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[Team Building] Mono-Dark Team Appreciation Thread (Leaders Updated)
04-21-2013, 11:56 AM (This post was last modified: 12-19-2013 05:06 PM by Xîrt.)
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[Team Building] Mono-Dark Team Appreciation Thread (Leaders Updated)

[Image: ygzp.png]
Credits to fatgirl for the very cute dark thread banner!

In this thread, I will assume you understand the following:
  • The basics of the game (evolving, feeding, leveling, orb-matching, etc.)
  • The basic specialized teams (ADK, zombie, healer teams)
  • The idea of mono-colored teams
  • The ideal monster lineup for mono-colored teams

This thread does not intend to guide people, though it will cover in-depth information about mono-dark teams. It has been my "passion" to play mono-dark teams since I have been getting dark monsters from previous Godfests. As you have gone far reading through this thread, I will share some tricks that mono-dark teams can pull off. These tricks, however, are not guides that lead you to a right direction. They will just give you some sort of idea on how they are played. There are plenty of mono-dark team tricks I haven't yet to discover.

It is called an Appreciation Thread because we tend to talk big about dark monsters such as their uniqueness, in which other elements do not have, and some of their magnificent artworks (OMG! I wish I had a cute girlfriend who exactly looks like Persephone) It is also called that way because here, we are free to talk about dark monsters in general, and the dark monsters that may come in the future. I will be glad to add on some information I have just missed and, of course, suggestions.

Having said this pre-introductory message, let's get started!



I. Introduction
  • IA. What Should I Know About Mono-Dark Teams?
  • IB. Why Mono-Dark?
II. Mono-Dark Leaders and Leader Team-Ups
  • IIA. Loki, The Finisher
  • IIB. Queen of Condemnation, Persephone
  • IIC. Seraph of Dawn, Lucifer
  • IID. Moondragon Lunar D'spinas
  • IIE. Elemental of True Death, Thanatos
  • IIF. Dark Liege, Vampire Duke
  • IIG. Awoken Hera-Is
  • IIH. War Deity of Fury, Ares
  • IIJ. BAO Batman + Remote Claw
  • IIK. BAO Batman + BW (Batwing) Attack
  • IIL. Leader Team-Ups
III. Mono-Dark Subordinates
  • IIIA. Orb Changers to Dark Orbs
  • IIIB. Lifesavers
  • IIIC. Damage Supplements
  • IIID. Armor Penetrators
  • IIIE. Strong Damage Dealers
  • IIIF. Less Significant and Sub-Dark Monsters
IV. Mono-Dark Team Composition
V. Mono-Dark Team Tips and Tricks
VI. Mono-Dark Buddy-Up List
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04-21-2013, 11:57 AM (This post was last modified: 12-19-2013 04:43 PM by Xîrt.)
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RE: [Team Building] Mono-Purple Team Appreciation Thread (Revised)
I. Introduction

This section covers what it takes to play mono-dark teams. After that, we will see what makes mono-dark teams unique from other mono-colored teams, and then we take a look at their strengths and weaknesses.

IA. What Should I Know about Mono-Dark Teams?

If you have read the assumptions provided a while ago as you have reached this part, you should have already learned that mono-colored teams do very well from the beginner level until the early descends. The recent additions of tougher dungeons with hard-hitting bosses have removed mono-color teams from becoming end-game material. Nevertheless, they are solid and dependable for middle-late game.

Here's a review from Sed's guide regarding the idea of mono-colored teams.

  • 15,000+ HP (often achieved through +HP leads) and preferably you're shooting for 20k+
  • High enough RCV to FULLY HEAL in a good combo or at least half heal in a bad one

As you can see, mono-color teams are built for the long-run. Having higher HP than many spike teams enables you to withstand bigger hits. A boosted ATK is also nice to speed up the dungeon run smoothly. RCV is probably the most important for mono-color teams, because they rely on the ability to heal back up (since their damage output is less than that of a spike leader). The exception is mono-red teams, which usually play more aggressive, sacrificing RCV for ATK. Healing back to full or near-full health with almost any given board is a staple of most mono-color teams.

Mono-dark teams pretty much focus on taking down foes in a smooth way. I say smooth because you don't have to be in a critical situation to deal damage. They have access to the most amount of gravities, such as Hera, Hades, and have access to a unique skill in Seraph of Dawn, Lucifer. This results in a faster end to boss fights.

A draw-back of mono-dark teams is that there are no Pengdras of their color that are readily available (The only sources of Dark Pengdras are from Pengdra Village and a late technical dungeon: Mythic Stone Dragon Cave).

However, they are still relatively easy to level; Alert! Metal Dragons! comes around much more frequently than other color dragons. During "2x King appearance rate", this dungeon gives a lot of experience per stamina.

Once you have reached 50 stamina, another dungeon opens up for you: Super Metal Dragons Descended. The dungeon offers the best experience per time, although it's slightly less efficient than normal Metal Dragons. At 100 stamina, stoning for Super Metals becomes a very fast way to gain experience, albeit at the cost of magic stones.

With the arrival of 5.1 update, Angels descended from the heavens, granting all elements an access to 2x HP and RCV leader skill! And recently, the Batman collab gave mono-dark opportunities to obtain a 2x HP and ATK monster in BAO Batman+Remote Claw (otherwise known as D/D Batman). In addition, another update gave the Greek 2.0 Gods Ultimate Evolutions, and the Ares Ultimate Evolution also powered up dark monsters by 2x HP and ATK. Thus, mono-dark leaders have caught up in strength to RGB leaders!

IB. Why Mono-Dark?

When you run mono-dark in a dungeon, you don't need to worry about running into someone who reduces your damage. You basically deal either normal or double of your damage. Yes! You will never deal half of your damage unlike the mono-red, mono-blue, and mono-green users out there who always play rock-paper-scissors in almost every dungeon.

Mono-dark teams are the most farmable team out of the 5 mono-color teams. Many of its key pieces can be farmed easily in certain dungeons, such as Vampire in Castle of Satan, Mystic Dark Knight at Dark Knight Sword (it comes around once in a while), Rainbow Keeper in Tuesday Dungeon - Master level, etc. Mono-dark teams are not REM-dependent (except for the leaders), and the new ultimate evolution to Vampire provides an farmable leader that is on par with many REM leads!

A quick summary about mono-dark teams

- Not weak against all elements (we're not rock-paper-scissors players)
- Useful subs and even good leaders can be farmed in some dungeons and obtained from farming or from Pal Egg machine.
- Most popular mono-colored team, you can always find leaders
- Metal Dragon dungeons come around frequently
- Super King Metal Dragon that gives 150000 exp to a dark monster
- Access to an easily farmable Gravity user
- Has recently obtained delays with D/D Batman and D/L Batman

- Second hardest team to level up in initial stages; becomes the fastest after 100 Stamina.
- Cannot be used in weekend tri-color dungeons
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04-21-2013, 11:57 AM (This post was last modified: 12-19-2013 05:09 PM by Xîrt.)
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RE: [Team Building] Mono-Purple Team Appreciation Thread (Revised)
II. Mono-Dark Team Leaders and Leader Team-Ups

This section covers the necessary leaders in a mono-dark team. Most of these leaders provide a boost to certain stats, some provide boost to two certain stats, and one leader provides boost to all stats.


IIA. Loki, The Finisher

This smirky kid is one of the best dark leaders you can ever have. As a god, he has decent stats. His skill, Dark Enhancement, provides 1.5x bonus ATK to dark damage in 3 turns. He was used to be called the God of Guile until 5.1 update arrival, wherein his overall stats have improved, especially the ATK, and he has been given a dual dark attribute.

Some preparations have to be made, if you want to use his active skill effectively, such as collecting dark orbs through stalling, and the simplest way, changing orbs via monster active skill. The Mono-Dark Tricks section will cover some effective use of Loki's Dark Enhancement. Basically, the more dark orbs you match, the stronger the damage output you cause with Dark Enhancement.

Stratagem of the Trickster, his leader skill, grants you 2x ATK and RCV to your dark and devil monsters in the team. This thread will not go in depth about devil teams until some discoveries about them have been found.

His awoken skills include 2 awoken skills for enhanced dark damage and an increased HP by 100. For an ardent dark team player, you can say Loki is worth feeding Tamadras to get max awoken. Once Loki is max awoken, your dark damage overall will be much stronger. Try your best to match 3x6 dark orbs horizontally (3 rows of 6 dark orbs matched). That is how to play it the best.

How To Get Him?


IIB. Queen of Condemnation, Persephone

She may be shy and innocent from her looks, but as most people oftentimes say that suits her very well, silent but deadly Her stats are just amazing: high HP, decent ATK, decent RCV. Her active skill, Double Attack Stance - Dark, changes light orbs and heal orbs to dark orbs, and has 16 turns of cool down. This active skill can be a great huge damage preparation when Loki's Dark Enhancement has been used. Before you use Persephone's active skill, check your board first. See if you have enough number of light orbs and heal orbs. Persephone can be skilled up through Wicked Ladies found either in Drawn Joker dungeon (aka Dragon in Motley) or Mystic Dk. Dragon dungeon.

Her leader skill, Soul of the Hell Queen, gives 1.5x HP, ATK, and RCV boost to dark and fire monsters in the team. There's the life extension, though 1.5x actually isn't bad at all. If you feel dissatisfied with the amount of HP she can offer, say you plan to run RK dungeon with mono-purple team, you can just throw in HP giants like Dark Golem and Hadar. She also gives some love to fire allies too, kind of like Shiva's leader skill.

Persephone's awoken skills are not significant. Max awakening her is simply like equipping her +30 eggs. Unless you have some duplicates of her or you passionately like her new artwork, it's not worth feeding Tamadras to her.

How To Get Her?


IIC. Seraph of Dawn, Lucifer

That smug look. That sword. That armor. Artwork win! Of all the dark leaders, he is different. Loki and MLD have dual dark attribute. Lucifer also has it, yet his secondary attribute is light that deals 30% of damage based on his ATK. His active skill, The Morning Star, deals 300k damage in exchange for cutting your HP down to 1.

Just a simple clarification about his active skill. Even if your current HP is 2, you will still deal 300k damage when you use it. With this active skill, you can take down most of the bosses living in normal and technical dungeons, and some in special dungeons. Light monsters will surely get terrified by The Morning Star, since it is a dark damage and dark is their weak point.

Since The Morning Star comes with a great cost, there are some conditions you should not use it.
  • Uncertainty of healing back to desired amount of HP
  • The monster attacks every turn, wherein his damage is greater than your total team RCV

The latter condition is very true. Let's say you had just used The Morning Star, leaving you down to 1 HP. You needed to heal back up. You saw 3 heart orbs on the board. The monster attacks you for 10000 every turn. Your total team RCV is 8000, assuming you are running a dark team with Lucifer-Loki lineup. Are you in trouble?

Very likely, unless you get lucky to have some heart orbs drop and automatically match for you, thereby surviving the next round. Otherwise, you are in trouble. You need to match two heart orbs to survive the next round.

Some important tips before you use The Morning Star.
  • Gauge the enemy's HP - If you aim for a Morning Star-OHKO moment, keep an eye on the enemy's HP. Of course, this enemy must be a boss monster. Let's say if the boss monster has 600,000 HP, you should bring his HP down to at least 40%
  • Bring a delay caster - Should you be against a boss monster that attacks every turn and you have just used Morning Star, use delay casters like Echidna and Viper Orochi to buy you some time to heal back up to desired HP amount.
  • Fertility Deity Evil Ceres and Amaterasu Ohkami - The goddesses who can heal you back up to full bar in an instant. Evil Ceres is usually recommended here since she can be benefited from leader skill boosts in dark teams due to her secondary element as dark.
  • If you don't have the instant-healing goddesses, fully evolved Carbuncles, Archangel, Alraune, and Isis as alternatives* - Perhaps if you run two Lucifers in a team, one as a leader and one as a sub. If the the skills are ready, pop the first one, pop the healing skill, then pop the second one. Double Morning Star may guarantee a boss monster kill.
*Thanks JohnnyC for this idea.

His leader skill, Dark Oracle, grants 2x HP and RCV boost to dark monsters in the team. Later in the Leader Team-Up section, you will learn that this leader skill is the reason why he can be one of your options to take on some Descended dungeons like Zeus, Valkyrie, Hera, Goemon, etc.

Lucifer's awoken skills include 3 increased ATKs. Well, ATK is his weak point. Nowadays, regular Lucifer players do this. If Lucifer is your only Descended conqueror, then go for it and feed the Tamadras to him.

How To Get Him?


IID. Moondragon Lunar D'spinas (MLD)

This dark dragon has dual dark element, where the secondary element deals 10% of his attack. Dual element monsters like him have the advantage of dealing extra damage. This extra damage can be helpful in clearing or farming Wednesday and Friday dungeons. His active skill, Inferno Breath, is a dark element move that deals 20x of MLD's base attack.

At level 74, MLD hits 1k of base ATK, if he is still not getting +ATK eggs by then. And at that level, Inferno Breath will deal around 20k. At max level, his base attack is 1197, and Inferno Breath will deal 23,940 damage. The cool down time is terribly long, 30 turns. Nevertheless, he can somehow help speeding up your dungeon run.

Ah, he's the inferior version of Loki. The Power of Moondragon gives you 2x ATK and RCV to dark monsters in the team. Same function as Loki's right? What makes him inferior is the stats and, to be frank, his usefulness.

Go and fully awaken him if you want. Do not ever feed Tamadras though for it is highly suggested to keep your Tamadras and awaken him through feeding his duplicates.

Some things to take note: MLD's previous form, Moondragon D'spinas, has same awoken skills as MLD. You only get an awakening through hard way, that is feeding duplicates, if the duplicates are exactly identical to the main monster. For example, you have Moondragon D'spinas, then you have 3 Moondragon D'spinases duplicates ready to be fed. In that case, you will get awakening skills in Moondragon D'spinas. Another example, you have MLD, then you have 3 Moondragon D'spinases ready to be fed. In that case, you will not get awakening skills. So be careful about this one.

How To Get Him?
- Present Exchange (odds are 1 out of 5)
- Ancient Dark Dragon - Expert


IIE. Elemental of True Death, Thanatos

With his new artwork of his, you can tell he is up to something horrifying. Thanatos receives an ultimate evolution, resulting in a vast improvement in his HP and a slight improvement in ATK. Also, he obtained a secondary dark element.

