441 rcu 444)
3X Volt Chimera (lv 25 hp 390 atk 703 rcu 74)
Lilith (lv 60 hp 787 atk 510 rcu 423)
Friend Leader: Viper Orochi (as low level as I can find)

My Question is What is a good level for my Siren so that her leader skill of 3 times RCU (of herself) would fit 50% of the overall team and have a decent hp range for my chimera (maybe evolve them).
Also if there are any decent low hp viper orochi that would add me!!!

BTW my friend code is 389,445,241
P.S. I am up for any suggestions in improving the team and rate in beating hera and what level or subs I should use. Just hope you PAD veterans can help a fresh noob out!! Wink, Thanks!!
You can use this page to calculate the recovery and Hit points of you siren at various levels.
Click the calculate stats button.

You forgot to link the page
(03-30-2013 01:28 PM)Karma Wrote: [ -> ]You forgot to link the page

Thanks for the reply, haha!! I will aim to power level siren close to lv. 50! Smile
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