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Full Version: Dragon plant
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I'm looking for this guy, but have had no luck in any of the wood/green dungeons. Got dragon flower at demeter, but no plants. Any suggestions?
Search for it in the Tower of Giants, best place after the thursday dungeon
I've been trying those, only seeing dragon flowers. I'll keep at it.
lol i'm retarded, it's in Tower of Trials. Sorry =( (I spent some stamina running Tower of Giants too)
It actually shows up in both, Tower of Giants and Tower of Trials. Tower of Trials also has dragon seeds, and Tower of Giants also has dragon flowers. Sometimes you might not see a dragon plant for a couple of runs. I usually have the best luck in Tower of Giants under "Dragons of the Tower".
Which is the best place for farming dragon plants, in terms of stamina-efficiency and drop rates?

Thursday dungeon
10 stamina / 5 rounds / 420 XP

Tower of Giants
5 stamina / 5 rounds / 1015 ~ 1403 XP
7 stamina / 7 rounds / 1545 XP

Tower of Trials
3 stamina / 3 rounds / 221 - 295 XP
5 stamina / 5 rounds / 407 XP

Well, the Thursday dungeon will absolutely hand you a few Dragon creatures for evo, and you have a shot at the Fruit, too. It's costly, but has the best drop rate; guaranteed. Giants vs. Trials, for me, is just a matter of, "Do I need more Flowers or more Seeds?" Pick the one you need more of and run with that. I tend to stick with the 5/5 levels, simply because 3/3 only gives you 2 battles in which a Plant can pop at all, while 5/5 gives you 4. So, 8 shots at a Plant for 10 stamina, or 4 shots for 6. In the long run, the 5/5's tend to be more worth it, but if you're a low rank and need the stamina, a 3/3 might be better.
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