His active skill, Shadow Field, nulls all light damage for 3 turns. This skill is pretty handy in special light dungeons like the Light Skydragon dungeon where Holy Skydragon Shangril-La awaits. Though, I think, when the Ancient Light Dragon dungeon comes up, you wouldn't find this skill much useful not just because it's a tri-color dungeon, but also because much specialized teams are needed to run it, such as dual elemental resistance monsters, Egyptian style brute-forcing, and so on and so forth.

The reason why he can be a decent leader is because of his leader skill, Grace of Darkness, giving you 2.5x HP boost to dark monsters in the team. Well yes, he only extends your life, but 2.5x extension is actually huge! More of Thanatos The Dark Elemental discussion in the Leader Team-Ups part.

His awoken skills consist of a skill boost, increased RCV, and enhance dark damage. First, it is definitely not worth feeding him Tamadras because Thanatos is a situational monster. If you confront a strong light monster in some monster, Thanatos gives you the edge. But how often do you encounter this kind of situation? Rarely right?

How To Get Him?


IIF. Dark Liege, Vampire Duke

He does have good fashion sense, and that hair is just, should I say, sexy-looking? When version 5.0 arrived, Vampire Lord was given an evolution, and that was this guy. His skill, Attack Stance - Dark, changes heart orbs to dark orbs. Heart orbs to dark orbs? Yep, he breaks hearts in the game, but not sure if he does that job in reality. Now he is showing his physique and has gained a King Baddie assistant.

Oh wait a second, actually he does but in a fearsome way. Come to think of this way. Heart orbs represent life in reality, and dark orbs can represent vampiric initiation, so he takes life away by biting people and poof, there goes another vampire.

Ugh, that's some stupid imagination. Anyway, Duke Vamp is an orb changer, therefore he can surely be a decent sub as well. Heartbreakers are good setups for huge damage output, whenever if you have plenty of heart orbs on the board. Also, if you think you have enough HP to survive for a couple of waves, Duke Vamp is there to get it done.

But why can he be a leader anyway?

The answer is this. His leader skill, Midnight Smile, grants the dark team 2x boost to their ATK. and 2x boost to their RCV. It is similar to Loki's leader skill. Consider getting one if you don't have a Loki yet, and you have gotten sick of playing MLD. Of all the 5 original heartbreakers in the game (Red Giant Gigas, King Siegfried, the Champion, More Cu Chulainn, the Hero, Princess Valkyrie, and our Duke Vamp) Duke Vamp is the only one who has a leader skill that gives a boost to his dark fellows. If you were misfortunate of scoring a Spinon when you engaged in gift exchange with someone, Duke Vamp would your next chance, and this time you could get him for sure. Yes, he can be farmed!

His awoken skills consist of an increased HP, enhanced dark orbs, and increased ATK. Again, you can do it in a hard way by feeding Duke Vamp duplicates. And again, make sure do it while he is still a Duke Vamp so that you can save up some evo-materials.

How To Get Him?
- Pal Egg Machine
- Castle of Satan (all tiers)
- Heroes Descended (fourth wave)


IIG. Awoken Hera-Is

The goddess of darkness has learned to manipulate frigid arts, leaving her victims at her mercy. Aside from her amazing active skill, Ultra Gravity, her overall stats is amazing as well. Big HP, satisfactory RCV, and mediocre ATK. Awoken Hera-Is is now beloved by the spike-damage team players like Horus, Kirin, or Ra. However, this is a dark thread so we will look at her performance as a dark monster.

Her leader skill, Power of Pitch-Black, grants dark monsters in the team by 2.5x ATK. Can Awoken Hera-Is be a dark leader in a dark team? Sure why not. However, her main element is water, which means you have to match a water orb at the same time. In fact, there are no dark orb changers that convert water orbs to either dark or heart orbs, unless an opposing monster does it for you through either conversion, orb jammers, or poison orbs. This in fact matters a little bit. Hera-Is can be found in her respective dungeon, Hera-Is Descended - Queen of Absolute Zero. Definitely, any spike-damage team can ace the dungeon. For starters, it is recommended to browse the Dungeon Strategies section and look for Hera-Is Descended Strategy Thread to find the team they can afford against Hera-Is.

If you formed a dark team with two Awoken Hera-Ises as leaders, would the team perform well? Conceivably, with two Awoken Hera-Ises as leaders, you will have great amount of HP and RCV. It would turn out to be a formidable farming team if both Awoken Hera-Ises are max skilled (it is VERY hellish to max her skill out, take note). Does this team have a potential to beat a Descended? Kind of doubt it, although there is a YouTube video out there of a full Awoken Hera-Is team against Heroes Descended. I did not finish watching it; the video was quite long.

Her awoken skills consist of a water damage reduction, enhanced water orbs, and an increased ATK. Evolve 3 Hera-Ises to 3 Awoken Hera-Ises to achieve max awoken Hera-Is. So not Tamadra worthy.

How To Get Her?
- Hera-Is Descended


IIH. War Deity of Fury, Ares

After receiving an ultimate evolution, Ares has turned out to be a smug, wielding a spear imbued with darkness in his right hand. Also after receiving an ultimate evolution, his HP and ATK have drastically improved (gosh he has almost 2.1k ATK). Ares' active skill does not benefit dark teams.

In a brighter news, dark teams have finally obtained access to 2x HP and ATK leader skill. Two monsters have acquired this wonderful blessing: Ares has obtained one, and the other dark monster will be covered in the subsequent part. Would Ares be a great dark leader? Definitely! However like Hera-Is, Ares’ true power is not dark but fire, just as Hera-Is’ true power is water. In a dark team where Ares plays the leader role, the dark damage would not be raw as opposed to a dark team spearheaded by Loki and Persephone leaders. Another drawback of Ares being the leader is the team’s RCV. Generally, dark monsters have decent RCV, while Ares, coming from the fire family, does not have any RCV. Going back to basics, having a great RCV gives advantage to situations like hit-and-heal while charging active skills with long cooldowns. What will basically happen is that Ares brings down the team RCV; not really a big deal.

Ares' awoken skills include increased ATK, a skill boost, and increased HP. Not really bad, but not worth feeding Tamadras either as a dark team enthusiast.

How To Get Him?


IIJ. BAO Batman + Remote Claw

Let us call BAO Batman + Remote Claw “D/D Batman” for simplicity (D/D because he has dual dark element). Our longtime favorite superhero has arrived at PAD with a Remote Claw. Overall stats are truly built for an attacker type. What is awesome is that his active skill, Intimidation, delays monsters for a single turn. Yes, just for a single turn. It is not necessarily that a single-turn delay caster cannot turn the tables around by giving an extra time to wear the opponent down with damage. Intimidation can be also used to allow a sub in the team to give time charging his/her active skill.

Before using Intimidation, for example, Yomi’s active skill, Change The World (CTW), is at 2 timer, then a boss monster attacks for every turn. So you do a normal attack by matching orbs around. After that, CTW goes down at 1 and the boss monster attacks at the same time. When Intimidation is used, boss monster’s next attack will be in 2 turns, while CTW is just a turn before it is ready to use, so another normal attack to be done and CTW should be ready.

To summarize the example above, be mindful of the team’s active skill cooldowns, especially active skills that can seemingly turn the tide such as CTW, Gravities, longer delays like Echidna and Orochi, etc.

D/D Batman is the other monster who received 2x HP and ATK leader skill, and this time unlike Ares, his main element is dark, allowing you to play a straight dark team. Another advantage what D/D Batman has is that building a dual unevolved D/D Batmen, that is a 4x HP and ATK dark team, gives you access to cost-restricted dungeons like Draggie and Tengu. When Batman REM comes again, try to get at least two D/D Batmen. Shoud you shoot for max skilling two D/D Batmen, you can roll for more.

D/D Batman is said to acquire awoken skills soon.

How To Get Him?
- Batman REM (limited time)


So who is the better 2x HP and ATKleader for dark teams?

Fundamentally, D/D Batman is better than Ares. As mentioned earlier, D/D Batman’s main element is dark that allows a player to play a straight dark team, thereby stronger dark damage to be dished. D/D Batman has higher RCV than Ares by a small margin, giving you more edge to recover the health lost, especially during charging active skills through taking hits from a monster.

Clearly, D/D Batman is the better leader. When will be necessary to use Ares as a dark leader? Aside from running out of D/D Batman players on the friends list, Ares will be a good choice if having more HP in the dark team is desired. Ares beats D/D Batman in HP and ATK.


IIK. BAO Batman + BW (Batwing) Attack

Let us call BAO Batman + BW Attack “D/W Batman” (D/W means Dark/Water) for simplicity. This time, Batman has his Batwing doing the assault. Nice HP, so that makes him nice overall stats in general. His active skill, Batwing, grants 2x ATK to dark monsters for a single turn. If you are familiar with Loki’s Dark Enhancement, Batwing functions similar to it except that it is stronger and lasts shorter. It only implies that Batwing must be used wisely, not to mention its cooldown that initially comes with 15 turns.

His leader skill, Supersonic, gives 3.5x ATK to all dark monsters if team HP is greater than 80%. D/W Batman teams might be a spike-damage team until HP drops below 80%. Would it be easy to be consistent with the leader skill activation? Possibly, but it takes time and practice. Being consistent with D/W Batman’s leader skill relates to orb board management, but of course, it depends on the dungeon you run. In cases where you need to charge skills, it would mean that you cannot always trigger D/W Batman skill. Dark monsters that have auto-regen awoken skill like Lilith or heal orb changers like Drawn Joker can help to get you back to the amount of HP enough to activate D/W Batman’s leader skill.

Unfortunately, according to bunbunfriedrice’s spreadsheet about chances of rolling a D/W Batman from REM, it appears that the chance of so is low. So give up on the skill-up plan, heh.

D/W Batman is said to acquire awoken skills soon.

How To Get Him?
- Batman REM (limited time)


IIL. Leader Team-Ups

For the one of the most important part of this thread. Proper leader team-ups are considered as a stabilized team, by which both leaders should provide HP, ATK, and RCV boost to a certain element, regardless of the multiplying amount. However, there is an exception where a leader that provides only ATK boost does not cause a dark team to be unstable. We will explore all the possible leader team-ups for mono-dark team.

Examples of unstable leader team-ups include:
  • Lucifer and Thanatos (5x HP and 2x RCV)
  • Thanatos and Thanatos (6.25x HP)
  • Loki and Loki (4x ATK and RCV)
  • MLD and MLD (4x ATK and RCV)
  • Loki and MLD (4x ATK and RCV)

Lucifer and Thanatos together will give you great HP and some RCV. It if was great RCV, it could have been stable. But no it's not. You will simply have a hard time healing back up. Therefore, it's unstable.

Sure, dual Thanatos provide you tremendous life force, but healing can definitely be a drawback, as well as the team damage output. It's basically an unstable team.

In dual Loki, you bash the monsters in your way with moderate speed-killing. This kind of team is sort of like an ADK team, except with bonus RCV. Apparently, the main drawback of this particular team-up is HP, so this kind of team will hit a wall very soon. Again, it's an unstable team.

Dual MLD and Loki-MLD tandem are just similar to dual Loki team-up. Simply unstable.

Preference takes place here. Time will come you might not call these teams unstable. You might eventually find some of these teams doing pretty okay. Probably a dual Loki team-up can be your dark team's fastest farmer.

Here are the examples of stable leader team-ups:
  • Loki and Persephone (1.5x HP, 3x ATK, 3x RCV)
  • Persephone and Persephone (2.25x HP, ATK, RCV)
  • Lucifer and Loki (2x HP, 2x ATK, 4x RCV)
  • Lucifer and Persephone (3x HP, 1.5x ATK, 3x RCV)
  • Lucifer and Lucifer (4x HP, 1x ATK, 4x RCV)
  • MLD and Persephone (1.5x HP, 3x ATK, 3x RCV)
  • MLD and Lucifer (2x HP, 2x ATK, 4x RCV)
  • Loki and Thanatos (2.5x HP, 2x ATK, 2x RCV)
  • Persephone and Thanatos (3.75x HP, 1.5x ATK, 1.5x RCV)
  • MLD and Thanatos (2.5x HP, 2x ATK, 2x RCV)
  • Duke Vamp and Persephone (1.5x HP, 3x ATK, 1.5x RCV)

Loki and Persephone (1.5x HP, 3x ATK, 3x RCV)

[Image: IMG_2819_zpsc3b797cc.png]

Arguably, this is the ideal leader team-up for mono-dark. In the picture, my Persephone (level 13) and CDK (level 22) are underleveled, and I just evolved my Duke Vamp (level 1), so this lineup could have been better and have had more HP if I had not been lazy farming Metal Dragons dungeon during 2x King rates. Aside from being an ideal leader team-up, Loki and Persephone alone can already create a deadly combination. This trick will be covered in the Mono-Dark Tricks section.

Persephone and Persephone (2.25x HP, ATK, and RCV)

[Image: PersephonexPersephone.png]

For those of you who aim to reach a certain HP threshold, say 23k HP to beat Rainbow Keeper dungeon, you can try this kind of team-up. In this picture, it appears that even an underleveled mono-dark team can farm RK dungeon. However, should you have this kind of team-up, I would suggest bringing only one orb changer as a sub, preferably a max-skill orb changer to kill some time while waiting for her orb changing skill to be ready to use. Persephone can supply you dark orbs by converting light and heal orbs. That's a BIG range of orb conversion!

If you happen to have a Loki, you can still use the deadly combination I will about to show very soon in the trick section, but let's assume you don't have a Loki

As for ATK, you may have to find ways to deal strong damage. CDD is not a bad choice, but he's not alone. I will provide a list of other strong damage dealers once we come to the Mono-Dark Subordinates section. As for RCV and healing issues, Rainbow Keeper, Drawn Joker, and more monsters will be there to save you, and again, they will be explained more in the Mono-Dark Subordinates section.

Lucifer and Loki (2x HP, 2x ATK, 4x RCV)

[Image: IMG_2787_zps287b5446.png]

This is the kind of team-up where the healing amount is great. A single heart orb match can recover about 1/3 of your max HP. This also means heart orb conservation, which leads to Duke Vampire Lord converting more heart orbs to dark orbs. Loki is in the lineup so the poor man's version of Loki-Persephone combo, that is CDK-Duke Vamp-Loki, can be used.

