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    2/2 - added Izanami descend to dungeons section
    1/18 - updated Hera-ur teams
    1/9 - fixed D/L Batman images in example teams
    1/8 - large update to descends, added 7 new teams from honestrade's runs, and 3 new dungeons (twinlits, beelzebub, zeus) to descends section
    12/25 - added new Athena team to dungeons section
    12/4 - added Goemon mythical to dungeons section
    12/2 - added team to Fagan from my run
    12/1 - added Athena teams to descends section, from Ronsonson and myself
    11/28 - added Hera-ur to descends section, added Ronsonson's team for Fagan to dungeons section
    11/27 - added content to the subs section, very ugly and rough...but the content is good. will polish and make pretty when I can.
    11/26 - added lots of example teams, thanks to Craumb, in post 5 and post 6
    11/14 - added more teams for Hera-Is and Valk, from Ronsonson
    11/13 - added team for Hera-Is to dungeon strategies section
    11/10 - added teams for Valk, Hera, and Skydragon to Dungeon Strategies

    I'm starting a guide for these guys, mostly because I want to build a user list, because I think it's going to be difficult to find other players who use them if we don't do this.

    The Umisachi & Yamasachi User List is in the second post.

    I would love some help building this guide, since I already manage the Dark Metatron, and have been starting a Satan guide. If you use U&Y, please post some replies and help contribute to the guide, so the community can benefit from your experience.

    I don't believe in theorycrafting, I believe in trying out playing with teams, and basing my guides and advice on actual playing experience. You will not find theoretical opinion here, just sharing my experience. I invite you to share your experience as well, so we can all learn and benefit.

    Why a Umisachi & Yamasachi Team

    • U&Y themselves cover 2 of the required 4 colors, so you have maximum flexibility with the colors you choose for subs. Throw in a single d/l sub like Dark Metatron or Arch Hades (both are staple subs), and you have 3 slots that you can use for any colors you like...even monsters with colors you don't need, like Echidna.
    • Umi's orb-changing skill makes activating 25x extremely easy when used. Comparable to the chinese gods skills, where you know you are going to get at least 2 free shots at the boss without having to worry about the board setup.
    • 25x is enough to take you all the way. There are no dungeons this team can not beat.
    • Umi can make use of Yomi, and I can not overstate how much of a difference having a fully awoken Yomi with 2 orb time increase skills makes. Matching orbs on this team is so much easier than Kirin with that extra second.
    • Amazing sub pool.

    • No Fire, so no Echidna. You can of course include her anyway, but it's not a natural part of the team.
    • Leaders are weak against Green monsters.

    Team Composition

    Team Leader

    Umisachi & Yamasachi

    HP: 2555
    ATK: 1251
    RCV: 551

    Skill: Fire Orbs become Water Orbs, and Heart Orbs become Wood Orbs
    Cooldown: 11 turns (8 minimum)
    Leader Skill: 5x ATK when Water, Wood, Light, Dark ATK at same time

    Awakening Skills:
    Enhanced Water Orbs
    Enhanced Wood Orbs
    Two Pronged Attack

    Key Utility Subs

    (work in progress, this is from a PM I sent someone. I'll clean it up and do a better job when I have some more time...bear with me in the meantime. thanks for your patience.)

    roughly top dozen-ish subs:
    1. Yomi
    2. Dark Metatron
    3. Hera-Is (if skilled up to at most 20 turn cd), otherwise Blue Odin
    4. Valk
    5. D/D Batman
    6. D/L Batman
    7. Artemis
    8. ADK
    9. Iznagi
    10. Athena
    11. Frejya / I&I
    12. D/L Hades (if skilled up to at most 20 turn cd)

    honorable mentions: hanzo, vamp, sieg, cu chu, siren/megalo, kushinada, every skydragon besides red.

    slightly more exhaustive list...with a little editorial

    Yomi - change the world guarantees that you get that boss-killing shot, and awesome awoken skills for matching 4 colors. I always include her. Either of the Venus versions also will work here. I can't overstate how awesome she is.
    Dark Metatron - massive stats, strong active, incredible awoken skills.
    Duke Vampire/Hades/Hera - standard dark strength.
    Hanzo - his orb changing skill fits perfectly
    Batman (D/D or D/L) - having delay without having to go out of color and choose echidna is awesome, I have a max skilled d/d batman and he's a staple on my u&y teams.

