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Full Version: Valk dungeon without 2x luci
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Just want to know how many people beat valk with out x2 SOD luci

If you did please post your line up.

If you search through the Victory thread I'm sure you could find some. I recall seeing some one beat it with a Dual Gab Mono Water team!
Horus lead/Gigas/Siegfried/Cu Chulainn Wolf King/Valkyrie Warrior Rose/Ra buddy
Used one stone on round 4 demons, didn't have all 5 colors on the board.
Loki lead, dd hades, ld hades, Hera, echidna, and lucky helper on legend.
Whose the lucky helper merklyn?

Also rigor how did you go about trying to get a 10+combo?
doh, I meant Ra, not anubis. Sorry!
Does it matter which difficulty? I was able to beat Legend with a max level Luci helper with a modest setup:
Dark starter as lead, 2 Awoken Heras, max skill vamp, and RK

Everything went fairly smoothly. Double gravity + luci skill can be used to quickly take out one of the demons (assuming you have heart orbs to heal back). To kill valk I took her down to half hp first and then used everything I had. I would have ideally brought a heart changer if I had hp to spare, but I wanted to make sure I could tank valk's hits even if luci got bound.
What about the people that did it with FOUR x lucifer teams?
Ehh, ehh?(nudge)

RA lead 30
Earth-rending Emperor Siegfried 86
Heroic Noble Wolf King, Cu Chu 41
AA Lucifer 81
Echidna 30

Ra 54
(06-15-2013 12:49 PM)leemeru Wrote: [ -> ]Whose the lucky helper merklyn?

Also rigor how did you go about trying to get a 10+combo?

I used a +187 or so Lucy helper.
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