Lucifer and Persephone (3x HP, 1.5x ATK, 3x RCV)

[Image: IMG_2794_zps2b116f1d.png]

The improved version of dual Persephone team-up, except the fact the ATK boost has been lowered. This team-up can create a tanking dark team. Because of the lack of ATK, make sure to bring some strong damage dealers or damage supplements. If you happen to have a Loki, you can bring him along.

Lucifer and Lucifer (4x HP, 1x ATK, 4x RCV)

[Image: nFvk2ME.png]

*Thank you so much locifer for the picture!

More HP! More RCV! But wait, no ATK? Is that even stable?

It is still stable despite of the ATK absence. Take Thanatos-Lucifer team-up for example. The team-up grants 5x HP and 2x RCV boost to dark monsters. It has also no ATK boost just like dual Lucifer, but look at the RCV multiplier. If your HP is at critical point, how many heart orb matches you think it takes to get back to full health with Thanatos-Lucifer team-up? Probably about three to four matches.

In dual Lucifer team-up, you get more HP, and you should be matching much less heart orbs to heal back to the desired amount of HP. This mere fact explains that he can explore some Descended dungeons. The other Angels have the same leader skill as him, but their active skills involve orb changing. Lucifer's active skill involves big damage. Come to think of this one. You tank, you heal big, you hit hard with the active skill. How is that for a monster who can possibly take on very tough dungeons?

MLD and Persephone (1.5x HP, 3x ATK, 3x RCV)

[Image: MLDxPersephone.png]

This leader team-up provides the same boost as Loki-Persephone team-up, except that MLD's skill deals miles less powerful than Loki's and comes with a long cooldown (30 turns). Nevertheless, he is a decent leader for those who do not have a decent dark leader yet. Also, his dual element may come as an advantage in dungeons like Wed/Fri dungeons. As soon as you get yourself a Loki, it probably would not hurt to make MLD as a sub.

MLD and Lucifer (2x HP, 2x ATK, 4x RCV)

Similar to Loki-Lucifer team-up: decent amount of HP, great RCV amount, and Duke Vamp can produce more dark orbs because this team-up can help you to save heart orbs. It's just a great starting team-up for dark team beginners. Nothing to say more about this one. Trust me dark team beginners! This one is stable!

Loki and Thanatos (2.5x HP, 2x ATK, 2x RCV)

[Image: LokixThanatos.png]

Oh yes! With Thanatos, you can actually nail Rainbow Keeper dungeon, though in a slower pace. But now that Loki is in the party, boss fights can be a breeze if you have orb changers with you. Run a mono-dark team with this kind of leader team-up in a light dungeon, say Light Mechdragon dungeon, more than just a cakewalk fight.

Persephone and Thanatos (3.75x HP, 1.5x ATK, 1.5x RCV)

[Image: PersephonexThanatos.png]

This leader team-up basically tells you just give me more life! Should you feel dissatisfied with Persephone-Persephone, or Loki-Thanatos team-up, here's another path for you. This team-up definitely enables you to take a lot of big hits, though, the ATK boost slows down the run and RCV boost might not be sufficient to heal back the health that has been lost as fast as every Loki team-up does. To remedy these issues, sub in strong damage dealers and life savers, or one with high RCV. More of this in Mono-Dark Subordinates section.

MLD and Thanatos (2.5x HP, 2x ATK, 2x RCV)

The boost provided by this team-up is simply similar to Loki-Thanatos tandem, but you can hardly create a wonderful chemistry with these leaders, assuming you don't have a Loki as a sub yet. So I would recommend subbing in whoever dark monster you have in your roster who can deal strong damage. Otherwise, boss fights can last long.

Duke Vamp and Persephone (1.5x HP, 3x ATK, 1.5x RCV)

[Image: DukeVampxPersephone.png]

Let's just say I came up with this kind of team-up just because you happen to luckily score a Vampire and you were misfortunate that the gift exchange didn't give you a Spinon.

The only long-run worthy your Duke Vamp can pair up with is Persephone. Another plus side is that you may have to sub in only one orb changer, granted that Duke Vamp himself is a heartbreaking orb changer. The other vacant sub spots may be taken by someone with big HP, another orb changer of different conversion, or a strong damage dealer. Choices are all on you, just ensure to make smart decisions.

... because we're about to go to the thinking part
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RE: [Team Building] Mono-Purple Team Appreciation Thread (Revised)
III. Mono-Dark Subordinates

This section covers the components that help to build a decent mono-dark team. Choosing who will be your the monsters to fill as subs is very important in the game, because you only make use of their active skill, not their leader skill. This section is like the thinking part section. This section is divided into six groups: orb changers that supply dark orbs, life savers, damage supplements, armor penetrators, and strong damage dealers, and less significant/sub-dark monsters.

Here's an example of a decent mono-dark team lineup provided by Sed in his guide:

Quote:Potential Advanced Dark Team:
  • Leader: Loki/Dark Starter
    • Duke Lord Vampire
    • Chaos Dragon Knight
    • Anubis (or Lilith if you don't have Anubis)
    • SUB OF CHOICE (Rainbow Keeper as default)
  • Friend Leader: Persephone/Thanatos

The first two subordinates are there to change orbs. It is ideal to bring at least two orb changers in a mono-colored team. Technically, you have three orb changers, if you run the Loki-Persephone team-up, which is simply great.

The question is, is it okay to bring a fourth orb changer? We'll see it very soon.

The third subordinate indicates that you could have someone who is a lifesaver, or who has decent RCV in the team. It is a good idea for starters, but as you get used to mono-dark team in the long-run, this idea might not matter to you. For instance, you may end up ignoring the essence of letting a monster with decent RCV to sit on the third spot, and instead, subbing in someone with high HP but low RCV, because you need to reach a certain HP threshold to run a specific dungeon.

The last subordinate indicates that you can sub in anyone from the dark family, but you must know first what kind of dungeon you are running before deciding which monster to take the last spot (the database is out there to help you). If you are running, for instance, Wednesday dungeon, bring someone who can penetrate the masks' defense.


IIIA. Orb Changers to Dark Orbs

[Image: 576.png] [Image: 516.png] [Image: 233.png] [Image: 564.png] [Image: 387.png]

Should you have dark orb shortage due to orb RNG trolling, these orb changers supply you dark orbs. And should you want to deal more damage output, they are also here to fulfill your wish. Before using their skill, make sure to check your board and see if there are enough amount of orbs they will convert to dark orbs.

The question usually comes in mind is that if it is okay to bring a fourth orb changer in the team, if you use a Loki-Persephone team-up, and you have CDK, and Duke Vamp in the lineup?

The answer is YES! But it depends who will be the fourth orb changer. When you mention fourth orb changer, the things come in your mind, are the ninjas. No one else. The ninjas, introduced in version 5.0, have a unique orb-changing ability that converts certain orbs of different element to orbs according to their element. Hattori Hanzo is an example of a ninja introduced in 5.0, who converts fire orbs to dark orbs.

Okay, the ninjas are cool, so they are the only candidate for a fourth orb changer of the team. But what if I run a Loki-Perserphone team-up, then I have 3 Duke Vamps in my lineup. Is that good?

The answer is NO. Sure, having 3 Duke Vamps looks cool and all, but it will leave your team unstable. So you suck in all heart orbs to transform them into vamp err... dark orbs, and then you got to wait for another wave of hearts orbs to convert them to dark orbs? You would not want that. Besides, you need to heal frequently.


Hell Queen Persephone

We already know Persephone is a silent-but-deadly monster back in the Mono-Dark Leaders section. While in the Mono-Dark Leader Team-Ups section, we just found out that Persephone's active skill, Double Attack Stance - Dark, has a wide range of orb conversion, which includes light orbs and heart orbs being converted to dark orbs. She is simply amazing. You just make sure to use her active skill wisely, otherwise, you have just wasted your precious 16 turns.


Duke Vampire Lord

He has all-around stats as a technique type monster. A plus side we learned about him back in the Mono-Dark Leaders section was that he can be a decent leader as a good start-off in a mono-dark team, and he can be farmed. Another plus side about him is that his skill can be upgraded by eating Big Baddies.


Chaos Dragon Knight (CDK)

Doesn't he look like a cockroach, does he? His active skill, Dark Orb Change, converts light orbs to dark orbs and comes with a 9-turn cooldown.

Comment: YOU MUST HAVE HIM! The thing is that he can be farmed but is hard to find, and that fact alone makes upgrading his active skill (skilling up) very hard. Fortunately, he has his own special dungeon like ADK called Dark Night Sword. That's definitely the best time to farm MDKs (Mystic Dark Knight) and work on skill-ups. Of course, for those who do not have a Mystic Dark Knight yet, that is also the best place to snag one. Should you have max out his active skill, you have the bragging rights to tell everybody in PAD community that you have done it, and it is arguably one of the best achievements in the game!

A question that comes in mind is that if having two CDKs will make a stable mono-dark team.

Absolutely! CDK is a basic dark orb-changer every dark teams must have. Assuming both CDKs are not max-skill (active skill is max out), a second CDK can take care of supplying dark orbs, while the first CDK is still charging his active skill.. until you get a different second orb changer, most likely a Vampire

Another interesting thing about CDK is that he is a versatile dark monster. Should you compose a dual-colored ADK, an ADK team covering only two elements, particularly wood and dark, CDK is definitely a good to go. You can also sub in two CDKs if you must. When 5.1 update came, a new normal dungeon past the King of Gods, which used to be the final dungeon in normal series, was opened, namely Legendary Earth, where the strongest dragon awaits. Once you have obtained the boss dragon drop and have evolved it, that beast can surpass ADK teams by light years if it is teamed up with another same beast. The beast belongs to the dark family, so subbing CDK in his team will result in an almost dark dragon team. The beast was referring to Dragon Lord Zaerog, which will be covered in the Strong Damage Dealers division.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Oath of Dragon Knight, grants 2x HP boost to dragon type monsters in the team. A few dragon powerhouse gods have outclassed this leader skill.

How To Get Him?
- Dark Skydragon Dungeon
- Dark Mechdragon Dungeon
- Hera Descended
- Castle of Satan/Castle of Satan in The Abyss Event (special event)
- Dark Night Sword


Dark High Ninja Hanzo

One of the ninjas descended in 5.0 update, slyly annihilating his targets. His active skill, Ninja Trick Fire to Dark, converts fire orbs to dark orbs and comes with a 9-turn cooldown.

Comment: Also an awesome orb changer. You can have him as your fourth orb changer, assuming you run a Loki-Persephone tandem, with CDK and Duke Vamp in the lineup. CDK erases all the light orbs, Duke Vamp breaks hearts, and Hanzo casts a ninjutsu that transforms fire into darkness? Ehh, whatever. Those three, altogether in a lineup, can almost fill out the board with dark orbs, resulting in an even stronger damage output. Though, he has low HP and decent RCV.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Ninja Moving Secret, grants 1.5x HP, ATK, RCV boost to all attacker types in the team. Attacker teams seem to be still lacking of HP even after teaming up with attacker powerhouse leaders. It could be a Hanzo-Rider tandem, dual Hanzo leaders, etc. Though, it does not hurt to experiment!

How To Get Him?


Gryps Rider Finn

One of the rider group, mounting a mythical creature, Gryphon. His active skill, Dark and Light Orbs Change, converts light orbs to dark orbs, and heal orbs to light orbs, and has a 13-turn cooldown.

Comment: He is the dark orb changer that isn't used much in mono-dark teams. Morever, his overall stats has been outclassed by preceding dark orb changers featured above. That means he isn't worth maxing out his level. Suppose scoring a Vampire has been eluding you, and you happen to have Gryps Rider and CDK, you're pretty much golden.

When both of their active skills (CDK and Gryps Rider) are ready to use, start off with using Gryps Rider's skill. He will provide light orbs by erasing heart orbs, then use CDK's active skill to convert those light orbs Gryps Rider just provided to dark orbs. Not a bad chemistry huh?

Leader Role: His leader skill, Cut off the Retreat, grants 2.5x ATK boost to attacker type monsters in the team. Perhaps he's a good one to team up with Hanzo for an attacker team.

How To Get Him?


Monster General Comments Monster General Comments Monster General Comments
Great overall stats
Epic orb changer!
Decent overall stats
Heartbreaker (heart orbs to dark orbs)
Very versatile dark sub
Low HP, excellent ATK, decent RCV
Unique orb changer
May be a fourth orb changer
in dark teams
Good ATK, low RCV
Uncommon dark team orb changer


IIIB. Lifesavers

[Image: 361.png] [Image: 302.png] [Image: 321.png]

Having lifesaving subs surely gives you relief (if you play them right) You are already familiar with Siren the Enchanter and Amaterasu Ohkami as the best lifesavers in the game. Mono-dark teams may not be good at saving lives, but somehow they have their representatives (except the one at the very left, he is a lifesaver only in a particular dungeon). Though, they are not as prominent as the best lifesavers in the game.


Thanatos The Dark Elemental

Back in Mono-Dark Leaders section, we found out that he's pretty much useful in light dungeons. Use it and all light element attacks coming from mobs are negated for 3 turns. Let's face it. He's only a decent leader, and not a decent sub.

However, he can be useful in Wednesday Dungeon. See the Tricks section far below


Drawn Joker

One of the toy dragons who can be likened to cards. He's basically the Godfest joker, and has tricked a lot of people during Godfest, including me. His active skill is good though, which is Guard Stance - Dark. It converts light orbs to heal orbs, and has 11-turn cooldown.

Comment: If his previous form, Piedra, or even Pierdrawn, keeps coming out of the REM during your Godfest rolls, and you happen to have a Drawn Joker, the best thing you can make use of the Pierdras or Pierdrawns you have gotten from Godfest is to have these Pierdras as fodders for Drawn Joker for a chance to get some skill-ups. When you have max out his active skill, he can be the mono-dark of Siren the Enchanter, though he doesn't have as much RCV as Siren does. Yes, Drawn Joker does not have decent stats, so it's not worth maxing out the level.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Ice Demon Barrier, grants 50% water and dark damage resistance. He has similar leader skill to Abyss Neptune (see Sub-Dark section far below), making him the poor man's version. But don't underestimate this leader skill for it can pull you through in some Descended dungeons, such as Hera, Two Heroes, and possibly Hera-Is.

How To Get Him?


Keeper of Rainbow (Rainbow Keeper)

He's the one being hunted by all people. It's just because he's an evo-material, not a regular monster that can be leveled or skilled up. Though. he's got a "mini" life-saving skill called Defensive Stance, which reduced received damage by half for 3 turns, and the active skill has a 20-turn cooldown.

