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Full Version: Gold Egg without God-fest?
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Like the title asked. I am very into the game and sometimes I could not wait until god-fest roll around again. I was just wondering what are the chances of getting gold egg during normal times (I know its different for everyone so I just want some opinions on this matter). I also might resist if the chances are way too low, Haha.
If you ever plan on pulling the gacha i wouldnt ever do it unless there was a godfest going on or an egg event with the color you wanted.

To my shame i have in total spent around 100 dollars on this game and am barely happy with what i have gotten, and i have only pulled on godfests.
Thanks for the fast reply I guess I'll try to hold myself until the next god-fest.
Sometimes waiting for GodFests actually defeats your purpose if you're looking for a specific monster. For example, I wanted an Isis on an account in the JP version. If I had rolled on the last GodFest, that featured demons and angels, my chances of getting an Isis were very low. I rolled during the Blue event just before the GodFest and managed to get Isis just after 3 rolls. Hooray!

There is always a color event that lasts for a week for the REM, so when to roll depends on what you want. If you just want a god and aren't particular about what you get, GodFests are great. If you want specific gods, you need to figure out how to maximize your chances of getting that god.
If you don't plan to roll a lot, don't roll on non godfests.

It doesn't matter if you want an Isis or whatever, you have much higher chances at junk during mono-color.

Godfests will give you better returns, maybe not for the color, but at least several pulls should give you a solid lead or sub. And eventually you need multiple teams.
I wanted Neptune during the most recent god-fest but because it was an dark week... I actually got Loki which wasn't part of the Greek gods. So for example, if I wanted Neptune... is my chances higher on a water week or on a god-fest (not water week but greek god-fest). I literally got all Greek Gods beside Apollo and Neptune (which I want ;( ). Also for pulling gold eggs on just specific element week... how likely (# of pulls) would you say will tend to happen?
I was bored one day during Shining Gods week so I decided to make an excel spread sheet on my rerolls (I dont know if this has the same affect as consecutively using gems in the rare egg machine). I wanted a Great Valkyrie, which I never got, and ended up getting the following eggs sorted by color

Total 3 Star Silver Gold
Light 32 7 14 11
Dark 22 17 1 4
Red 16 11 3 2
Blue 14 11 3 0
Green 13 9 2 2
Total Rerolls: 97

Not sure if the table above will show correctly...

Just imagine how much it would have cost me in gems just to get a great valkyrie -_- with no luck at all. Spent about 2 days doing nothing at all but rerolling -_- (weekend of course)
Seems like during certain element weeks, it has higher chance to score that same element but gods remain to be rare (getting a lot of 3 stars). During God-fest, chances of god rates go up. My best chance to get for example Neptune might be water week god-fest if it happens even if it is not Greek God-fest anymore.
Realistically, unless you plan to spend money and roll a *lot*, your chances of getting any single monster are extremely low. I'd recommend rolling when at least a third (ideally more) of the highlighted monsters appeal to you. If you really want powerful gods, roll on a godfest. If you're trying to power-up your team of a particular color, roll for that color.
Haha, okay I got it!!! I played phone games where the rate was so low that you need to spend $200 to get one rare card (I was too poor to get far) but yeah got it. I'll take all the advice in.
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