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Full Version: New GodFest Only Gods!
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Supposedly, these two will be the next pair of GodFest-only Gods (in the line of Odin) to come up soon.

God/Healer Type = Shall we finally see the resurgence of healer teams to ascendency?
LOL, they made girl counterparts for Odin.

I'm imagining something like:
Light Girl+Normal Odin
Dark Girl+Hidden Odin

They actually go quite well.
Read this topic wrong -_- thought you could only pull gods on this special godfest event =P
This is new god(angel), Metatron.There are two types like odin.
[Image: 2yah6Xy.jpg]
[Image: jFqAhfm.jpg]

Producer Yamamoto said she has God/Heal type and great leader skill.
I want them!
And We may be able to update PAD in next week.
There are some small changes.
- We can see time and buttery charge
- We can sort box by Type and Times of fusion
- Monsters got icons of types
and so on.
Mmmmmm...buttery charge...fgujaliahfds
oops, I want to say "PAD shows condition of battery charge"
I think he was saying we would get iPhone 5 support also right?
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