Comment: You are going to love this monster because he has lots of HP and an active skill that can save you if the orb board doesn't provide you some heart orbs. If you are starting to build a dark team, he is a great dark sub to start off. Also, if you want to hit a certain HP requirement to run a dungeon, Rainbow Keeper is a smart choice to have in the team.

A popular example of which is taking on Hera Descended, where you plan to use Odin/Amaterasu Ohkami team-up that requires about 16.5k HP to become triumphant at coming out of the dungeon.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Protector's Lore, reduces damage received by 10%. This leader skill really does not play a big role. His active skill is more useful.

How To Get Him?
- Tuesday Dungeon - Keeper of Rainbow Master
- Pal Egg Machine (evo-material event)


Monster General Comments
General Comments
General Comments
Bad overall stats
Somewhat useful in
light dungeons
Bad overall stats
Mono-dark version of Siren
when active skill is max out
Poor man's Abyss Neptune
Great HP and ATK
Desirable starting dark sub


IIIC. Damage Supplements

[Image: 656.png] [Image: 407.png] [Image: 141.png] [Image: 688.png]

In case you do not have any damage dealers in your roster to be subbed in the mono-dark team, we have the damage backups. They help to beef up your attacks, resulting in an even stronger damage output. If you have already plenty of strong damage dealers, you might not need to sub in a damage backup, and you would be better off bringing two strong damage dealers or two, probably because you may find subbing two damage dealers balancing out your lineup in respect to RCV, and such. Though, having at least a damage supplement sub can be very helpful.

But wait, who's that monster at the middle right? I know her but I don't seem to find her useful in a mono-dark team other than the so-called Anubis team. To give you a heads up, she's a goddess. Isn't it quite sad to let a goddess rot in your roster? More details about her very soon.


Loki, the Finisher

We learned back in the Mono-Dark Leaders section that he was a great leader to have in a team. If you have this witty kid as sub, he can also do as great as he does at leading a mono-dark team. Dark Enhancement boosts dark damage by 1.5x. Again, try to match as many dark orbs as you can to efficiently use his skill.


Cerberus, the Guardian of Hell

One of the mythical beasts, hungry and ready to devour victims. He looks like a three-headed greyhound. His active skill, Enhanced Dark Orbs, improves dark attacks. It has a 15-turn cooldown.

Comment: If you are familiar with Horus and you have used his active skill called Enhanced Fire Orbs, Cerberus is technically the dark element version of Horus when it comes to the active skill. You will see a + sign on top of each dark orbs after you use Cerberus' active skill. If you aim for a one-hit-knockout during a regular boss battle, you must match all of the + dark orbs, because the more + dark orbs you match, the harder you hit.

Cerberus is an attacker type monster, which means he has high ATK but low HP. On top of that, he gets a negative RCV as you level him up. At max level, he has -100 RCV. If his level was maxed out, would it hurt to bring a monster with negative RCV?

Generally, it would not hurt that much, if Cerberus is in the team with Loki and Persephone as leaders, which the team gets 1.5 HP, 3x ATK, and 3x RCV boost. So the Loki-Persephone tandem could be the comfortable team-up to sub in Cerberus, should you feel highly concerned with the healing sufficiency.

So far, very few people have Cerberus. He can be obtained in dungeons, but his appearance rate or the odds of encountering him is ridiculously low. Getting him may take a bunch of runs and stones spent. Some people get him in about 9 runs, some in 24, some in 153; it's completely random. You'll never know. He has no leader skill.

How To Get Him?
- Dark Mechdragon Dungeon - Master/Legend
- Dark Skydragon Dungeon - Master



One of the Japanese deities, manipulating time to confound foes. Honestly, I have never seen her whole-body artwork until I checked the database. Damn, she's a sort of a samurai? Interesting! Her active skill, Change The World, let you move orbs freely for 10 seconds. Her active skill has a 20-turn cooldown.

Comment: So tell me, how can she be a damage backup? Suppose you have just used CDK's and Duke Vamp's active skill at the same time. The idea of Tsukuyomi as a damage backup is that with Change The World, you should be able to match more dark orbs as well as other orbs of different element and create more combos, resulting in stronger damage output. An image will be provided in the Mono-Dark Tricks section regarding Tsukuyomi's Change The World sometime in the future.

If you happen to roll her in the early-game, or during the times you are new to the game, she won't provide you much help, until you have built a decent mono-dark team. She has decent RCV, despite of the fact she is not a good starting roll for novices. One thing is for sure, though, and that is she's not worth getting some levels. She is in the same boat with Venus as goddesses whose jobs are slave-like when they are used as subs.

Leader Role: Her leader skill, Quick Change, extends time to move orbs. This leader skill basically gives you more time to move orbs. Perhaps dual Tsukuyomi leaders can help you practice your orb-matching skills. That's only the good thing about it.

How To Get Her?


King Baddie

The little annoying Big Baddies have been given a evolution in 5.2 update. His leader skill, Devilish Enhancement, grants 3x ATK boost to devil type monsters for one turn.

Comment: He is the non-REM monster that is easy to get. Come to think of this. Most dark monsters are devil types. Duke Vamp, Hera, Hades, Loki are devil type monsters. If you have all of them in a dark team together with King Baddie, you would be dealing a superb damage for one turn. Of course, activate the Devilish Enhancement only on boss fights (or on pre-boss fights if you must). A Loki-Persephone team with a King Baddie builds a 9x ATK dark team on boss battles. Two Devilish Enhancements do not stack, therefore no point of bringing two King Baddies. He has no leader skill

How To Get Him:
- Many to Mention. See the locations here


Monster General Comments Monster General Comments Monster General Comments
Decent overall stats
Dual-dark element
Active skill beefs damage up!

Excellent ATK, low RCV
Active skill beefs orbs up
for stronger damage
Very difficult to find
Decent overall stats
Backs up damage through
liberated orb manipulation
Not a good sub in early-game
until decent dark team is formed
Boosts damage
of devil type monsters
for one turn


IIID. Armor Penetrators

[Image: 205.png] [Image: 320.png] [Image: 186.png]

In times like this when more high-armored mobs appear in some dungeons, you rely upon these three. Armor penetrators, first of all, do not shine in the long-run, therefore only for certain uses like the Super King Metal Dragon Descended, Wed/Fri Dungeon, etc. There are also monsters in the normal dungeon that have high armor, so that's also the time armor penetrators take the spotlight.


Lilith, the Witch of the Night

I wonder how she got that red thing between her eyes. You can infer she's drunk, blushing, or it is literally her nose. TMI. Her active skill, Poison Mist, leaves all enemies poisoned that inflicts damage in every turns as long as you match orbs; it has a 15-turn cooldown.

Comment: If you want to make your life easy at farming Wed/Fri dungeon, she can fulfill it; much easier if you have more than two of them. The poison damage inflicted by Poison Mist is based on her ATK, multiplied by 1x.

She's also good to have in early game as you start forming your dark team. She can be farmed in many normal dungeons, so it is not bad to have her as a dark sub. Having her as a sub greatly improves your team RCV since she is a healer type.

Leader Role: Her leader skill, Quick Boost, extends your time moving orbs. It is similar to Tsukuyomi's leader skill. Perhaps Lilith's a good alternative to practice your orb-matching skills.

How To Get Her?
- Many to mention. See the locations here


Dark Golem Mk. III

Oh yeah, he could be the new villain for Transformers! His active skill, Armor Break, reduces enemies' defense by 75% for 5 turns, and comes with 17-turn cooldown.

Comment: Aside from his active skill being valuable against crunchy monsters, he has huge HP, but low RCV. Again, this all comes down to balancing the team. At max level, he ends up with having 4k HP, 1.1k ATK, and 10 RCV. If you can cover up his low RCV by subbing in ones with decent RCV like Hanzo and Lilith, then it won't hurt to give Dark Golem some level-ups.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Darkness Counter, deals a dark element, counter-attack damage with 5x the damage suffered. The chance of this leader skill to kick in is 50/50. When it kicks in, it deals a fair damage, especially to light monsters. A dual Dark Golem Mk.III has been used once in Zeus and Goddess Descended. Not really recommended unless you have plenty of stones to spare.

How To Get Him?
- Breakers dungeon



For those who have played Ragnarok Online before, do you still remember how much a Ghostring card cost for? If my memory serves right, it was ridiculously expensive. Good times. His active skill, Poison Mist, is similar to Lilith's.

Comment: He may have similar active to Lilith's, but at least he's more farmable than her, only in Poring Tower. If you have a Lilith, he is a perfect fodder for Poison Mist skill-ups. Keep in mind he is an enhanced material monster, so dark monsters will get more exp, if they eat Ghostrings.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Dark Barrier, grants 50% dark damage resistance. Ghostring can be also a good leader to take on Hera Descended, arguably another cheaper way lineup approach. But again, he is an enhanced material, therefore his stats are not great. Sub in a high HP unit to cover it up. More about this in Tricks section.

How To Get Him:
- Poring Tower


Monster General Comments Monster General Comments Monster General Comments
Excellent RCV, low HP
Poison dealer
Excellent HP, low RCV
Armor break at 75%
Enhance material version
of Lilith
More farmable in Poring Tower
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RE: [Team Building] Mono-Purple Team Appreciation Thread (Revised)
III. Mono-Dark Subordinates

IIIE. Strong Damage Dealers

[Image: 484.png] [Image: 215.png] [Image: 220.png] [Image: 287.png] [Image: 479.png] [Image: 658.png] [Image: 412.png] [Image: 445.png] [Image: 396.png] [Image: 397.png]
[Image: 499.png] [Image: 190.png] [Image: 639.png] [Image: 683.png]

Here comes the most exciting part of the section. Back in the Introduction, it was mentioned that mono-dark teams like throwing big damages without getting in a same dire situation as mono-red teams, who have almost very low RCV. Some of these monsters perform more effectively as leaders. You will also need these kind of monsters in case you run a mono-dark team-up that has low ATK boost like Persephone-Thanatos, or dual Persephone tandem, since the low ATK boost slightly hinders the team's explosive force.


Moondragon Lunar D'spinas

Back in Leaders section, we learned that he is basically the poor man's Loki, whose leader skill is similar to Loki's. As soon as you score a Loki or perhaps Persephone, MLD is better off to play the sub role. The fact that he has dual dark element allows you to dish extra dark damage. If you want his skill, Inferno Breath, to deal around 20k damage without investing +ATK eggs in him, work on his way towards level 74, which most people would unlikely consider doing that.


Chaos Devil Dragon (CDD)

Known as the dark ripper for his skill, Hell Ball, throws 20k damage to all monsters, and comes with a 15-turn cooldown.

Comment: Basically, the very first dark monster you can rely on for heavy blows. As one of the 5 ripper-resist dragons, his stats are not bad, so are the rest of them. Though, he is not worth the leveling investment, for you will eventually get way stronger heavy hitters than him. You would probably level him up to around level 30.

Whether you have started the game or you have started making a mono-dark team, consider him as a priority to be obtained from the start, unless you have fortunately rolled something else even stronger from the tutorial. Do not worry, he is farmable.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Dark Barrier, grants 50% dark damage resistance. This is why most people call him ripper-resist dragon. He does not just only rip, but he also provides resistance. You can make use of this leader skill against Hera Descended and some special dragon dungeons where the boss monster is a dark monster.

How To Get Him?
- Pal Egg Machine
- Dark Mechdragon Dungeon
- Dark Skydragon Dungeon


Night Skydragon Elysion

One of the skydragons and one of the slightly vague artwork in the dark family. His active skill, Curse Breath, deals 5x of his base ATK, and has 10-turn cooldown.

Comment: Skydragons pretty much get the second place for having the highest ATK in the game, while Ares gets the crown. This said information is why I placed him in this division. If you can run his dungeon on Master level a lot of times (of course this may include tossing magic stones) you can go for skilling him up and max it out to make him quite useful in mono-dark team.

Also, try to hit his base ATK to about 1.9k, so that his Curse Breath will deal around 10k damage every 5 turns; he is going to be like the nimble Demons who have nothing to do but throwing bombs. Overall, many players don't like his low HP and RCV, resulting in keeping him in their rosters as a trophy.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Power of Darkness, grants 2x ATK boost to dark monsters in the team. It's similar to Vampire Lord. It's pretty useful to have if you don't have a Vampire yet, until Vampire himself comes to you and join your ranks.

How To Get Him?
- Dark Skydragon Dungeon


Annihilate Mechdragon Hadar

One of the mechdragons, ruthlessly obliterating anything in his path. His skill, Gravity Cannon, deals 30k damage to all enemies and comes with 20-turn cooldown.

Comment: He is basically a beefed-up version of CDD in the long-run because 1. He has more powerful active skill and 2. He has better stats in the long-run. Hadar can be your tanker as well. He has 4018 HP at max level. However, he has low RCV, so you might have to cover it up to balance up your mono-dark team.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Power of Darkness, gives 2x ATK boost to dark monsters in the team. Simply similar to Vampire and Elysion.

How To Get Him?
- Dark Mechdragon Dungeon


Helldark Blood Demon (HBD)

The stealthy Blood Demon finally gets an evolution in 5.1, and that's HBD. His active skill, Bomb, deals 10x to an enemy based on his ATK and has 30-turns cooldown.

Comment: A decent monster to have in the early game, should you looking for a strong, quick damage dealer. Strong and quick because as you have evolved your Blood Demon or have gotten an HBD fresh from some dungeon, you will technically deal 10k damage when you throw Bomb, which not bad at all as a damage. However, should you wish to invest in HBD, you would have to focus first on upgrading his skill and max it out. You would never wait for 30-turns to bombard some monsters again. Once his skill has been max out, you will be smashing monsters in a fast pace. The thing is that it takes 25 skill-ups to max out his active skill. So it's preferred to feed him devils and demon during the skill-up event.

HBD, overall, is an okay to have as a damage dealer. He can help getting rid of tough monsters in early dungeon stages, and slightly speeding up boss fights. But don't overwork on leveling him. He has low overall stats. Just like CDD, he is valuable in the early game. He will be surely replaced by stronger one in the long run.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Devil's Army, grants 2x ATK to attacker type monsters in the team. Quite decent if you plan some easy speed-farming, but in the long-run, attacker teams do not really excel.

