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Full Version: What to do next
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Currently looking at poring tower expert mode and craving stamina to run it more.... i'm drooling over skill ups

yeah im hoping to pull a vampire from pal egg(have 17 saved up atm); only had 1 appearance of a vampire in castle of satan in over 60 runs.
i farmed 2 sirens from the blue sky dragon dungeon, and a mystic knight of each kind from castle of satan. also REM'd once during the greek god fest and got a hermes, i think pal eggs gave some more ripper dragons. I think my update before last was a bit unorganized so yeah.

I'm looking at the hera descended dungeon coming up and i want to run it so bad lol. i dont think i can field a team to do it yet though Confused... mayybe the valk healer + orochi team would work? but i apparently i need 2 max skilled sirens + lilith..... no lilith for poison so....Think a ghostring could replace lilth? hopefully a few drop this week from poring tower

I do want to level up my great valk but past week has been solely mystic flame knight farming + extra siren farming from blue sky dragon dungeon (feeding those flame knights to my echidna and volcano dungeon). also the next 2 weeks will be solely poring farming....maybe tuesday dungeon for a blue keeper to evo siren, and dark keeper for dark ripper...and maybe an attempt or two at hera descended but i'll probably just die right away
Once poring tower is gone i think i'll focus on leveling and evoing my valk...just need a mystic mask and 1.3 million more exp....

thanks for the feedback you two. Its nice to be able to get input on my thoughts
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