Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths?

Elden Ring

Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths
How to Get to Deeproot Depths – Deeproot Depths is technically accessible via two locations. One, a teleporter; the other is a coffin you can ride up a waterfall after you defeat the Valiant Gargoyles in Nokron, Eternal City, This guide starts from the coffin ride.
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How do I get to the FIA Deeproot Depths Elden Ring?

How to get to Deeproot Depths and find Fia’s location – Fia will now move to the Deeproot Depths. This is an area you can get to via the aqueduct in Nokron, To get here, head over to the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. From here, head northeast and up and you’ll spot some jellyfish. Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths You need to follow this path and drop down and you’ll find the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths This is a mini-dungeon that ends with a fight against two massive Gargoyles, a la the original Dark Souls. Beat them up and you’ll notice a small coffin near the back of the boss arena. Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths You need to clamber into this coffin and you’ll find yourself in the Deeproot Depths near the Great Waterfall Crest Site of Grace. There’s an Erdtree Avatar here that doesn’t respawn, but after beating it, you’ll need to turn right, and cross the chasm using the roots. Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths Once past the roots you’ll need to keep going forwards to the cliff edge and should spot The Nameless Eternal City Site of Grace. Rest at this and then continue into the ruined city here. Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths When you’re amongst the ruins, your aim should be to go up the roots and make your way to the Across the Roots Site of Grace. From here, simply go inside the large area and you’ll need to fight Fia’s Champions. Once you have settled on a starting class and starting Keepsake item, you should first work out how to level up, how to respec and use Ashes of War,
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How do I get to Deeproot Depths without Nokron?

2. Interact with Coffin behind Valiant Gargoyle – In the room where the boss fight took place, activate the site of grace “Great Waterfall Basin”. Straight in front of this site of grace, under the waterfall, is a coffin you can interact with that will trigger a cutscene and brings you to Deeproot Depths (image below).
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How do I get to Deeproot Depths from siofra?

Location Found/Purchased – The Deeproot Depths Map Fragment can only be accessed by defeating the Valiant Gargoyles at the end of Siofra Aqueduct past Nokron, Eternal City in the far north, and taking a coffin ride to this new region. Here you’ll have to cross a series of roots to an area full of white waters and Basilisks to find a body holding the map at a stone gazebo in front of various ruined buildings.
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Is Nokron City optional?

Nokron, Eternal City is a location underground, one level above Siofra River, in Elden Ring. It is an optional underground area slightly more linear than the overworld, but keeps many of its core mechanics. The ability to ride Torrent, fast travel, and the restoration of flasks upon defeating enemy groups persist whilst underground.

How to Get to Nokron, Eternal City Nokron, Eternal City Walkthrough Boss Fight – Mimic Tear Ancestral Woods Boss Fight – Regal Ancestor Spirit Night’s Sacred Ground Siofra Aqueduct Boss Fight – Valiant Gargoyles

Enemies Boss Notable Loot
Ancestral Followers, Fallen Hawks Soldier, Swordstress, Silver Tears Mimic Tear, Regal Ancestor Spirit, Valiant Gargoyles Ghostflame Torch, Silver Tear Mask, Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor, Stonesword Key, Order Healing, Missionary’s Cookbook (5), Rune Arc, Larval Tear, Mimic Tear Ashes, Fingerslayer Blade, Great Ghost Glovewort, Crucible Hornshield, Gargoyle’s Greatsword, Gargoyle’s Twinblade

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Is Deeproot Depths optional?

The Deeproot Depths is an optional underground area in Elden Ring, that can be reached after fully progressing north through Nokron, Eternal City and the Ancestral Woods. After fighting the Valiant Gargoyle twin boss, players can go through a waterfall that leads to the Deeproot Depths.
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Can you get to Deeproot Depths without killing gargoyles?

The deeproot of the problem. Deeproot Depths is one of the most interesting alternate locations in Elden Ring, Normally this area can only be reached after you’ve unlocked Nokron, Eternal City by defeating General Radahn — but players have discovered an incredibly secret hidden passage.

That means you can skip the entire Radahn step, skip the Gargoyle Twins boss fight, and go straight to the Deeproot Depths for some interesting exploration. This seriously might be one of the best hidden secrets in the entire game. This isn’t just an illusory wall hidden behind another illusory wall — this is an illusory wall hidden in a secret area that also stops you from attacking completely.

Seriously. This is basically a quadruple secret area, and an absolutely must-find for players like us that need to explore everything in Elden Ring, Prepare for several long drips. Here’s how to reach the Deeproot Depths from Leyndell, Royal Capitol, More Elden Ring guides: 10 Tips You Need Early | 12 Useful Items To Get First | 16 Best Optional Areas | Fully Upgraded Crimson Flask | First Shardbearer | Walkthrought Pt.1 | Unlock Raya Lucaria | Walkthrought Pt.2 | Great Lift of Dectus | Walkthrough Pt.3 | Margit, The Fell Omen Boss Guide | Godrick, The Grafted Boss Guide | Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon Boss Guide | Starscourge Radahn Boss Guide | Godfrey, First Elden Lord Boss Guide | Morgott, Omen King Boss Guide | Fire Giant Boss Guide | How To Find Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy | How To Find Malenia, Blade of Miquella | Malenia, Blade of Miquella Boss Guide | How To Find Mohg, Lord of Blood | How To Find Dragonlord Placidusax | Frenzied Flame Ending Guide | Age of the Stars Ending Guide
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Where is the teleporter to Deeproot Depths?