How To Get Him?
- Many to mention. See the locations here


Evil Darkdragon Vritra

You are going to like his fatal active skill, Grudge Strike, in which the lower current HP you have, the stronger damage it deals. The active skill comes with 15-turn cooldown.

Comment: Our database tells us that the damage will deal 10k, 50k, and 100k, if your current HP sits lower than or equal to 50%, 20%, and 10% respectively. Here's an example to make things crystal clear.

Suppose you have 15k HP, and some boss mob attacks you for 13.7k damage, leaving to down to 1.3k HP (1,300) Vritra's skill is ready to use and you aim for dealing 100k with it.

Is it the right time to use it?

Sure go for it! If we take a look at the math, it's going to be your max HP multiplied by the rate of dishing 100k damage, which is 10%, and the product will be the required current HP you must have in order to deal Vritra's strongest Grudge Strike.

In other words,

15,000 (max HP) * 0.10 (rate of dealing 100k damage with Grudge Strike) = 1,500 (required current HP to achieve 100k Grudge Strike damage)

Therefore in this situation, your HP needs to be down to at least 1.5k HP in order to slug the boss with the strongest damage Vritra can offer.

He's okay to have as a damage dealer. The thing about his active skill is that it only hits a monster. Meaning, only one monster. So you can find his active skill valuable during boss fights. Before using Grudge Strike, you would have to calculate first how much current HP you need to have after taking some hits in order to deal that 100k damage (of course we want Vritra's 100k damage, it is just an absolute buttkicker) That said, use the formula provided above to find out the required current HP to achieve that outrageous damage. The Grudge Strike also makes Vritra well-known as a great sub in zombie (Resolve/Perseverance) teams. Also, he makes a good chemistry with Seraphim of Dawn Lucifer, where Lucifer casts Morning Star while Vritra does the Grudge Strike afterwards. It's a good combo to try it out!

Leader Role: His leader skill, Rage of the Black Dragon, gives 2x ATK and RCV boost to dragon types in the team. This leader skill seems to complement well with Indra's called Grace of the Lightning Dragon that boosts 2x HP and ATK to dragon types in the team, therefore fielding a 2x HP, 4x ATK, 2x RCV dragon team. It sounds like an ideal team boost for mono-colored teams, though you might be fielding assorted dragon types with this.

How To Get Him?


Viciousdragon Helheim

One of the legendary dragons, unleashing its wrath to terrorize enemies. His active skill, God Hell Breath, deals 40x damage based on its ATK, and has 23-turn cooldown.

Comment: Helheim has gotten a powered-up form wherein he will be a dual-dark element monster. His overall stats seem fine, though low RCV. If you want his active skill to deal about 40,000 damage without investing some + ATK eggs, you have to level him up to level 73. Do people bother doing that? Possibly. In spite of that, his leader skill seems quite useful.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Dark Barrier, grants 50% dark damage resistance. You can use him to be a resist leader, should you explore seemingly tough dungeons swamped with dark monsters. Of course, you can also bring him as leader to take on Hera Descended.

How To Get Him?
- Legendary Dark Dragon dungeon


Ancient Dark Dragon Caol-Ila

One of the ancient dragons, and ohh.. he breathes purple bubbles? His active skill, Curse Ball, deals 25,000 damage, and comes with a 9-turn cooldown.

Comment: Caol-Ila is an interesting dark monster. First, his active skill comes with a 9-turn cooldown. If you max it out, it will become a 4-turn cooldown which is arguably the fastest active skill in the game when max out. Second, he has high HP and decent RCV. So if you have been farming him for skill-up attempts, he should be getting some decent levels at the same time. That's like hitting two birds with one stone right there! He is found in a challenging dungeon where only fire, wood, light, and heart orbs are provided on the board.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Fertile Energy, grants 2x ATK boost to all monsters in the team every time more than 3 combos are made. It doesn't really give a great impact, unless you seriously in dire need of a powerhouse leader.

How To Get Him?
- Ancient Dark Dragon dungeon


Underlord Arch and Inferno Hades

(04-11-2013 12:45 PM)Frank Wrote:  Peresphone + Hades - Hades, professional kidnapper, at your service

I find Frank's quote pretty interesting, hehe. Anyway, both kinds of Underlord Hades have the active skill called Ultra Gravity that reduces 30% of the enemy's max HP. For those of you who do not get how his Gravity works, here's an example:

Suppose you are bringing 2 Inferno Hades in your team and you encounter a boss having 10 HP. Both Ultra Gravities are ready to use. You tap on your first Hades' Ultra Gravity. Therefore, the enemy has 7 HP left,

(10 * 30% = 3 signifies the damage occurred by first Gravity)

Now, you tap on your second Hades' Ultra Gravity. The enemy has 4.9 HP left

(7 * 30% = 2.1 signifies the damage occurred by second Gravity)

Contrasting The Two Underlords: We will find out their difference in respect to stats at max level.

(at max level)
(at max level)
(at max level)
2871 1510 456
2871 1610 456

As you can see, it appears that Underlord Inferno Hades has made a distinction when it comes to ATK. He is 100 ATK ahead of Arch Hades at max level, and that's equivalent to feeding 20 +ATK eggs to a monster, considering the time taken to farm that amount of +ATK eggs.

Comment: First of all, regarding the skill Ultra Gravity, you can describe it in two words:


Oh, and another one,


It absolutely speeds up most of the boss fights. The cooldown is long so make sure you have to get it ready before taking on the boss. Though, Ultra Gravity has been outclassed by one of the prominent monsters in the light family. And that's Zeus with his Wrath of God, dealing 35% damage based on enemy's max HP. (Who cares about him anyway? Sheesh..)

Secondly, the usefulness of the two underlords. Hades is really stronger when his dark side is doubled. This means you can find Inferno Hades more useful than his partial bright side, Arch Hades.

Inferno Hades has a dual dark element, just like MLD, and back in the Mono-Dark Leaders section, we learned that dual dark elements can be beneficial in tackling Wed/Fri dungeons, plus extra dark damage as well.

Arch Hades, however, may likely not find a place in a dark team as sub in the long run.


Well, what's the point of subbing him in, if you are required to have CDK, especially Persephone, whether you have her in your roster or you need her for the leader team-up, and they will just erase all of the light orbs he sees on the board and turn them to dark orbs, disabling Arch Hades to deal his secondary attack that is a light element?

Despite of his dark/light element, he is still a Hades, and he holds that powerful Ultra Gravity. So there is pretty much no harm of subbing an Arch Hades in the mono-dark team, should you have one.

Leader Role: Both Arch and Inferno Hades have different leader skill. Arch Hades' leader skill is Barrier of Lucifer that grants 50% light and dark damage resistance. This can be very useful when he plays the leader role and takes on Hera Descended with an Odin friend against Venus (fifth floor), Hades (ninth floor), and Hera (final floor). On the other hand, Inferno Hades' leader skill is Protection of Thanatos that grants 60% dark damage resistance. Of all the dark monsters who have dark damage resistance leader skill, Inferno Hades has the best one.

How To Get Them?


Hell Deity Jackal Anubis

What's the thing he is standing on? His active skill, Curse of Darkness, is a counter-attack that deals dark damage for 5 turns, and has a 25-turn cooldown.

Comment: The good thing about his active skill is that it reflects the damage, but this time, it is 3x of the damage taken.

So let's say you took 5k damage. With Curse of Darkness activated, the enemy suffers 15k damage in return. If the enemy is a light monster, he is more than a goner, receiving 30k damage, since the active skill comes with a dark element.

But what if you bring Anubis with you and you run a resist team, say you have Lightning Holy Dragon (LHD) leading the team?

Using the same example, you took 5k damage from a light mob. Applying LHD's leader skill, you take 2.5k damage instead, but Anubis' Curse of Darkness kicks in. The light mob suffers 7.5k damage in return, but since he is weak to dark, the reflect damage doubles up to 15k damage. The point is that Anubis' active skill can be affected by resist leaders.

Oh, and if multiple mobs attack you in sync, and Curse of Darkness is still running, all of them take the reflected damage!

Hopefully, that's the last time I will use some arithmetics. Heh, if you like Math, you should run a dark team!

Joking aside, Anubis is surely handy to have. Curse of Darkness can be useful against nimble bosses that attack you every turn. Imagine if you run a zombie team with Anubis in Rainbow Keeper dungeon, you will roughly dish 60k damage to Rainbow Keeper in return. Though, Rainbow Keeper attacks every 5 turns, so probably not a smart idea to bring him. But the point is that Anubis can somewhat be a good member of a zombie team. Just to remind you that it does not bypass high-armored mobs. He has also great stats; okay to max out his level.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Roar of the Hell Jackal, grants 10x ATK to all monsters every time more than 10 combos are made. This is as tough to accomplish as it sounds, yet when you run tri-color dungeons just like the Weekend Dungeon, it's relatively easy to pull it off. Still, it would require some orb-matching skills and luck. Should you feel not confident of pulling off his leader skill in tri-color dungeons, bring someone like Yomi or Venus to increase your chance of doing so.

How To Get Him?


Awoken Hera

The goddess of darkness. You might hate how her tongue is out, making her look quite creepy. Dark monsters are creepy after all. Her active skill, Ultra Gravity, reduces 30% of opponent's max HP, and comes with 30-turn cooldown. She has the same active skill as Hades.

Comment: This witch can be obtained from her own tough dungeon called Hera Descended that comes around rarely. It's a VERY TOUGH dungeon. For those unfortunate of getting a Hades, she is the way to go to get yourself a Gravity user. Should you feel interested in scoring her, there are plenty of threads about her dungeon and ways of clearing it in the Tips and Tricks subforum. One common tip is to field an Odin-Resist team which has been already explained in the Tips and Tricks subforum and an excerpt will be covered in the Tips and Tricks section of this thread. Her dungeon is also the best place to work on Gravity skill-ups, so far.

Leader Role: Her leader skill, God's Hand, extends time to move orbs for a very long time. It's way better than Lilith's leader skill. Try to imagine having two Hera leaders in Endless Corridor while practicing orb matching.

How To Get Her?
- Hera Descended


Dark Archdemon Lucifer

One of the demons, wielding a big sword blanketed with darkness. His active skill, Evil Nova, deals 150,000 damage to light monsters only before armor and element match-ups.

Comment: It's reasonable to only bring him when you explore dungeons swarmed with light monsters. If Evil Nova does deal 150,000 damage to light monster only, then that means it's understood it will deal about 300,000 damage after armor has been calculated. He is probably good to bring if you field dual Lucifer team to take on Zeus and Goddess Descended.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Archdemon's Soul, grants 2x ATK and RCV to devil types in the team. If you already have a Loki, you might not need to have Dark Archdemon Lucifer as a leader, the fact Loki has more useful active skill than him. Until you have a Loki, Dark Archdemon Lucifer isn't bad to play the leader role in a devil team. Perhaps teaming up with an Amon will result in a stable devil team.

How To Get Him?


Dragon Lord Zaerog

The ruler of all the dragon types, exposing his magnificence with the stream of orbs. His active skill, Gravity Press, deals 35% damage to enemies based on their max HP, and comes with 35-turn cooldown

Comment: He has similar active skill function to Zeus, except the name is different. He can be found in a phenomenal dungeon called "Legendary Earth," where the Jewel, Metal, and Gold Dragons aren't the same as the ones we use to see in their respective dungeons. They are totally different in Legendary Earth where they deal insane amount of damage every turn. Another interesting fact is that it requires 3 Super Metal King Dragons for him to evolve. As soon as you get Dragon Lord Zaerog from evolving a Heavy Metal Dragon, he comes with a negative RCV. He is not really used as a sub for his leader skill appears to be way interesting and phenomenal.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Dragon's Wrath, grants 3.5x ATK boost to dragon types in the team. So a dual Zaerog team will result in a 12.25x ATK boost to dragon types. It is a phenomenal team because it is simply a spike damage team without any other conditions unlike Zeus team (full-HP), Horus team (4 different orb color), Ra team (5 different orb color), etc. The only thing is the negative RCV. You will get fewer RCV amount as you match heart orbs, though the fact it is a spike damage team, healing back up may be unnecessary at times.

A good question that comes in mind is that if a dark team can be fielded around Zaerog. The answer is yes. Perhaps two CDKs and two random dark dragons should do it. But if we talk about a dual Zaerog team to take on Descended dungeons, it would not turn out to be a dark team at all, since critical subs like Echidna and Parvati should be included in the team.

How To Get Him?
- Legendary Earth


Monster General Comments Monster General Comments Monster General Comments
Dual dark element
Active skill deals around
20,000 at level 74
without +ATK eggs investment
One of early-game damage dealers
Active skill has 20,000 damage
widespread hit
Low HP and RCV, excellent ATK
Nimble widespread-damage dealer
at max level and skill
Almost never used by people
Excellent HP and ATK, low RCV
Active skill has 30,000 damage
widespread hit
Bad overall stats
One of early-game damage dealers
Nimble damage dealer at max skill
Excellent HP, low RCV
Active skill damage dependent
upon current team HP
Stable dragon team with Indra as leaders
Dual dark element
Active skill deals around
40,000 at level 74
without +ATK eggs investment
High HP and decent RCV
Fastest active skill in the game
when max out
Dark/Light element
Gravity user
Most versatile dark monster
Dual dark element
Gravity user
100 ATK ahead of Arch Hades
Excellent RCV
Active skill reflects damage
(does not bypass defense,
elemental resistance stacks)
Gravity user
Decent RCV
Active skill deals 150,000
damage to light monsters only
Negative RCV
Zeus-like active skill
Commonly used as a leader
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RE: [Team Building] Mono-Purple Team Appreciation Thread (Revised)
III. Mono-Dark Subordinates

IIIF. Less Significant Dark Monsters and Sub-Dark Monsters

Less Significant

First, this subordinate division covers monsters who have less importance in dark teams, with the exception of Tiamat's four different final forms that appear to be even less important. These monsters may glow flare in early game as you shape up your dark team, but later on they will be replaced with stronger dark monsters eventually as you progress in the game. Then, it covers monsters whose secondary element is dark. Inferno Hades and Moondragon Lunar D'spinas do not belong to this division because their main element, seen in the upper left of the monster icon, is dark.

There is one thing to keep in mind about dual-element monsters whose main element is non-dark, while the secondary element is dark. If you match an orb according to their main element (non-dark) it will deal damage based on its ATK sheer. If you match a dark orb, its secondary element, it will deal damage based on 30% of its ATK. Let's take Abyss Neptune as an example. His main element is water, so matching a water orb will deal sheer damage. His secondary element is dark, so matching a dark orb will deal 30% of his ATK.

