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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by slope, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Jan 22, 2016
    I think Colopl is trying to solve that powercreep issue, but people just don't know what they want.

    Powercreep reached climax with the release of Setsuna and Towa. These 2 girls had everything, tanky, powerfull, self heal, status guard.

    Then for mage upgrade they released Luca and Rain.
    Luca is pure support mage, she heals team, buff it, and can even revive teammates who died!!
    Rain is pure raw power, deals 1.5+ million damage in a single blow, but is squishy and can only heal himself when low hp with his motif.

    This clearly shows Colopl is trying to set again the unit roles in multi: dps needs a healer in the team.

    And then I read the jp players complaining about how Luca doesn't deal enough damage, and how Rain can't self sustain..

    Today a new limited Christmas eve gacha was just released with the weapons. Jp players already complaining the units are not that good and not worth pulling for.

    It seems like they want the game to be powercreeped, and then they complain about powercreep lol.

    On a sidenote, they release very strong shinkis with Tetra at rank 1 atm. If you've been playing for quite some time and have some old jackpot/limited unit, you can manage well even without the latest unit from now on imo.

    To conclude, the free unit campaign gave me New Year Charlotte. I'm very happy about it!! :D
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    Apr 10, 2016
    RIP I did a 250 and got 2 golds. Cry every time. ;(
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    Once you give players characters that can easily solo content, that becomes the new standard of expectation that new characters by which new characters are judged.

    Unique roles can lead to a more rewarding coop experience, but given the opportunity most players are likely to gravitate toward units that can handle content alone if available.

    Getting them to accept units that depend on others for support after solo-capable units have become expected is likely to result in disatisfaction.
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    Jul 10, 2015
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    wonder what happened to lead to that name... o.o;
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    Mar 31, 2013
    They just need to slow down the rate at which stuff gets buffed. By a lot. Make it so that the power differential between new characters is minimal. Find new ways to make new content interesting other than just making them numerically harder.

    Stop designing/adding monsters based on how many buffs or how many damage types your character is able to do at the same time, and instead design monsters that reward skill-based play instead. Remember: in the old old days, that's what made this game interesting; you defeated all the big monsters by knowing what kinds of attacks they did and when, not simply by having a character that facerolled them.

    That way, people who spent resources on getting a set of memorials gets to actually enjoy them for more than 1 month before they become obsoleted. It also means that if you miss this set, getting the next set will hopefully catch you up while the previous one you got can tide you over. Make the playerbase's overall progression a wave with a small plateau before the start of the next wave, instead of constant leapfrogging.

    One of the other main problems in this game when it comes to player retention is that bad luck snowballs. It not only sucks that you didn't get what you want, you're also at 0 stones, while the players who got lucky are at like 1k or 2k. Getting unlucky for two events in a row is basically enough to make anyone quit. They need to add some mechanic in there where if you rolled a ton but didn't get it this time around, your chances of getting it next time are higher. (The 10+1 guaranteed stuff was a nice step forward, but it's not enough imo.)

    Then again I haven't even logged in for more than half a year now, so I don't know how much the above still applies.
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    Oct 4, 2013
    I like how colopl is going with the distinguished memorial roles ( like with peak/ noah, rain, luca), but they also need to strike a balance with the difficulty of content. Maybe jp players are complaining when newer units are not that strong because the content dictates that they need to have some form of defensive ability. Like Hachi said, anyone who has Setsuna can faceroll content because she is incredibly defensive and can deal a lot of damage. If colopl scales the content down so that relatively recent and shinki'd characters can actually clear them (not with pure ease, but at least a fighting change).

    This is not really a good example, but the Christmas Shinkis were not that great. They can clear lower level content, but once you get to 13 star coops they will struggle alot compared to others, same with limited units from past events. Half of this is complaining about the difference between the power level of BTL shinkis vs. Christmas, but the other half is large concern on Colopl's treatment of older players. Older players can do well with free gems from events, but when the rolls using these gems do not give anything worthwhile, veterans will have to rely on shinkis and their currently existing (possibly subpar vs. new content) units.

    I agree with Slope on skill-based characters. I think that characters that have unique mechanics/playstyles that reward players on how well they execute their unit would be really healthy to QoL.

    And I retract my previous statement about how gacha rates are the same as they've always been. They actually are lower (but that doesn't stop my friend's luck on getting the majority of limited units :s)

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