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Full Version: Poring Master: done!
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Okay so this will be my second master dungeon achieved, and it was a PIA!

I was planning to farm Poring Expert all day, by error I selected master and went into it.

When the first wave were 2 devils, I realized the grave mistake I had done, so I decided to tough it out. So I basically killed one of the devils and then survived until all my cooldowns were up, then I killed the next devil.

then I realized if I was gonna survive that dungeon I would have to repeat the same strat over and over, lets just say that dungeon took way longer than I was expecting.

And after all that sacrifice, my reward?

Poring did not drop.

heh, at least I got a stone out of it.
Congrats! Too bad the poring didn't drop though! >_< Victory would have been much sweeter Tongue
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