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Full Version: Dark Knight Sword...
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Any idea when this dungeon will be coming around?
If you are lucky, next week. Or maybe three weeks if not. It comes around often enough, but no one really knows. It was in three of the last four events.

Awesome!!! Crossing my fingers!
Don't get too excited. The drop rate was terrible. Like one drop every 5 runs or so. This makes skilling CDK up VERY hard, since the dungeon always stays for just a day...
Ugh, really? Being non iap and having horrible luck on drops is really starting to dampen my enjoyment of this game. I am starting to be hit or miss on beating dungeons and can't upgrade my team. I'm just wasting stamina... And re rolling would make me cry. Loki is my lead.
Even though I'm a long-time dark team player, I'm still working on max-skilling my CDK. I also plan to max-skill my second CDK for my future Zaerog team. My first CDK is at skill level 3 so far Undecided

It's a very tough task to execute. And yeah, drop rates are horrible. It took me about 10 runs to have an MDK drop. If you want the dungeon to come out just to snag an MDK, yep, hope for the best on Expert level then that's about it. If you want the dungeon to come out for CDK skill-ups, ensure to prepare several stones to burn.
Yeah. I can't handle expert. I'm running loki, 2 black knights, amethyst carbuncle and a big baddie. That's the best I've been able to get.
Wait for Friday and run the Friday Dungeon expert using Zombie strategy if you have to, or Shiva to capture Dub Mythlits. Replace everything on your team with them.
They are 1000/800/300 and Loki makes them 1000/1200/450.

Big upgrade over the knights and carbuncle unless you have them at super high level.

Also they only cost 1!

Start running Castle of Satan on the Weekend to get a Vampire, and prepare to run Tuesday dungeon to get rainbow keepers to replace the Mythlits when your team cost increases.

If you can get some Lucifer friends you can go pretty far.
That's awesome advice! I just got a spinos from a gift. Should I keep him on my team? And why castle on weekend? 1/2 stamina?
If you don't have any better monsters than keep spinos around. When you get something better just boot him off the team since you already have loki.

Castle of Satan on the weekend has 1.5x drop rate so slightly better chances to get vampire to drop.
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