    Valk - best white-main sub, and you probably already invested heavily here
    Iznagi - with all god subs, he provides awesome burst
    Athena - massive atk stat stick, and strong ability (especially if you're not using metatron). if you are using dark metatron, his ability is less of a big deal.

    Hera-is - especially if skilled. if not skilled, not as good of a choice.
    I&I - if you run blue heavy, the ability is fantastic.
    Siren/Megalo - the right heart makers to include, if you want one.
    Blue Odin - awesome awoken skills, and massive stat stick.

    You can also consider siegfried/hermes/orochi if you want a blue main...but with U&Y, you really don't need a blue main sub.

    ADK & Artemis - both great choices, again especially if skilled, probably the top 2.
    Frejya - I had a lot of success with against Hera-Is (as you can read about below), she's also a top choice.
    Cu chu - is always a decent option.
    Green Odin / Zeus-Dios - good awakening skills, stat sticks
    Susano / Asgard / Kushinada - also decent choices, if you need some defense.
    Green Skydragon for pure damage. (actually, I have used all skydragons as subs before, it's lots of fun :)

    and of course, Echidna always can always find a place, even when off color...but I prefer batman if available.

    My personal "standard" U&Y subs are valk/yomi/metatron/adk or batman.

    Comparisons with Kirin

    We are all familiar with Kirin by now, and I think it's useful to discuss Umi in the context of similarities & differences to Kirin. I'm not going to get into the argument about Umi being better or worse than Kirin (if you would like to engage in that debate go to this thread),I will just say they are different, and both have their time and place and use. Sometimes Kirin will be better, sometimes Umi. And sometimes, it just comes down to personal preference and style. With that said...

    Unlike Kirin, Umi already come with 2 of the 4 attributes required to activate his leader skill. So if you put a pet like a Dark Metatron, who is Dark with light sub, you'll already have all 4 attributes needed. You're free to add any other 3 pets in there, especially for newer players, this is where Umi shines over Kirin because the versatility on subs.

    The other advantage Umisachi has over Kirin is the ease of use to make a full board. With Gryps Rider in there, you'll have an orb changer that can give you dark and light, while Umi's active gives you blue and green, so it's really easy to change the board to give you the colours you need and not have to keep relying on RNG to give you the right orbs. The arguement has always been that both Kirin leads have a mini gravity on a shorter cooldown than normal gravity and the ability to use Echidna. But with the right awoken skills, you can easily put a gravity user like Hades or Hera in your team to make up the difference. Okuninushi or the new Batman will cover the delay, since it's way easier to activate Umisachi's spike bonus, it'll generally take less turn to get to a Boss anyway.

    Lastly, Umi makes use of Dark...which is overall much more useful than Fire with respect to general utility imho. Fire has Echidna, which is unquestionably badass, but that's really about it. Dark has lots of gravity, Dark Metatron, Yomi, delay in the form of both D/D and D/L batman, and a host of other things. Also in practical reality, most of us have more maxed out Dark monsters than any other color, because they are the easiest to level up.

    After playing a few dungeons with this team, I can't overstate how much of a difference an awoken Yomi makes. Matching this team is so much easier than Kirin with that extra second. And if you were to use Bastet as well, that would just make it even easier.

    Team Building Considerations

    There are lots of ways to build a team around Umisachi, dark and light pets have a lot of utilities and there are plenty of them to choose from. Even putting a Healer burst team in there is viable for x 75 healer attack burst.

    Example Teams

    Straightforward, Farming Team

    [table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0 ]
    [table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0] [/table] [/table]

    This is what I first used to stretch out the legs of the team, played OOH (with ADK) and Starlight Sanctuary - Goddess of Harvest (with Artemis) with it. I think the purpose of all the subs are pretty obvious. Valk is the best white sub, you get a white orb hearbreaker...and he's a stat stick at +297. Dark Metatron is also a massive stat stick, and mine is super +egged as well, his skill combined with Umi & Yomi allows for a massive boss killing burst. ADK to have a green-main, but mainly just for fire orb-changing comfort...I'm sure there's better green main options, like a max skilled Artemis. And Yomi, good old Yomi finally found the perfect team, fully awoken gives an extra full second to match orbs, which makes a huge difference on a umi team where you're matching 4 colors, and her active skill ensures you get off a successful boss killing burst. I feel comfortable taking this team into any dungeon.