To review what we learned in Leaders section, dual-dark element monsters like Inferno Hades and Moondragon Lunar D'spinas are different. Matching a dark orb will cause them to attack twice in one go. However, their damage coming from the secondary element will deal 10% of their ATK.


Less Significant Monsters

Moonlight Carbuncle

He (or she) is the final form of the little Purple and Amethyst Carbuncles we have been seeing. His (or her) leader skill is Light of Mighty Healing that heals 2,000 HP and comes with 10-turn cooldown

Comment: If you want a basic healer in dark team, he (or she) is okay to occupy that job. It appears he (or she) can get you access to using two Morning Stars in one succession (one turn), should you run a dual Lucifer team accompanied by Moonlight Carbuncle. However, as you get used to dual Lucifer teams, you would find him or her less necessary to be a part of the team. More about dual Lucifer team in the Tricks section

Leader Role: His (or her) leader skill, Healing Prayer, heals 0.5x amount of RCV every time orbs are matched. A much inferior leader skill of Siren the Enchantress or Amaterasu Ohkami, it sounds.

Seriously, it's hard to determine Moonlight Carbuncle's gender. Perhaps it's an "it?"

How To Get "It":
- Many to mention. See the locations here



An evolution material we all have been farming, hunting, concerning, whining, whatsoever. He is barely called the Mythical Dub-Mythlit. His drops can be mythical. They seldom do it for you!

Comment: No active skill, no leader skill, yet this monster comes with an amiable single team cost. Not only that, his overall stats are not so bad. His HP, ATK, RCV is 1,000, 800, and 300 respectively. Dub-Mythlit can open you a door to a decent dark team, in case you are having team cost issues. Obviously, he will be replaced with a stronger dark monster eventually as soon as you have expanded your team cost by gradual ranking up.

How To Get Him:
- Many to mention. See the locations here


Blazing Dark, Flowing Dark, Wooden Dark, Lightning Dark Tiamat

Tiamat's ultimate forms through power-up fusion. All of them have similar active skill, Inferno Breath, which deals 20x damage based on the ATK.

Comment: They were about to be covered in the Sub-Dark Monsters part until figured out their secondary element is not dark. So they are covered rather in the Less Importantsection (more like Least Important). The active skill does not play a huge role. Tiamat is one of the so-called Late-Blooming Dragons, or dragons who have small stat growth and then get a big stat growth in the late levels. They are not worth of exp investment because of this.

Leader Role: Each one of them has different leader skill. Blazing Dark Tiamat gives 2x ATK boost to fire and dark monsters, while Flowing Dark Tiamat gives 2x ATK boost to water and dark monsters. Follow the sequence to figure out Wooden Dark's and Lightning Dark's.

It is not like you are required to field a dual-colored team. Notice that all of them give 2x ATK boost to dark monsters in the team. You can tell they can be a good dark leader.

But why are they not in the Leader section?

The reasons are the unworthiness of exp investment due to their stat growth at snail's pace and their invaluable active skill. Vampire Lord has a similar leader skill function called Power of Darkness. The plus side about him is that he has been given a new evolution form in 5.1 update which is Duke Vampire Lord that has superb overall stats, making him worthy of exp investment. Also, do not forget he is an orb-changer, and orb-changers are fundamentally important in every mono-colored teams.

How To Get Him:


Sub-Dark Monsters

Dark Flame Ifrit, Dark Ice Leviathan, Dark Wood Fafnir, Dark Shining Divinegon

Again, they are the ultimate forms of the late-blooming dragons Ifrit, Leviathan, Fafnir, and Divinegon; making them unworthy to invest exp in. Their active skills are similar to the starter dragons at their ultimate form that deal damage 20x of their base ATK. Dark Flame Ifrit uses Magma Breath, Dark Ice Leviathan uses Blizzard Breath, Dark Wood Fafnir uses Gaia Breath, and Dark Shining Divinegon uses Holy Breath.

Comment: Seven-word comment: They have no place in dark teams. If you place them in a dark team, they will bother you to match an orb according to their main element (fire, water, wood, light) to unleash their sheer damage. They are rather slightly useful in Egyptian teams like Isis, Horus, and Ra teams, where subbing them in is a bright idea if you are missing a monster to cover all the five elements to field an Egyptian team.

Leader Role: Their leader skills are quite interesting, though not really useful. That is giving 2x ATK boost to monsters according to their dual element. Dark Flame Ifrit gives 2x ATK boost to dark and fire monsters in the team, while Dark Ice Leviathan gives 2x ATK boost to dark and water monsters. Follow the sequence to figure out Dark Wood Fafnir's and Dark Shining Divinegon's leader skill. They are pretty much like the four different forms of Tiamat's ultimate form. See Less Important division above.

How To Get Them:


Dragon Rider Arthur

The legendary british knight descends in PAD as an orb-changer. His leader skill, Light and Dark Orbs Change, changes dark orbs to light orbs, and heart orbs to dark orbs, and comes with a 13-turn cooldown.

Comment: While he has wonderful artwork, he is just an another sub-dark monster you would not consider to include in the dark team. Primarily, the active skill will erase the dark orbs and turn them into light orbs, and a heartbreaking function which heart orbs become dark orbs. Secondly, you would rather have Duke Vamp as a heartbreaker than Arthur, considering how long to charge up Arthur's active skill.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Cut off the Retreat, gives 2.5x ATK boost to Attacker type monsters. Do Attacker type monsters make a stable team? Who knows.

How To Get Him:


War Deity Dark Minerva

The war goddess has fallen into the dark side, striking enemies with her sword coated by darkness. Her active skill, Quick Bomb, inflicts damage to an enemy by 10x based on her attack, and comes with a 10-turn cooldown.

Comment: Quick Bomb can help to get rid of monsters in early waves. However, the 10-turn skill cooldown seems rather pretty long to charge up if the motive is just to decimate monsters that can surely get killed by the skill; so you might think Helldark Blood Demon could beat her to it, the fact his skill is easy to upgrade. Speaking of upgrade, there is no easier way to upgrade (skill-up) Quick Bomb, other than feeding Minervas to Dark Minerva. Her stats are great, yet the worthiness of exp investment could be a question, where the answer solely depends on you. In the 5.1 update, she has been given a devil subtype, meaning she can be a component in a devil team like dual Astaroth, which will be covered later. This is most likely the basis why most people prefer Dark Minerva over Saint Minerva.

Leader Role: Her leader skill, Barrier of Evil Flame, grants 50% fire and dark damage resistance. This is why she is sometimes called a souped-up ripper dragon, although many, many dragons, having ripper skills, have outclassed the original ripper dragons (Meteor Volcano Dragon, Lightning Holy Dragon, etc) that are often also called souped-up ripper dragons, such as Ancient, Legendary, and Mech Dragons. To sum things up, Dark Minerva is called a souped-up ripper dragon in terms of her leader skill, which covers two elements instead of one that original ripper dragons do. Barrier of Evil Flame surely has many uses (though I can't quite mention a few).

How To Get Her:


Sea Deity Abyss Neptune

The ocean deity has fallen into the dark side, bringing chaos in deep. His active skill, Hydra's Poison, deals poison to enemies, stinging them by 5x damage based on his ATK every turn.

Comment: The great bane of high-armored monsters. Abyss Neptune deals the strongest sting in the game. Take Super Metal King Dragon as an example who has 60,000 armor, a max-level Abyss Neptune can finish him off in just a single turn with his poison. He has great overall stats. Maxing out his level will mean stronger poison damage. The fact he is an armor penetrator, it may mean he does not shine out for long. It may be true, it may not be true. Let us take a look at his leader skill. He has also received an devil subtype in 5.1 update, so he can be a desirable sub in devil teams.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Ice Demon Barrier, provides 50% water and dark damage resistance. He is the best resist leader you can have when you take on Hera Descended with Odin-Resist teams. He has dark resistance and has poison, giving you a vacant subordinate spot. He can be also an ideal leader to run Heroes Descended (Two Heroes) using quad-resist team, although few have been running the dungeon lately with the aforementioned team, and now can clear it with mono-colored teams. Also, it seems that he can be an ideal leader to take on Hera-Is Descended using a resist team, since it appears that the dungeon is swarmed with water and dark monsters.

.. and that's pretty much about it for Abyss Neptune. There may be some more dungeons necessary to have him as a leader, but the main point is that you can bring him in few significant dungeons. But hey, Hera, Two Heroes (Berserk and Highlander), and Hera-Is? All of them are significant monsters to have! Having a Abyss Neptune is such an awesome bonus!

How To Get Him:


Fertility Deity Devil Ceres

The goddess who cares about land prosperity has gone bad, causing famine all over the luxurious farms. Her active skill, Shower of Healing, fully recovers HP in an instant and comes with a 20-turn cooldown.

Comment: Devil Ceres can be an efficient sub in dual Lucifer teams. You cast the first Morning Star, you heal back up with Shower of Healing, then you cast the next Morning Star. She is also an efficient sub due to her excellent RCV, making healing back up not really a problem at all. She has gotten a devil subtype during the 5.1 update.

Leader Skill: Her leader skill, Demon Forest Barrier, gives 50% wood and dark damage resistance. Like Abyss Neptune, you can find her leader useful to take on Heroes Descended.

How To Get Her:


Love Deity Chaos Venus

Darkness deprived all the love the she has and bathed her with hatred afterwards. Her active skill, Change the World, allows you to move orbs freely for 10 seconds.

Comment: Perhaps her great RCV is what most people sought after. Change the World, back in where we covered Tsukuyomi, can amplify your dark damage after popping dark orb changers by matching dark orbs. More details about Change the World tips in the Trick section. She has gotten a devil subtype as well, so she could be an ideal light devil type monster for devil teams.

Leader Role: Her leader skill, Barrier of Lucifer, provides 50% light and dark damage resistance. Well, the leader skill must be referring to Seraphim of Dawn Lucifer, since he is a dark-light monster. Interesting! Like Abyss Neptune and Devil Ceres, she can be the resist leader to take on Hera's dungeon. In Hera Descended, the fifth floor (Venus) and the final floor (Hera) may pose a big threat the fact they attack every turn.

How To Get Her:


Flame Archdemon Belial

One of the demons riding a horse-less chariot (is there such thing as a horse-less chariot?). His active skill, Curse of the Flame, deals a fire element counter-attack for 5 turns.

Comment: Nice ride right there! Anyway, remember Hell Deity Jackal Anubis? Belial has a similar active skill function to Anubis except that it is a fire element counter-attack. In fact, the other demons, except the one whose main element is dark, have similar active skill function with different elemental counter-attack damage as well. Back when Anubis was covered, we learned that the reflected damage comes with 3x of the damage, so if you suffered 10,000 damage, 30,000 damage would be reflected to the enemy. Of course, that's before enemy's armor and element match-ups.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Demon's Power, provides 2.5x ATK boost to devil monsters in the team. It's quite good to field a 6.25x ATK devil team with dual Belial if all the devil type subs are dark monsters, so that you only match fire and dark orbs. You can also make it an all-fire devil team, but most fire devil types are not useful. To put this in a nutshell, a 6.25x ATK dual Belial might hit a wall just like ADK teams, so another demon leader team-up might be considered.

How To Get Him:


Blizzard Archdemon Amon

One of the demons who is half-man, half-owl. Creepy. His active skill, Curse of the Ice, deals a water element counter-attack for 5 turns.

Comments: Similar active skill function to Belial except that the counter-attack damage is of water element. The water counter-attack damage can be enough to kill Ifrit in normal dungeons.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Demon's Soul, provides 1.5x HP, ATK, and RCV boost to devil monsters. Now, the devils have their own RGB (stands for red, blue, green) Indian version, and the Indians refer to Shiva, Lakshmi, and Parvati respectively. Teaming up with Belial friend will result in an 1.5x HP, 3.75x ATK, 1.5x RCV devil team, which seems pretty awesome and stable team.

How To Get Him:


Wind Archdemon Astaroth

One of the demons who appears to have a childish persona. Oh, and a fancy dresser too! Her active skill, Curse of the Tree, deals a wood element counter-attack for 5 turns.

Comment: Among all the elemental counter-attack active skill, Astaroth's can be the most useful. It can be a way to take down Neptune on eighth floor in Hera Descended using dual Lucifer team. Furthermore, she has great RCV. The Astaroth show does not end here yet.

Leader Role: Her leader skill, Demon's Grace, provides 2x HP and RCV boost to devil monsters. Now, a dual Astaroth team is the devil version of two Seraphim of Dawn Lucifer (dual Lucifer) teams. This is why she is most sought after by players every time a Demon Godfest comes around. Keep in mind that 4x HP, 4x RCV teams are superb tanking teams, therefore a defensive team.

We learned in Leader Team-Ups section that dual Lucifer teams can take on most Descended dungeons because of the leader skill boost both Lucifer leaders create and their active skill. In dual Astaroth team, it's a devil tanking team. The active skill may not be as appealing as Lucifer's, but no Descended dungeon has the ability to bind devil types.. yet. If that's so, then dual Astaroth teams can run almost all Descended dungeons.

How To Get Her:


Lightning Archdemon Baal

One of the demons whose facial expression seems to tell "I'll shock you good." His active skill, Curse of the Lightning, deals a light counter-attack for 5 turns.

Comment: He possesses the light element counter-attack. Like the other demons, he has also decent overall stats. While counter-attack is quite impressive, Baal can be a desirable light element devil sub, should you field a rainbow devil team. His leader skill looks interesting though.

Leader Role: His leader skill, Godspeed Offense, provides 2.5x ATK boost to all monsters as long as your HP is above 50%. As you can see, he is indeed the poor-man's Zeus, except that the condition is not as burdensome as his. The 2.5x ATK boost keeps going until your HP goes down below half. With that said, he can be necessarily teamed up with Egyptian Gods, Zeus, etc.

How To Get Him:


Heroic Noble Wolf King, Cu Chulainn

The valiant spearman accompanied by a wolf as his sidekick has received an ultimate evolution in 5.2 update, where darkness has given him an extra boost. His active skill, Attack Stance - Wood, changes heart orbs to heal orbs.

Comment: Here is some love for the greenies. Cu Chulainn is a vital player in a mono-green team, the best heartbreaker they have. Because he is a vital player in a mono-green team, we can't find a place for him in mono-dark team, unless...