Main Path – Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths From the Ancestral Woods, head towards the large group of Ancestral Followers that are singing and dancing around a deer carcass, Behind them, you can drop down a ledge and enter a cave, This will lead you to the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace,
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Where to go in Deeproot Depths?

Deeproot Depths Walkthrough in Elden Ring – In Elden Ring, there are five secret underground portions, and Depproot Depths is one of them. There are different routes to access the place. This location is tied to Fia’s personal sidequest. There is the possibility of accessing it without going through the questline of Fia, but doing it would be much better. Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths Pass them and then drop down a ledge to enter a cave. You will find the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. At the end of the Siofra Aquaducts, you will face two Valiant Gargoyles. Defeating them will free the path to the end of the waterfall basin. At the very end, you can find a lonely coffin; interacting with it will teleport you to the Deeproot Depths.

  1. The alternative path can be accessed through a hidden wall in the underground of Leyndall, Royal Capital.
  2. But first, you need to defeat Mohg, the Omen.
  3. From the boss room’s Site of Grace, head northeast through the dungeon.
  4. You will come across a deep chasm with three planks down the way.
  5. Drop down each plank and then drop onto the stone slabs sticking out of the walls.

On the last slab, you’ll be able to walk into a window. Head to the left and then jump down. Go to the south until you find a treasure chest. The wall behind that chest is fake and leads to the Deeproot Depths.
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How do you unlock siofra boss?

Finding the Siofra River Well pillars – Look for these pillars around the Siofra River. Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon We’ve already discussed how to reach the in Elden Ring, Once you’re in the main area, you’ll spot tall pillars that have a brazier at their base (kind of like an altar). Interacting with these braziers lets you light them. Pillar locations in Siofra River. Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon Lighting all eight of them will unlock a secret boss for you to fight. You’ll find the locations of all eight pillars on the map above. While lighting them, you’ll need to watch for enemies.
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Should you let fia hold you?

Editors’ Recommendations – Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths Even though it was possibly the most hyped-up game prior to launch, not many could’ve predicted just how popular Elden Ring would end up being. It has single-handedly outsold the entirety of the Dark Souls series, on its own, within just a few months of release.

Even more impressively, it outsold the latest Call of Duty game, which has held the best-selling spot for the past decade or so every year. The once niche genre that FromSoftware really started to refine with 2009’s Demons’ Souls has finally become mainstream, and millions of players have gotten their first taste of this style of game and are thirsty for more.

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While Elden Ring shares a lot of elements from other games, even past FromSoftware games don’t give the exact experience you get from Elden Ring. Depending on what aspects of the game drew you in the most, you may have to make some concessions on other parts.

But between all the games we’ve selected, you’re sure to find something that will give you more of that feeling you crave. Elden Ring is a unique and, for the time being, one-of-a-kind experience, but once you’ve finished exploring and fighting everything in The Lands Between, you’ll likely be looking for the next game that can give you that same feeling.

Here are the best games like Elden Ring to try out after you’ve become the Elden Lord. Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths After shutting down servers for all three Dark Souls titles on PC due to security issues, FromSoftware has finally spoken out and stated that it is already working on bringing the games back online. Initially turned off due to an exploit being discovered in Dark Souls 3 that could allow malicious players to hack into other players’ computers, FromSoftware claimed this would be a temporary server outage until the launch of Elden Ring. Elden Ring How To Get To Deeproot Depths There are so many ways to augment your character in Elden Ring outside of simply leveling up. When it comes down to it, what you have equipped can make a bigger difference to your stats than, well, even your stats themselves. Between your weapon, shield, armor, and consumable items, you can turn a decent build into an overpowered beast that can crush a boss as easily as a simple mob.

  • In past Souls games, one of the most important parts of any character’s build was collecting and equipping the best rings to buff up the right stats or give a much-needed advantage in one aspect or another.
  • While rings are gone for Elden Ring, they have been replaced with the nearly identical Talismans.

Talismans are functionally identical to rings. You start out with just two slots to fill, but can eventually max out at four. There are far more than four Talismans in the game, of course, so you will need to pick and choose which are the most important for your character to wear at any time, or for any situation.

Some are good essentially all the time, while others are more situational, and others still will never have a purpose for your run. With dozens to find across the Lands Between, it can be hard to nail down which are the best ones. We scoured the map and ran the numbers to pin down the best Talismans in Elden Ring you need to pick up.

: What letting Fia hold you in Elden Ring really does
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Is Blade of woe the best dagger?