    Mono blue physical team

    (Hermes ultimate evo isn't out in US yet)

    This team doesn't have gravity, nor a delay, but because King Bubblie's active only need 12 rounds to charge once it's maxed out, and Bodin have 3 skill boost awoken skill, that means he'll be ready to use in 9 rounds, typically enough to face a descend boss with 3x Physical ATKs ready. 2/3 of the team will benefit from that burst, that's x75 attack, which will take down any descend boss in one hit.

    Mono blue team

    A variant to blue physical team is a straight up blue team, swap out King bubblie for Hera-Is and Neptune for Viper Orochi and you'll have a delay and a gravity which you can stall for longer descends.

    Gravity based team

    [table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0 ]
    [table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0] [/table] [table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0] [/table] [/table]

    30% gravity, with Drawn Joker or Siren for heart maker to make stalling easier, Metatron/Odin as stat stick with their amazing Awoken skills. This team will have enough HP and RCV for most descends and can build skill up quickly.

    Utility Team

    Team stats at max level:
    HP: 15869
    Atk: 252800 (dark atk: 145600)
    Rcv: 2533

    The idea was to build a similar team to the standard Kirin team (delay, gravity, heartbreaker, orb changer) except to focus on dark attack.
    Obviously this team isn't farmable and Hanzo is difficult to max skill, but it does give signficant dark burst every 5 turns. If I had Hanzo I would give it a shot. You could also replace Hanzo with Awoken Hera or Hades for an extra gravity, or D/D Batman or Okunishi for extra delay.

    Plea for Help

    If you would like to contribute, please by all means reply to this thread, and I'd be happy to include your work. I would really appreciate the help. :)

    Also, when posting teams, it would be super awesome if you would use the syntax "" which makes monster images, and automatically creates a link to pdx. It saves me a lot of work because it means I can just copy/paste your team and have a nice pretty team of images, and not have to look up all the monster IDs manually. Thanks!
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    Umisachi & Yamasachi user list

    I am always looking for more Umisachi & Yamasachi friends, as are most of us, so please use this list and send friend invites. I believe I speak for everyone here, in saying we will always make room for another Umisachi & Yamasachi friend...

    zaisha@pf (me! max lv, max awoken)

    Tris@PF (max lv, max awoken, +32)

    Meph@SA/PG (max lvl, max awoken +31)









    Ronson@PF (max lv, max awoken, +167)
























    ViNite @PF













    Graves@PF (max lvl, max awoken, +55)
















    Nick @PF









    Josce@PF (lv 73, max awoken, +50)





    maxyso@PF (max lv, max awoken)

    Please let me know if you'd like to be added to the list, and please PM ME (zaisha) (please no longer post a reply in the thread, it is too much work for me to track down all the "add me" replies) and include your in-game name (so I don't have to list you under your forum name). And a friendly reminder, make sure you make room in your friends list, or adding your name here will not be particularly fruitful.
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    Dungeon Strategies - Part 1: Descends

    Izanami descend: Yomi Goddess - Mythical

    My Team

    By all definitions, this is an extremely difficult dungeon, and mythical difficulty is really, really hard. I beat this on mythical twice, got one of each drop...I'm done. Took about 3 stones each run.

    All monsters max lv max awoken.

    significant monster stats:
    d/l yomi: +297, max skill
    d/d yomi: skill cd18
    Izanagi: +82 rcv
    Susano: max skill
    friend UmiYama: +297

    Had just enough hp to tank a hit from yomi and live by about 82 hp.

    The only trick is to fire off susano on the turn that you kill kagu, in case you encounter light izanami. Save Izanagi, both umiyama, and both yomi and for boss, especially with dark izanami you will absolutely need both ctw.

    Twinlit descend: Heaven & Hell

    Team (honestrade)

    Beelzebub: Fiend Prince - Mythical

    Team (honestrade)

    Goemon: Chivalrous Thief - Mythical

    Team (final variation)

    After trying all the teams out listed below, and loving ViNites...I finally landed on what I feel is the strongest one of them all. I realized that if I used D/L batman, I didn't need venus' light element, so I could sub yomi for ctw...and having her awakening skills is really important for matching. I was having a really hard time without her. This is now my #1 choice team. I can easily 0-stone, as long as the orbs are there for the ninjas, and goemon is an easy ohko with all those blue row enhancements.

    Huge thanks to ViNite for coming up with the idea that inspired this. This is what community is all about, coming up with something better together than any of us could alone.

