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Full Version: 2 Echidnas versus Skill UP???
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Is it worth having two Echidna the Red Empresses or should I feed one to the other for a chance at a skill up? The first I raised from a wee snake woman, the second showed up in an REM pull. I also have a Naga from a recent Legendary Flame dragon run, so I'd feed them together for twice the chance.

EDIT: I should add, I do also have Viper Orochis for delay.
I got an echidna recently. Already had evolved echidna, as well as orochi (which was a factor in my decision), I opted for skill up chance and got it. Hope the same for you of that's what you decide. Now is the best time to attempt, with the 2x skill up chance going on.
If you are serious about max skilling at least one Echidna, you may as well stockpile 3 or so first, since you'll need anywhere from 5 to several dozen to hit max skill. Setting aside an extra two in that case is just a small blip in what you'd have to farm or roll.

If you could care less, and since you already have an Orochi (most standard comps that rely on delay usually only call for 1-2 members), you may as well feed your extras with the 2x event on.
And you could be unlucky like me and feed 2 nagas and not get a skill up Sad Them's the breaks!
I would keep three Echidna's. If by chance you end up running a valk healer team 2-3 echidnas can be useful in some dungeons.
I fed my Echidna TRE 2 nagas during this event since it is 2x skill up and got 1 skill up. You could always get more through special dungeons during increase drop if you farm them.

I also have a Viper. I run mono blue and Horus now. Haven't really had any use for double echidnas. I'd rather gamble on the chance of skill up during event.

Maybe if you ran a mono red team 2 could be nice.
i feed 4 naga to my echidna no skill up on 2x event sad
I've been lucky enough to either roll for additional Echidna or get some to drop in dungeons. I've only kept 1, that is lvl 51, and her skill cooldown is down to 11 right now. Almost max skilled!
Go for the skill up with the 2x event. You can always farm more naga after the event is over if you need more delay users. But I doubt it since you got Orochi as well.
fed 6 nagas, 1 skillup on 2x..
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