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Not sure if this has ever been posted, or If it's allowed, but here is an easy way to have multiple accounts and the ability to re roll an unlimited amount of times without having to uninstall the game or lose your original/other accounts

First, root your android device. This is easy, but be careful, if done improperly it could damage your device.

Next, download Titanium backup

Load titanium, and create a data profile. This will be your main profile with all of your current account info.

Go to the backup and restore tab to find Pad. Select it

Next, slide over to the special features tab. Scroll down and enable multiple data profiles. When it asks the set the current time data to the active profile, select yes.

Now, go back to the main tab and create a second profile and activate it.

Start PAD and voila. You have a fresh account.

Reroll by making a new data profile, and opening the game. If you get something crappy, just delete the profile and make a new one.

If you get monsters you may want to use in the future, simply keep the profile.

This is not a hack to PAD. Instead, it allows your device to store the data files with your account info in different folders so they can be activated with a press of a button.

Tip: create a widget on the desktop by long pressing, going g to widgets and selecting titanium backup profiles. This let's you switch profiles on the fly without opening titanium backup.

How do you root your phone?
good, this forum needed this kind of guide.
Easiest way is to Google "rooting x" where X is the name of your device. I have a galaxy note 2. Rooting it took a few clicks and about 2 minutes of my time.
(06-27-2013 06:32 AM)Fiat500 Wrote: [ -> ]Easiest way is to Google "rooting x" where X is the name of your device. I have a galaxy note 2. Rooting it took a few clicks and about 2 minutes of my time.

Is there a good way to back up prior to a root incase?
Not really, unfortunately. It's relatively safe if instructions are followed properly
Don't you have to have the paid version of Titanium to do multiple profiles?
(06-27-2013 07:56 AM)wcrb15 Wrote: [ -> ]Don't you have to have the paid version of Titanium to do multiple profiles?

Not certain. I do have the pro version though, yes. If you have a rooted phone, its worth the one time investment
For those that doesn't want to pay for the app, you could use my method.

Get this Puzzle & Dragons Backup app, It really easy to use.

Puzzle & Dragons Backup App

★ ROOT required! ★

* Features
- Reset game data
- Backup game ID
- Restore backup ID

NOTE: If you want to save money, you can follow my method below.
* Premium Features (in-app billing)
- Multiple ID backup
- ID data export function

Manually Backup game ID and data.

Download this root browers to gain access to : data/data/jp.gungho.padEN/.

Root Browser App

Open Root Browser and and click "New" to create a new folder, name it PAD backup or something, so that you can store the backup file. I store this folder in my sdcard because I would like to maintain my storage and keep it clean.

Use Root Browser and navigate to data/data/jp.gungho.padEN/ to backup your original ID. Inside the folder look for the folder name "files", press and hold choose "Archive" to create zip file, name it whatever you like, I usually name my leader that I use. For Example: "Horus Files". After it finish creating the archive you can move it to the PAD backup folder you create before.

For example, you want to reroll. Open Puzzle & Dragon Backup app from above. If you haven't backup before you can the app to backup, but it only let you back up one ID. So we made double backup of the original files just incase. One is manually through Root browser and one with the Puzzle & Dragon Backup app. After you done backing up your file, touch the 3 dot on the top right of the app and choose Reset P&D. This will reset your game ID & data fresh without having to uninstall and reinstall the game to update it again. It will ask for root permission to reset the data so allow it. Once it done, you can choose to launch the game and you will start fresh for the reroll.

So once you got the roll you want and you want to make a backup that file. Go to data/data/jp.gungho.padEN/. press and hold the folder name "files" to create an archive. Name your archive to the monster you roll.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If you want to swap back to the original file you play before. Make sure you close the PAD game that is running on the background.

How to swap files:
Use Root browser, extract the archive file you make before.
Go ino the folder, look for the data048.bin and data056.bin.
Press Multi-Sel to select both files and click copy.
Now navigate to Go to data/data/jp.gungho.padEN/files/, look for the exact 2 same files. This is important, you must delete data048 and data056 1 by 1, then paste the 2 files you copy over. I don't know why, but I delete both at the same time before and then copy over. I get file creation error when I launch the game. So it important you delete 1 by 1.
After you finish copying over you can launch the game. Enjoy.

Let me know if something wrong.
Titanium backup is actually worth the money to purchase Big Grin
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