    Team (zaisha)
    [table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0 ]
    [table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0] [/table] [/table]

    Okuni, D/D or D/L Batman can sub for echidna, I just found echidna's 3 turns more reliable against goemon than Okuni's, and D/L batman was often too slow. Echidna ensures you get meta/yomi/herais up, often they are not ready when I get to goemon, even at max lv 15 turn cd. I have also run this team with D/L Batman, as well as Iznagi in echidna's spot. it's about the same level of success with any of them as subs.

    I have to say, Goemon is one of the perfect dungeons for U&Y. I've never found a good team to beat mythical difficulty, much less farm it. With umiyama, it's a piece of cake.

    Team (ViNite)

    Saw this team in the victory thread, and thought it was so interesting that I included it here...and tried it myself (except I replaced d/l batman for echidna). I had fuck-all luck with orbs during ninjas so died horribly a few times there, but when I got to goemon it was an easy ohko. I really like the team, I've been wanting to fit blue odin into my team but couldn't find a way, and using I&I with him is brilliant.

    Athena: Shining Goddess - Mythical

    Did Athena for fun. Easy 0 Stone.

    Team (Ronsonson)
    Team (Zaisha)

    Team (honestrade)

    (Ronsonson editorial)
    Floor 1: Stalled 2 turns, then, OHKO
    Floor 2: Chipped away and healed back up when I needed to
    Floor 3: Stall as much as I could, set up board. 2 Hit Kill.
    Floor 4: 2 Hit Kill. 1st hit took her down to around 25% HP. 2nd hit was over kill. Decided to use Change the World for fun during the 2nd turn.

    Forgot to take a screen shot this time. Sorry.

    Couldn't even use gravity. Dungeon ended in exactly 15 turns, =/. I don't remember using Kushinda's active either. Damn...could have brought a dragon into the team then...Sigh...

    (Zaisha editorial)

    Had best success with the first team actually (removed due to image limit, was yomi/meta/valk/ d/d batman), prolly should have used d/l batman instead of d/d, but I wasn't sure I'd have enough turns for it to activate (I had way more than enough). Also, d/d batman has much higher atk, so I think maybe he's at least as good, if not better.

    EDIT 12/25: have had many extremely successful 0-stone mythical runs with the last (third) team today. Much more reliable and successful than the previous 2 teams...though honestly all variations have been quite successful.

    Hera-Ur: Demonic Fr Queen - Mythical

    Team (zaisha)

    I tried many different teams (removed all but 2 for image space, but basically just different variations of yomi/odin/herais/valk), but couldn't quite manage to 0-stone mythical.

    I've ended up settling on the last team, it's extremely stable, but rarely 0-stone. It's what I used to finally max skill my hera-ur. Ifrit usually takes a stone, and occasionally formula or minerva will kill me if I don't have the orbs. Hera-ur is always a ohko though.

    monster stats: (all max lv, all max awoken)
    Umi&Yama (skill lv 1)
    Valk (+297, max skill, max awoken)
    Metatron (+297, max skill, max awoken)
    Hera-Is (+99 atk, +5 hp, +99 rcv, max skill)
    Yomi (+297 rcv, max skill, max awoken)
    UFO (max skill)
    Blue Odin (max skill, max awoken)

    Hera-Is: Queen of Absolute Zero - Legend & Mythical

    Team (Ronsonson)
    Team (zaisha)

    Team (zaisha #2)

    Team (honestrade)

    Fabulous dungeon for U&Y. I 0-stoned Legend with this team multiple times, 1-stoned a few times. For Mythical I 1-stoned it. I think for Mythical it would have been better to maybe replace Athena with Hera-is or something like that, maybe find a place for D/L batman. Most of the time I never used any abilities except valk/cu & max-skilled Frejya @ 12 turn CD, Hera-Is was usually dead before the 15 turn CDs were up.

    Prefer team #2, but it lacks the ability to ohko some of the earlier monsters, since no white main and less green main, with the tradeoff that you usually ohko hera-is, and have all your cooldowns ready. adk/cu chu are interchangeable here, my cu chu had a little more atk and more hp, so I took him.