Leader Role: His leader skill, Grace of Scatha, provides 3x ATK boost to all Technique (Balanced) type monsters in the team. So we can't find a place for him in mono-dark team, unless we field a dark team full of Technique type monsters. In dark family, only two dark monsters are Balanced types: Duke Vampire Lord and Thanatos, the Dark Elemental. You can't just field four Duke Vampire Lords in a 3x dual Cu Chulainn team. Besides, it would result in an all-heartbreaker team. Overall, dark teams don't have a place for the valiant spearman.

How To Get Him:
- Heroes Descended


Less Important Monsters

Monster General Comments Monster General Comments Monster General Comments
Good early sub
in dual Lucifer teams
No active and leader skill
Comes with a single team cost
Not-so-bad overall stats

Has 2x ATK boost to dark monsters
Slow stat growth until late levels
Possibly least significant

Sub-Dark Monsters

Monster General Comments Monster General Comments Monster General Comments

Has 2x ATK boost
to dark monsters
Slow stat growth
until late levels
No place in dark teams
Great overall stats
Great for getting rid of
enemies in early waves
Strongest poison dealer
Great overall stats
Good leader in Hera, Two Heroes,
Hera-Is dungeons
Excellent RCV
Desirable sub in
dual Lucifer teams
Good leader in
Heroes Descended
Great RCV
Good leader in Hera Descended
Decent overall stats
Fire element reflect damage
Decent overall stats
Water element reflect damage
Great RCV
Dual Astaroth team as devil version
of dual Lucifer team
Decent overall stats
Light element reflect damage
Poor-man's Zeus
No place in dark teams
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RE: [Team Building] Mono-Dark Team Appreciation Thread (Revised)
IV. Mono-Dark Team Compositions

This section covers different kinds of mono-dark teams. For novices who have chosen the path to dark teams, this might be interesting to know how to build a decent mono-dark team in the early game. This will also showcase different kinds of mono-dark teams that have something to do with the leader skills, stats of the dark subs, the dungeon run tempo, etc. This section is divided into three classifications: basic, intermediate, and advance dark teams.


Basic Dark Teams

Basic Dark Team I

[Image: IMG_2834_zpsc78fe0e3.png]

Ideal Setup
  • Leader: Duke Vampire Lord
    • Chaos Dragon Knight
    • Rainbow Keeper
    • Second Chaos Dragon Knight, Dark High Ninja Hanzo, or Any Strong Damage Dealer (See Subordinates section)
    • Any Strong Damage Dealer
  • Helper: Hell Queen Persephone or Seraphim of Dawn Lucifer

This is the ideal dark team you can build if you have a Vampire. Back in the Leader section, we learned that Duke Vampire Lord can be a great leader wherein he has a leader skill granting 2x ATK boost to dark monsters in the team and has an active skill that converts heart orbs to dark orbs. We also learned that he can be farmed. It is a basic dark team because the leader and all the dark subs that are about to mentioned can be farmed.

In the first sub spot, we have CDK, an orb changer that converts light orbs to dark orbs. We learned in the prologue of the Subordinates section that orb changers play a big role in mono-dark teams. However, when we talked about CDK in that section, we found out he can be hard to obtain. He is not as farmable as Vampire. Now, we have just gotten two dark orb changers in the team, meaning this team should be stable already.

In the second sub spot, we have Rainbow Keeper, an evo-material coming with tremendous HP. He is deemed a defensive unit you can have, not just because he has big HP, but because of the active skill he has which reduces damage taken by half for three turns. And again, he can be farmed.

In the third sub spot, we have either a second CDK or a Strong Damage Dealer of choice. Orb changers do not just supply dark orbs in case you run out of it. They are also there to provide more damage. Obviously, they do not deal damage from orb changing, but the more dark orbs you have on the board, the more possibly you deal greater damage! So a second CDK is not really bad to have. He is useful in case the first CDK is still charging up his active skill.

If you luckily got a Hanzo, feel free to include him! He's also an orb changer after all.

Also, we have a lot of Strong Damage Dealers to take this sub spot. See the Subordinate section to see who they are. Most of them can be farmed like Chaos Devil Dragon, Helldark Blood Demon, etc. They are simply damage dealers to somehow help speeding up dungeon runs. It will be your offensive unit in the dark team.

Then the last sub spot can be taken again by a Strong Damage Dealer. Ultimately, the sub spots consist of an orb changer, a defensive unit, and two offensive units.

Back in the Leader Team-Up part, we learned that Duke Vamp can be paired up with either a Persephone or a Lucifer friend, where a team gets 1.5x HP, 3x ATK, 1.5x RCV boost from a Duke Vamp-Persephone team-up, whereas a team gets 2x HP, 2x ATK, and 2x RCV boost from a Duke Vamp-Lucifer team-up. Both aforementioned leader team-ups are stable and decent.


Basic Dark Team II

[Image: IMG_2835_zps97eebe16.png]

*assumes Moondragon D'spinas is Moondragon Lunar D'spinas. Image will be replaced in the future.

Ideal Setup
  • Leader: Moondragon Lunar D'spinas
    • Chaos Dragon Knight
    • Duke Vampire Lord
    • Rainbow Keeper
    • Any Strong Damage Dealer
  • Helper: Hell Queen Persephone or Seraphim of Dawn Lucifer

This kind of team assumes you have luckily gotten a Spinon from the Present Exchange when you reached rank 20 in the game. In the Leader section, we found out that MLD is good to have as a dark leader. His leader skill gives 2x ATK and RCV boost to dark monsters. Again, it is a basic dark team because the fact Spinon can be possibly acquired in the early game and all the dark subs can be farmed.

For the sub spots, we have CDK, a light orb converter to dark orb, then Duke Vamp, a heart orb converter to dark orb. Now, we have two orb changers in the team. Rainbow Keeper takes the third sub spot as a defensive unit. Finally, any Strong Damage Dealer can take the last sub spot as an offensive unit.

For the Helping Leader, MLD can be teamed up with either Persephone or Lucifer, where a dark team gets 1.5x HP, 3x ATK, 3x RCV boost from MLD-Persephone team-up, while a dark team gets 2x HP, 2x ATK, 4x RCV boost from MLD-Lucifer team-up. You can tell this team is quite an improvement of Basic Dark Team I simply because of the better boost the two leader team-ups give.


Basic Dark Team II - Improved

[Image: IMG_2819_zpsc3b797cc.png]

Ideal Setup
  • Leader: Loki, the Finisher
    • Chaos Dragon Knight
    • Duke Vampire Lord
    • Rainbow Keeper
    • Any Strong Damage Dealer
  • Helper: Hell Queen Persephone or Seraphim of Dawn Lucifer

Your Basic Dark Team II will improve once you get a Loki from Godfest, and this assumes you didn't get him from the tutorial. It is still a basic dark team because the dark subs can be farmed in the game. Loki is an improved version of MLD, so that makes MLD the poor man's version of Loki, as mentioned in the Leaders section. Do not even feel bad though. MLD is just great to have in the early game.

The subs spots remain similar to Basic Dark Team II. We have CDK and Duke Vamp as orb changers, RK as a defensive unit, and whatever Strong Damage Dealer you have as an offensive unit. This may be a basic dark team, but it kind of operates like an intermediate dark team.

Like MLD, Loki can be teamed up with either a Persephone or a Lucifer friend. The boosts are similar to the boosts mentioned in Basic Dark Team II. However, the difference is that with Loki, you can amplify your damage for one turn.

If you team up with a Persephone friend, you can make use of her active skill to massively produce dark orbs by conversion, then you make use of Loki's active skill afterwards. That's the Loki-Peresephone Combo explained in the Tips and Tricks section. If you team up with a Lucifer friend, it is quite too much work. First, you make use of CDK's and Duke Vamp's active skills. Make sure both of their active skills are ready to use at a time, then you pop Loki's active skill afterwards.


Intermediate Dark Teams

Orb Changer Dark Team - With Defense

| |

*Image will be provided in the future.

Total Amount
at Max-Level

(before multiplier)
Total Amount
(after multiplier)
HP (1.5x) 14,975 22,463
ATK (3x) 7,557 22,671
RCV (3x) 2,402 7,206

Ideal Setup
  • Leader: Loki, the Finisher
    • Chaos Dragon Knight
    • Duke Vampire Lord
    • Dark High Ninja Hanzo
    • Rainbow Keeper
  • Helper: Hell Queen Persephone

Now, we move on to the next level of dark team compositions, the Intermediate Dark Teams. At this point, we will determine the functions of dark teams that fall under this classification.

In this particular dark team, only one leader team-up is considered, Loki and Persephone, for the 3x ATK boost to dark monsters. In the subs spot, we are familiar with the three subs; CDK, Duke Vamp, and RK (Rainbow Keeper). Then one sub was slightly introduced back in the Basic Dark Team I, Hanzo. Now, it's time to review a little about him.

Hanzo is an attacker type dark monster who has low HP, excellent ATK, and decent RCV. His active skill converts fire orbs to dark orbs, and his leader skill is not really prominent in the game, unless there have been reporting successes regarding attacker teams.

With Persephone and Hanzo, your orb board should be almost filled with dark orbs once their active skills has been used. Not only that, Hanzo is also there to undergo give-and-take process with Rainbow Keeper in respect to stats. Keep in mind that Hanzo has low HP, excellent ATK, and decent RCV, while Rainbow Keeper has great HP, decent ATK, and somewhat okay RCV. In that way, Hanzo and Rainbow Keeper will cover up each other's weak points. Having used up Persephone's and Hanzo's active skill, pop up Loki's active skill, and there, strong damage!


Orb Changer Dark Team - Superb Damage

(..to be continued)
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RE: [Team Building] Mono-Purple Team Appreciation Thread (Revised)
V. Mono-Dark Tips and Tricks

This section covers a compilation of different play-styles you can do with mono-dark teams. It also covers different ways on how mono-dark teams tackle popular dungeons like Wednesday/Friday dungeons, Red and Blue Guardian bosses in normal dungeon, and such. Pictures will be provided to make the tricks understandable.

Loki-Persephone Combination

Ha, there goes my favorite wonderful chemistry I can do with dark teams, where you erase all light and heart orbs through Persephone's Double Attack Stance - Dark, then you pop out Loki's Dark Enhancement for the big hit. The idea of this combo is to deal a superb damage that can leave the boss monster almost dying or, best case scenario, lying on the ground.

Yes, I would say this combo is best to be used against boss monsters. If you happen to run on a dungeon where there are pretty tough sub-boss monsters, feel free to use it. Just do what it takes to get out of the dungeon alive.

Procedure: This may sound simple, but if fortune runs on your side, you might not be able to use this combo.


Loki's Dark Enhancement has 17 turns before it's ready to be used, while Persephone's Double Attack Stance - Dark has 16 turns. As you can see, both of their skills have long cooldowns.

In 10-fight normal/technical dungeons, their skills are usually ready to be used by the time you run into the boss monster. However, in 5-fight normal/technical dungeons, you would want to consider stalling on the fourth fight.

[Image: IMG_2738_zpsc064436f.png]

I thought of using Valhalla in his dungeon on Master level as the guinea pig. I boxed the significant players to execute this trick.

Start with Persephone, shown in the RED box. She will convert all the light and heart orbs to dark orbs. Again, check first if you have enough heal orbs and light orbs on the board, before using her active skill. The more light orbs and heal orbs you see on the board, the better!

Then use Loki, shown in the WHITE box. (ehh, I used an inappropriate box color for him) He will amplify the dark damage for a single round.

After you have done all of these, this is a probable result you can get.

[Image: IMG_2741_zps13d3c8fc.png]

In this picture, you can nail this easily in light dungeons like the Legendary Mech Dragon. Geez, I didn't even get to use Hera's Ultra Gravity, oh well.

When it comes to other dungeons except light, you can also nail an OHKO with this combo, but this solely depends on orb-matching skill and luck. If you used this combo, and you failed to kill the monster, your orb changers or damage dealers should be able to get it done.

Tuesday Dungeon - Keeper of Rainbow

Who needs zombie teams or Awoken Odin/Healer tandem if you have a decent dark team to take down this big guy and evolve your monsters or, perhaps, keep him for another big HP unit?

Here's how a dark team rolls to take down Rainbow Keeper.

[Image: null_zpsc663c850.png]

In this picture, I popped two Gravities then used the Loki-Persephone combo to extremely lower his HP. As you can see, I used dual Persephone tandem. I knew Rainbow Keeper dishes 23k every 5 turns. Back in the Leader Team-Ups part, we found out that dual Persephone grants a 2.25x boost to all stats for dark monsters in the team. Thereby, the team in the picture could take big hits and heal back up sufficiently. There should be no problem dealing with the rest of the waves; the Knights and a random Keeper (Light or Dark).

Health is important. You don't have to worry if you don't have Gravity users nor a damage supplement like Loki and Cerberus. As long as you can survive Rainbow Keeper's attack and can heal back before he attacks again, you should be fine.

Another team-up that can be used is Thanatos-Persephone. You get even more HP, but the dungeon run will be a long grind, and it can be even harder to heal back due to low RCV boost.

Wednesday Dungeon - Importance of Stalling and Thanatos' Usefulness (without using Lilith)

In this dungeon, it matters a little bit what dark leader team-up you will be using. Unless you bring a Lilith or Shiva, you will deal 1 damage on the Divine Masks. I tried bringing Dark Golem Mk. III on my Wednesday Dungeon run. I used his skill, expecting to kill the Masks with one shot, yet I still dealt 1 damage. Although, it carries over when you clear all the monsters in a wave, and the defense break counter is still on. This trick will show you how to clear this dungeon without armor penetrators.

But first, let's review the dungeon. It's all swarmed with Masks. The Divine Masks deal 9999 damage, yet have a long turn count. The Mystic Mask, aka Rainbow Mask, deals 4000 damage every turn.

Granted all of these information, it should be a great idea to stall, since the Divine Masks have a long turn count. It seems like no one has provided a guide about stalling, so let me share what stalling is.

Stalling is basically matching orbs that you won't be dealing damage, if you run a mono-colored team. The very idea of stalling is to buy some time to charge up active skills that have very long cooldown like Gravity, and Shiva's The Third Eye.

Now in this Wednesday Dungeon trick, the idea of stalling is to accumulate dark orbs and constantly match 5 dark orbs for a widespread hit.

This is what you can get from stalling.

