Elden Ring How Many Endings Are There?

Elden Ring

Elden Ring How Many Endings Are There
How Many Endings Are in Elden Ring? A List of All The Endings Elden Ring is the wildly successful RPG released in 2022 by FromSoftware, the company responsible for the popular Dark Souls series. You play as the Tarnished and aim to be the new Elden Lord – or not – dying multiple times along the way. Elden Ring How Many Endings Are There In addition, Elden Ring has six endings, each showing you a different outcome. If you’re looking to experience them all, look no further. We won’t spoil them for you.
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What is the easiest ending in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Age of Fracture ending – The default Elden Ring ending and by far the simplest is the Age of Fracture. You can get this ending by simply following our Elden Ring walkthrough, which will guide you through every critical region and boss. Once you’ve defeated the Elden Beast, walk over to the fractured body of Marika.
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Can you spare Melina Elden Ring?

Can You Save Melina? – Elden Ring How Many Endings Are There Melina in Elden Ring is an NPC, and she guides you through the gameplay in the different quests you make. She’s a mysterious lady in a black robe who appears to you as you are resting at a Site of Grace. Apart from guiding the journey, she offers you the ability to increase your level and teleport to key locations in the game.

  1. Later in the game, you can also summon the spirit of Melina to help you in different battles against the Elden Ring bosses.
  2. Therefore, Melina is essential in your journey in Elden Ring, and saving her might sound like a good plan.
  3. The answer is yes if you’re wondering whether you can save her.
  4. You can save Melina from her tragic death.
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However, you should note that the only way to save Melina will create an enmity between you. There’s no reverse to this, nor is there an optional way to do it. Also, once Melina is dead, you cannot bring her back to life. The only way is to go on a quest to prevent her death before it happens.
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What is the best Elden Lord ending?

The Age of Stars is the best possible ending the player can get in Elden Ring. In it, you help Ranni replace Marika as the Goddess, and in turn, the player becomes the Elden Lord of this new Order.
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What happens if you touch fractured Marika?

Melina Ending – Elden Ring How Many Endings Are There This ending is the standard ending that most players are likely to see before the credits roll. Melina has been leading you here throughout the game via sites of grace. You’ll need to beat the Elden Beast at the end of the game and then touch Fractured Marika.
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