    Valkyrie: Holy Goddess - Mythical

    Team (Ronsonson)

    Team (honestrade)

    The strategy was pretty simple - stall on masks as long as possible, then finish stalling on golem (Siren makes this easy), kill demons (I had to use an UmiYama active to finish off the wood demon), Orochi+2 gravities+UmiYama active on Valk and match to finish. Orochi makes finishing off Valk pretty easy. If your team is high enough level to tank a hit from the golem on mythical difficulty you can use the same strategy.

    Hera: Goddess of the Darkness - Legend

    Team (honestrade)

    (from honestrade, editorial on team #2)

    The stats above are for my first run. The second run my team was a little higher level thanks to metal dragons descended. I didn't stall long enough to get gravity up on either run. It is pretty easy to one-shot Venus, Minerva, Ceres, Neptune, and Hades which makes stalling difficult if you accidentally sky-combo. The best places to stall are the first 4 waves, Venus, and Ceres, unless you have the hp to take a hit from Minerva. The first run I had to burn an UmiYama active on Hades due to red orb trolling. On Hera I had enough hp to tank one hit. I used Freyja's active, Batman delay, U&Y active(s), and then Valk active and killed her in 3 turns. After Ceres you won't get hit again until Hera - on Hera you can tank a hit before delay to buy a little extra time & potentially heal to tank another hit if you can't kill before delay runs off.

    Zeus: Almighty God - Mythical

    Team (honestrade)
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    Dungeon Strategies - Part 2: Collabs/Bi-Weeklys/Technicals

    Fagan: Kouryu of the Celestial Pole

    Team (zaisha)

    2-stoned on first try. I don't think this is the ideal team, still working out ideas, but it worked well enough for a first try.

    Team (Ronsonson)

    (from Ronsonson)

    Total HP: 17,622 from picture
    Estimate Total RCV w/Helper: at least 3,250, not sure how much RCV +'s on Helper
    - Both UmiYama's were maxed level with an estimated combined total of around 150 +'s. Both leads were at skill level 1. Both UmiYama's were max awoken.
    - All subs were maxed leveled, no +'s. All subs had no skill ups, except for Yomi who was maxed skilled. Kushinada and Yomi were both max awoken.

    Floor 1: Straight forward, kill the keeper in 4 turns.
    Floor 2: Chipped away bit by bit. Eliminated jammers, healed, and did damage all at the same time if possible. Took 1 hit from Genbu and almost died. Setted up the board a couple turns for Karin before killing Genbu. Tried to stall as much as possible, forgot how many, but it was a good amount.
    Floor 3: Killed Karin in 3 turns, healed up at the same time while doing damage, etc..
    Floor 4: Killed Leilan in 2 turns, popped an UmiYama active the 2nd turn, thus marks the first active skill usage in the dungeon.
    Floor 5: Killed Byakko in 1 turn. Used the 2nd UmiYama active and Change the World and got a sky combo.
    Floor 6: Popped Kushinada's active, and instantly killed the 2 lits. And, almost killed one mystic mask. Killed the first mystic mask on the 2nd turn. Then eventually killed the second mask. Stalled as long as possible on the 2nd mask and esp. TAMADRA and setted up the board as best I can (all skills were up by this time or a turn away or so). I forgot exactly. Also, TAMADRA seem to like binding my Kushinada, I wonder why?
    Floor 7: At this point only Kushinada was binded for 1 more turn. Killed Kirin in 2 turns, activated leader skill even with her pre-empt. Thanks, Yomi for that additional time! Used UmiYama Active and killed her on 2nd turn, got lucky with 2 dark skycombos!!
    Floor 8: One shotted! Double gravity, popped Kushinada, popped 2nd UmiYama active, and popped Changed the World = a dead Kouryu/Fagan.

    Total Duration: 30 minutes or so. Lots of planning and use of orb matching, stalling, and setting up the board skills. And some luck.

    Skydragon Rush!: Aerial Blitz - Legend

    EotS(99) max skilled
    WR Valk(99)+200
    D/L Hades(99)

    (from Craumb)

    Tackled Sky Dragon Rush - Legend w/ 0 stones!! a max skilled siren was key. I just blew stalled once on one of the dragons who had a multi turn attack so I could pop sirens skill right before killing the 4th dragon. Basically one shot everything.
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    (The following all compliments of Craumb, and a WIP. we will be adding more context and discussion, but I wanted to get them posted since we're short on example teams)

    So, I thought I'd put together a few teams. About half of these teams have been run on Mythical versions of Descends.