[Image: null_zpsc95fa124.png]

In the picture, I have been stalling by matching fire, water, and wood orbs, and a few heart orbs. I had been saving light orbs so that I would get more dark orbs from using Chaos Dragon Knight's active skill. The two mobs on the right half were supposed to be just Demon Masks. Because my damage could penetrate their defense, they were gone. The picture has 11 dark orbs on the board, so you can dish a widespread hit twice, that is, by matching 5 dark orbs each turn.

Divine Masks have 18 HP, so if you don't have three dual dark element monsters in the team, then it takes three widespread hits to take them down. Otherwise, if you do sub in three dual dark element monsters, it takes two widespread hits. That's why having a Moondragon Lunar D'spinas is advantageous here. Mystic Mask has 15 HP. A standard dark team with no dual dark element in it takes three turns to take it down.

Now that the wonders of stalling has been disclosed, let's proceed to the wonders Thanatos can make in this dungeon.

Thanatos' active skill, Shadow Field, negates light damages dealt by mobs for 3 turns. So you might be wondering and mumbling "Mystic Mask is a light monster right?"

Yes he is!

[Image: null_zps728463eb.png]

If you run into the last wave, and you see Mystic Mask's starting turn count is at 2 or more, DO NOT USE Thanatos' active skill yet! That will be a waste of turns to use his anti-light-damage active skill. Keep in mind that Mystic Mask attacks every turn. So a three-turn void damage from Mystic Mask while the Divine Masks are still idle allows you to kill them without almost suffering some damage.

Also, if you have been killing the mobs on the previous waves by stalling and you have never used your orb-changer's active skill, this wave is indeed the best time to use them. As you use Thanatos' active skill, you are free from damage for three turns, and it takes three widespread hits to take all of them down.

Like mentioned before, it matters a little bit what dark leader team-up you will be using. If it's a standard dark team, that is, Loki-Persephone, then it's all fine. You just have to be pretty skilled and, sort of, lucky in stalling! Also, like in Tuesday Dungeon, health is important. In case you can't accumulate some dark orbs through stalling, and the Divine Masks attack you, team up with leaders like Persephone and Thanatos. Both give HP boost to dark monsters in the team.

(more tricks coming soon...)
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RE: [Team Building] Mono-Purple Team Appreciation Thread (Revised)
VI. Mono-Dark Buddy-Up List

This section exposes the list of people who play mono-dark teams. Should have you started a mono-dark team, this section serves you right to look for dark leaders. Click here how to sign up.

Also, mouse-over the monster icons to see their levels and +eggs they hold.

Forum Name In-Game Name ID Number Dark Leader/s
(max is 3)
Priority Other Information
(Date Registered)
Xirtas Xirt@PF 323,640,227 First (4/29/13) Only adds @PF players
Runs fire and water teams
prem SA idk @pf 333,944,247 First (4/29/13) I dont have any gods that can lead a team
so hopefully i pull one lol
OrangePeelPanda Panda@PF 372,442,246 First (4/30/13) Does not feel new in the game
SeinaruAverra Seinaru@Pf 335,445,262
First (4/30/13) Learning to NOT use Siren 24/7
Zera Zera@pf 391,247,254
First (4/30/13) Depending on the dungeon of the day
may run CD Hermes lvl 59, HD Artemis lvl 50
Horus & Isis or ADK for farming
snowmeow9 snowmeowPF 305,440,209 First (4/30/13) Will only run Thanatos on request
May also run Isis on weekends and
Firedragon Grand Tyrannos for tri-color dungeons
snow2PF 314,951,216 First (5/20/13) None
LeopoldQBloom Leopold@PF 380,143,224 First (4/30/13) I also have Commerce Hermes and Odin
that I run
Jaramei Jaramei@PF 370,847,254 First (4/30/13) Wishes for the dark/game-space
in the future
Kilgarrah Kilgarrah 336,142,258
First (4/30/13) Other leads in sig
Send message in-game to switch leaders
Nekron Nekro@PF 366,447,254
First (4/30/13) Will also run with Parvati, Ares,
Isis, Horus, or Hermes occasionally
waffles waffles@PF 314,543,010 First (4/30/13) I also run Parvati,
Idunn & Idunna, Twin Goddesses,
Isis, War Lord Ares - depending on dungeon
theloniust tang@PF 310,541,265 First (5/1/13) None
itsyu itsyu 303,646,236
Second (5/1/13) Msg me to switch or
if you have an Isis too we can buddy up
cwutididthar tleroh 356,949,252 First (5/1/13) I have blue, white, and dark rippers
and a green one in the making (currently on second stage).
I have Horus (5* lvl 37) and Ra (5* lvl 5).
Looking for more Persephone friends!
frotes frotesPF/G 352,844,245 First (5/2/13) WD Ares 77+ 2nd
and sometimes I run HD Artemis, Goemon,
90+ Ama and other resist leads
CountAntonius Count 352,447,275 First (5/2/13) None
Wingbirdx Nick@PF 380,844,203 Unknown (5/6/13) None
Smok3y Smok3y @PF 322,144,232 First (5/8/13) Addicted to PAD and my 6 year old loves it too
I run the others in my sig
depending on needs of the dungeon
survivalwchance blahz@PF 302,141,264 First (5/8/13) If you add me, have @PF in your name!
Ace777toace Ace@pg 346,546,207 Unknown (5/11/13) Switch occasionally to
Awoken Odin or Awoken Deity Odin
gilbert1997 Gilbert@PF 333,342,226 First (5/11/13) Busty evolving Loki soon
Also run Isis, Awoken Odin sometimes
Nidhugg Nidhogg 373,548,244 First (5/13/13) Usually running Mono Dark.
Will have Persephone up 99% of the time
Might run Evil Darkdragon Vritra occasionally as well
Kyushen Kyushen 374,649,246 First (5/14/13) Message for Neptune
Lord Regulus Lord Rego 304,148,249 First (5/18/13) I like having friends who are friendly
so feel free to send me mail for fun.
I consider myself @PF, but name length
prevents me from adding it
tossup tossup@PF 305,544,292 First (5/18/13) I'm also looking for Valk/other Hatsume friends
for my healer team.
I also have a green team
with a Freyja lead atm
hiso hiso@PF 346,347,282 First (5/18/13) Also runs Ama-O
yaminokaabii YamiNK@PF 342,049,248 First (5/19/13) All in the sig
Polaris Polaris 361,946,286 Second (5/19/13) I run Mono-Red most of the time
but will occasionally swap to Mono-Dark.
Feel free to pm me to swap Leaders
dyr dyr@PF 327,846,291 First (5/19/13) May also use Persephone at times
blizzar blizzar@p 325,340,279 First (5/19/13) I don't have much room
as most of my list is red/dark leaders
or friends i know irl so not sure how many people
I'd actually add until I up friend slots
but boxes > friend slots imo
JohnnyC JohnnyC@PF 347,155,213
First (5/20/13) Gonna start rank up
and see how's my other 2 free gacha roll end up
8gerrard g@PF 322,148,249 Second (5/20/13) dont hav too much friends room
reenon Reen 342,653,200 First (5/20/13) I also have an Isis (33) and Valk (41)
if anyone needs to use it
MalboroRedHC MalboroPF 336,449,284 First (5/20/13) Uses Orochi for masks and dubs
Also will run Ares lead later on
Misa Misa@PF 369,647,269 First (5/20/13) Also leads with other monsters in sig
@PF friends only please
Misa2@PF 372,441,273 First (5/20/13) Also leads with other monsters in sig
@PF friends only please
qee qeed@PF 368,058,203 First (5/21/13) A new recruit into the dark side
Baam Baam@PF 342,256,212 First (5/21/13) I have Persephone up most of the time
Nephilim Nephilim 327,151,215 First (5/21/13) A new recruit into the dark side
and looking for friends
Vizzle Sky 386,140,292 Undecided (5/21/13) Rank 76 and climbing
risend risend@PF 362,258,201 Second (5/22/13) Looking for Seraphim of Dawn Lucifer
marvintang マルビン@PF 335,747,278 First (5/22/13) May run Thanatos and CDK
depending on need
Heroics Chance@PF 328,459,212 First (5/24/13) If not Lucifer,
must be trying for Dark Whiskey again
PF flag preferred
thirdman 3rdman@PG 398,943,250 Undecided (5/25/13) My friend list might be full
Will try to clear some spaces for Loki friends
Dracula. Dracula 377,743,216 Second (5/25/13) Im new dedicated player
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RE: [Team Building] Mono-Purple Team Appreciation Thread (Revised)
VI. Mono-Dark Buddy-Up List (Continued)

Forum Name In-Game Name ID Number Dark Leader/s
(max is 3)
Priority Other Information
(Date Registered)
digitelanimefan Cado@PF 350,449,289 First (5/28/13) None
doriantoys ☆dori☆ 325,352,209 First (5/28/13) Looking for Loki friends (preferrably)
but also into Lucifer friends
Superpeon gcv 372,350,206 First (5/30/13) Also have a blue team
leading with Archangel Gabriel
nekomiko Dorio@PF 326,551,214 First (5/30/13) Though only a beginner,
I will work hard to level up~
Wish to add some more dark leaders
like Loki and Persephone
Lazy Lazy@PG 304,249,277 First (5/30/13) Welcome to add anyone
will add dark leaders over others first
Chandalen Chan@RR/PF 397,348,270 First (6/1/13) Have Siren:tE, and Thanatos up the other times.
Looking mostly for Persephone/Lucifer buddies
at this time
locifer locifer@PF 306,147,254 Third (6/3/13) I run with any lead that works well with my friends.
Prefer Persephone friends or friends
with multiple strong teams.
Will put any lead up by request
Dyabolique Dyab @PF 381,242,279 First (6/5/13) None
Scyn Scyn@PF 333,554,215 First (6/7/13) mostly looking for HQ Persephone!
wuyo wuyo@PF 330,154,212 Second (6/7/13) Sometimes run other leaders for resist/utility,
but usually try to leave Lucifer up.
Can also leave Persephone up
fatgirl fatgirl 375,852,214 First (6/7/13) I like Lucifer, Loki and Persephone leads!
Karsuman Karsu@PF 396,242,296 Second (6/9/13) Will swap upon request,
priority in adding/using @PF friends
druzki druzki @PF 382,247,288 First (6/11/13) I run Amaratsu Ohkami sometimes, War Deity Ares,
ADK as my farming team. I plan on using my fire team
as soon as I level them up some more. I'm looking
for Evolved Loki players and HQ Persephone (Mostly Loki)
Apl Apl@PF 384,644,270 Second (6/12/13) I farm with mono-fire to feed my dark team...
hoping for better rolls when the time comes
The Squall Squall 338,243,295 Second (6/16/13) I try to leave leader as Persephone
when I remember
soraz soraz@pf 333,752,217 First (6/16/13) I also run Awoken Green Odin
during tues, wed and fri
if i am farming evo mats
Heil Heil 377,447,280 First (6/16/13) I also run water equally
as much as I run dark
RaidenThaler Raid@PG/PF 306,441,245 First (6/16/13) Usually Loki up, have my Ra sometimes
Can put my low Orochi up Wednesdays and Fridays
Just send a message in-game
Mono-blue with my I&I sometimes as well
luke_house Trey@PF 372,544,249 First (6/17/13) This game refuses to give me Loki
Elysias maleran@PF 333,141,272 First (6/19/13) Often run with Horus/Isis
but dark team is my strongest.
Other color leads in sig available upon request
Bathtub Bathtub@PF 305,554,213 First (6/20/13) Occasionally will have Apollo up
Drayton drayton@pg 381,641,239 Undecided (6/22/13) Non-IAP. Primary focus right now is
getting free stones by finishing
dungeons and to level up guys
Chuckula Chuckie@PF 306,041,271 First (6/22/13) Also have Orochi, Artemis,
Hermes and ADK, but there not
leveled very much
Fireworks FireworkPF 321,057,236 First (6/22/13) Also will run War Deity Ares.
Currently lvling Berserk and
Goemon for a x9 Physical team
Ryushii Ryushii@PF 322,659,243 First (6/22/13) Only Loki atm. But looking to start
getting somewhere fast
Pandasaurus Panda 302,947,251 First (6/26/13) I eat bamboo. It's delicious
poolejx Griever@PF 358,055,266 First (6/26/13) Just rerolled last night after hitting 20
on my first account. Got a Spinon from the
present on my new account so
I've at least got a few things to
go into Mono-Dark with
Xavier Xavier@PF 392,148,270 First (6/26/13) I also have I&I, the Twin Archers,
Hermes and Freyja
Casai Casai@PF 326,751,247 First (6/29/13) Started not too long ago, but I'm dedicated
(read:addicted)! Also have Green Odin.
Just need a dub-amelit to evolve Loki!
Awakez Awakez@PG 333,351,220 First (6/29/13) Other main team is a
Light team with Thor Wielder of Mjolnir
(Lvl 35, +20)
Diddles Diddles@PF 395,153,203 First (7/1/13) I don't usually run Thanatos,
but if if you send me an in game message
I will put him up as soon as possible.
I will try to evolve him soon
vex trance 313,752,285 First (7/2/13) Just starting! I can get you alot of Pal Points!
& I like sushi & cars
Trickz Trickz@PF 309,257,210 First (7/2/13) None
eltoshen eltoshen 349,950,263 First (7/2/13) Playing everyday
s4dfish s4dfish@EJ 348,457,212 First (7/2/13) I purge friends after 5 days
unplayed to keep slots open
Turd Turd@PF 356,054,222 First (7/3/12) Non-IAP, working towards getting
a better dark team (Preferably Persephone/Lucifer)
Drastic Drastic@PF 306,747,260 First (7/3/13) Look at sig for other leads.
Looking mainly for Persephone friends.
Hoping to get a better dark lead ASAP
Ikestorm Ike 391,658,248 Unknown (7/5/13) None
Fruc Fruc@PF 349,140,229 First (7/6/13) Hi all. I've been lurking the forums for like two months,
finally decided to register and get some dark team friends.
Hopefully I've done this correctly.
Still kinda new to the game, so any advice is welcome.
Thanks guys!
BenderPoo BenderPoo 354,051,298 First (7/6/13) Hi everyone, new player here!
I was lucky and pulled AA Lucifer
after 184 rerolls last night
Kouda Makise 347,151,248 First (7/6/13) Generally looking for Perse/Luci friends,
two pieces away from ult. evo on Loki
Vizer Vizer 318,759,294 First (7/7/13) None
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