Notes –

The first version ( 000964c9 ) is the one used by Astrid; the second version ( 0009ccdc ) is the one given to you. You can pickpocket the Blade of Woe from Astrid during the quest With Friends Like These. using the Misdirection perk. The blade may also be taken from Astrid using a high level disarm shout. You will then receive a second Blade of Woe at the end of Death Incarnate, You can also pickpocket the Blade of Woe from Astrid after hiding in the Night Mother’s coffin, before you leave the sanctuary. The Blade of Woe is the most powerful dagger in the game, but also the slowest. Its burst damage is favorable to stealthy players, as its DPS in normal combat is inferior to other daggers.

The Dawnguard add-on adds the dragonbone dagger, which deals 12 base damage and has a slightly lighter weight (6.5), which makes it a much better choice as it isn’t reduced to a situational weapon.

Creation Club adds two daggers that are stronger, that being the Fang of Haynekhtnamet CC and the Madness Dagger CC, both with 13 base damage and 1.3 attack speed.

Myrwatch ‘s gallery CC contains a special holder for this item.

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How do I get to Deeproot Depths fast?

How to Get to Deeproot Depths – Deeproot Depths is technically accessible via two locations. One, a teleporter; the other is a coffin you can ride up a waterfall after you defeat the Valiant Gargoyles in Nokron, Eternal City, This guide starts from the coffin ride.
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How do I move the FIA to Deeproot Depths?

Defeat Fia’s Champions in Deeproot Depths – Now, defeat the Valiant Gargoyle boss. Draw the first over to the left side of the arena, and beat it as fast as possible, while watching out for its poison spewing move. Avoid the second while it’s using the twinblade until it switches to axe, since the attacks are much slower and easier to dodge.

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Once defeated, head to the waterfall and climb in the coffin. Now you’re in the Deeproot Depths. Simply keep heading along until you find the Nameless Eternal City, then head up the tree roots to get to the highest point where you’ll find a site of grace. Head into the arena to fight the Fia’s champions boss.

It’s relatively easy, since they are all just NPCs, but be wary of getting ganged up on in the last phase. Once done, head over to Fia by the portal. Talk to her and ask her to hold you when prompted. Keep talking to her and hand over the Cursemark of Death.

  1. You should now be able to interact with her to enter the “Deathbed Dream”.
  2. If this option isn’t available, fast travel away from the area, then return via the Across the Roots Site of Grace.
  3. There is an alternate route if you’ve made your way into Leyndell and the Subterranean-Shunning Grounds as part of the Dung Eater quest.

After defeating Mohg in the Forsaken Cathedral, hit the altar, and descend to the Frenzied Flame location. Hit the walls on the right side to uncover a room with a chest, then hit the wall behind that to open a way to the Deeproot Depths. Also a side note: if you haven’t beaten the Draconic Tree Sentinel to enter Leyndell, you can actually skip it by going through the portal located next to Fia.
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How do I unlock the depths?

The Depths is an area in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered, accessed from Lower Undead Burg. The door leading down to it is unlocked by the Key to Depths, which is obtained by beating the Capra Demon. It serves as the gateway to Blighttown once you defeat the area’s boss.
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Where is FIA at in Deeproot Depths?

Fia – found in the boss room of the area. On her left is a waygate to the East Capital Rampart at the conclusion to her questline.
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How do you trigger the FIA quest Elden Ring?

How to start Fia’s quest in Elden Ring – Fia’s quest technically starts the first time you speak with her and let her hold you, though there’s nothing else you can do after that. Just make sure to use the Baldachin’s Blessing item to remove the HP debuff penalty as soon as you leave the Hold.

  1. The next phase unlocks after you obtain two Great Runes.
  2. It seems like any two will do, whether it’s Godrick and Rennala or Rennala and Radahn, for example.
  3. Travel to Altus Plateau either using the Grand Lift of Dectus or taking the tunnels, and after activating a Site of Grace on the Plateau, travel back to the Hold.

Want us to remember this setting for all your devices? Sign up or Sign in now! Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos. This video has an invalid file format. Sorry, but you can’t access this content! Now Playing: Elden Ring – Another 10 Things You Didn’t Know Speak with Fia again, and let her hold you.

You should have a new option to continue talking to her. She’ll give you the Weathered Dagger item and ask that you return it to its former owner. That owner is D, Hunter of the Dead, the Tarnished who sits hunched over at the Table of Grace. Hand him the dagger, then reload the area by fast traveling back to the Hold.

You’ll notice D has vanished. The room at the end of the hallway where Hewg the blacksmith works is now open. Head inside to see Fia standing over D’s dead body. She’ll speak and explain her motivations before leaving. Loot D’s body to obtain his Bell Bearing, which you can give to the Maiden Husks if you want to buy D’s Incantations from them, and the Twinned Armor, an important item for later in the questline.
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How do I get to the FIA boss fight?

Fia’s Champions Overview –

Fia’s Champions Overview
Location Deeproot Depths
Optional Yes
Summons Players and Spirit Ashes

40000 Runes Fia’s Mist

Weak To

The Fia’s Champions are located inside the Deeproot Depths, The closest Site of Grace is Across the Roots, which is located atop the branches. To reach here, you will need to climb the tree branch just ahead of where you find the map of the area. Navigate your way through the branch and reach the boss arena. Return to Quick Links
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