    Vs Fire#1

    Vs Fire#2

    Vs Fire#3


    Vs Water#1

    Vs Water#2


    Vs Light#1

    Vs Light#2

    Vs Light#3


    Vs Dark#1

    Vs Dark#2


    Vs Wood#1 (as a joke, but still kinda viable)
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    (continued example teams from previous post)

    Theoretical Two Prong Vs Twinlit#1 (Only actives used are U&Ys and King Woodsie)

    Theoretical Two Prong Vs Twinlit#2

    Theoretical Two Prong Vs Twinlit#3
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    May 18, 2013
    Can I be the first to say "YAY!" :)

    Oh and please add me to the list... I'm hoping that U&Y will be my primary spike/end-game team as I lack other first tier leads.

    Tris@PF 353,152,203

    Once UmiYama is evolved, I'll run him as my primary lead.
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    Jul 26, 2013
    Dang I think these guys are beast! Too bad I only have them on a JP account. Good luck with the thread!
    Edit: And ninja'd by Tris :) And I would be glad to help if you would like some. First order of business. D/L Batman. The MVP fake echidna ;)
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    Nov 1, 2013
    You can add me to the list. I expect to be using U&Y for a sizable percentage of the descend dungeons.

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    Mar 4, 2013
    You just need to get your Ra going. Find my thread if you need help, there should hopefully be enough good info there.

    I didn't manage to get these two from my three rolls, though my friend got one. They do look to be really fun to play though, so enjoy your new friends!
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    Aug 26, 2013
    You can add me as well.


    Usually I run Dark/Valk teams, besides getting Haku now. U&Y will be my primary spike team.
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    May 18, 2013
    Ra requires so much planning... Not sure if I have the patience or mind for Ra :\
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    Sep 6, 2013
    I rolled 3 of them...

    Go ahead and add me to the list

    Marshall 354 161 200

    I was wondering would there be any benefit in running a team with 3 or 4 U/Ys? My thought process is that with their active skill you really just need light and dark combos on the board, you can pop one and clear the heart/ red off, rinse and repeat...
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    Aug 9, 2013
    You can add me to the list. Jph@PF
    I'm switching to primarily Umi. I'm rank 148 & my Umi is level 38. I'm just waiting till Tuesday to evolve him. In the rare case I don't have him up, it'll be Lucifer for the weekday dungeons or maybe Awoken Athena for the weekend but Umi will almost always be up. I'll take any and all Umi friends regardless of level.
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    Jun 30, 2013
    User ID:
    Good subs for him are D/L Hades, D/L Batman, Hera-Is, Siegfried

    Decent subs are Fenrir Knight Kamui, Ultimate Megalodran.

    His team comp/playstyle are extremely similar to Kirin's. Load up on blue subs, decent utility monsters, and a couple max-skilled gravities if you have them.
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    Sep 1, 2013

    Thanks for this Zaisha!
    I'm really excited for the brothers now!

    Defintely add me:

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    Sep 6, 2013
    So right now I'm going to try and build:

    Umisachi, Umisachi, Umisachi, Izanagi, Abyss Neptune

    Anyone think this will work?
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    Nov 1, 2013
    Add me to the list. This is the first spike leader I've rolled, so I'm excited to get rolling.

    I was already forming a mono-blue team, which I think could synergize really well here.

    Siren being an obvious candidate.

    My monster pool is limited at this point being a newer player, but I do have a Leviathan from a REM roll that I was thinking about ult. evolving into the water/light form since I have plenty of dark subs but not that many light ones at this point.

    Sean: 391 179 275
  19. 2drunk2game

    2drunk2game New Member

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    Jul 1, 2013
    The only Jpn 2.0 gatcha I wanted was the twins. I rolled ALOT, finally got them. For some reason I just don't like Kirin art, and never got into her, but these guys look cool. I suck at color combos but looking forward to learning with them.

    My team will be bodin, cu chu, hanzo dark meta.
  20. Tris

    Tris New Member

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    May 18, 2013
    If I decide to run mono-blue with U&Y as lead (don't know why... just a perk of having such a team), I will go with the following subs:

    Abyss Neptune, WD Gabriel, Sieg (need to busty evolve), and Siren

    This allows me to pair up with another U&Y for a 25x or just any other mono-blue leader that has a multiplier skill (ie. Heremes, I&I, Gabriel, Lakshmi)

    I would have stuck in Hera-Is, but have yet to get her :(

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