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Full Version: Old useless monsters with plus eggs
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I wonder what you out there do with old monsters with plus eggs that has no use anymore. For example I got the light starter at ulti Evo with 30 eggs at level 50, and I have a Thor. Should I be heartless and munch the old guy. Same with my max level/ ulti Evo dspina with 40 eggs, I got a Loki.

Should I eat them for the plus eggs or no? For collection? For a team that starter dragon have a use in(like leader swap skill or something nuts that gungho might do to make these guys awesome, future updates that going to buff the starters stats or maybe leader skill O:? What do you guys think?
I tend to feed, the plus eggs have more uses elsewhere. As long as you don't feed anything REM specific. Pretty much anything you feed, should be farmable and you can always get them back if desired.
+eggs should do one of two things. First, power up the leaders/subs you use the most in an appropriate way. Or, collect +ATK, +HP and +RCV on low level monsters to be added to something later. All your +ATK should go to one specific monster. Ultimately, the pluses need to be on your most frequently used subs/leaders.
There's no reason to ever use those dragons again, and that is a lot of +1s. I'd feed them for sure. The more exciting question is which lucky monster gets to chomp on 70 +eggs.
Giv'em to Zeus (or Horus), or if you're great at orb matching, Ra.

But yeah, not worth keeping on those, imo.
I still keep the starter dragon as trophy. Still use him as emergency sub when my team cost is too high.
I'm leveling up a new Meteor Volcano Dragon so I can feed the one I have with +eggs on them to something else. I was going to do the same with Grand Tyrannos, but then I figured I'd keep him since it's my original starter dragon (and having extra dual-attack monsters comes in handy on sprites/masks).
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