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    Hey hi hallo! I'm new to the forums but not so much to PAD because I've been playing for a while. I'm here to get help and advice for beating descended dungeons and all those mythical and legend dungeons! I hear they have the best drops in them, is that true? Oh yeah, and I also need assistance with team composition because I think I could be doing way better at that :D thank you for all your help in the days to come! :D
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    Hi hi! Welcome to the forums :)

    Descended dungeon bosses are usually trash. If the dungeon has a Legend Plus difficulty it maaaaaay be useful. The most notable example is Myr, an S tier lead for being able to be somewhat strong (~59× multiplier) while letting you take -75% damage, all while being unbindable. She goes well with both light rows and TPAs, so she's pretty flexible. And being light attribute means no reduced damage most of the time. Outside of her though, useful drops are few and far between, like Cauchemar for being a useful inherit and Zaerog∞ because dark skyfalls for days. And even Myr is starting to slip down the ranks as more powerful cards show up like revo Kushinada.

    As for team suggestions, you'll have to make a PADherder and link it here, or take screenshots of your box.

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