How Do You Quit Elden Ring?

Elden Ring

How Do You Quit Elden Ring
How to Save in Elden Ring – For players that are used to FromSoftware’s recent titles, then they probably already know that there is no way to manually save game progress in Elden Ring, The game will auto-save every few minutes when players do anything of importance, whether collecting an item or getting Runes from defeating an enemy. In the Site of Lost Grace menu, Elden Ring players have several options to choose from. They can pass the time to change the time of day; they can level up their character using collected Runes; they can sort through their chest; and there are other options, too.
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Why can’t I quit Elden Ring?

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Elden Ring players are asking the developers at FromSoftware to make a quality of life change to the game to make it easier to exit the game. How Do You Quit Elden Ring Elden Ring has proven to be the most successful game by FromSoftware yet, selling over 12 million copies in its early launch window. Yet while Elden Ring is putting up sales numbers that put it among massive multi-studio franchises, it’s still very rough in some ways.

Elden Ring has struggled with multiplayer bugs, broken questlines, and serious weapon balance issues since launch. While FromSoftware is working hard to correct lasting issues, players continue to bring various things to the developer’s attention – like how frustrating it is to try and quit the game.

As Elden Ring players on PlayStation and Xbox know, the game doesn’t really feature an option to quit the game. There is a “Quit Game” option stuffed into Elden Ring’s settings, but it’s only a half measure. Clicking on the Quit Game button will exit the session but will only take players to Elden Ring’s main menu,

  1. From there, there’s no actual option to fully exit the game.
  2. Players have to go to their console home screen and shut the game down through the system.
  3. In a virally popular post on the Elden Ring subreddit, accruing nearly 16 thousand upvotes, players are asking for a quality of life change allowing players to actually quit the game.

The image shared in the post features a second button below Quit Game that reads, “Quit Game, but really.” Players want a simple option that will allow them to fully exit Elden Ring from a menu accessible within the gameplay experience. The issue isn’t limited to just the console version of Elden Ring, however.

  1. While console players don’t have an option to close Elden Ring from any menu, PC players do.
  2. It’s just frustrating.
  3. Like console players, they can find a Quit Game option from within Elden Ring’s settings.
  4. This takes them back to Elden Ring ‘s menu, where they have to wait to reconnect to Elden Ring’s servers, accept Elden Ring’s community guidelines, and then fully exit the game from the main menu.
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Why FromSoftware has made it so frustrating to fully exit Elden Ring isn’t clear. Some players believe it has to do with how the game preserves save data, while others think it’s tied to the Easy Anti-Cheat partner software Elden Ring uses. Others just believe From Software didn’t really have the time or energy to improve this part of the game, so long as it worked.

  • Whether FromSoftware will actually improve this part of Elden Ring in the future is a mystery.
  • FromSoftware isn’t known for updating anything in its games that isn’t entirely necessary, particularly when it has to do with the PC version of the game.
  • Still, having sold 12 million copies, perhaps FromSoftware and Bandai Namco will be behooved to respond to player feedback a bit more attentively than in the past.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. MORE: 10 Best Weapons To Dual Wield In Elden Ring
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How do you quit Elden Ring on PC?

r/Eldenring – How do I quit the game without going back to the main menu on PC? I’m going crazy. Every time I want to exit, I go to Settings -> Quit Game, which loads up the main menu, where I can “Press Any Button”, which has to find the online server and finally bring me to the main menu where I can scroll down to Quit Game and exit. Overall taking about 15 seconds. Is there a way to exit immediately to desktop from gameplay? I can’t find it. : r/Eldenring – How do I quit the game without going back to the main menu on PC?
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Do people quit Elden Ring?

Image: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco 2022 was truly the year of Elden Ring, with FromSoftware’s latest game exploding into the mainstream unlike anything it had previously created. As such, a lot of people played and finished Elden Ring, In fact, according to one set of data, Elden Ring was the most completed game of 2022.

But funnily enough, the same source also pegs it as the game players were most likely to abandon before reaching the end. If you’ve read Kotaku (or any other gaming website) in 2022, you are likely already familiar with Elden Ring, the latest game from Dark Souls creators FromSoftware. And like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Elden Ring is a tough-as-nails action-RPG with a heavy focus on mystery, world-building, and boss fights.

However, this time around FromSoftware added a true open world to its popular ” Souls like” formula. The end result? One of 2022’s most acclaimed, best-selling games. The open world in particular helped sway many to try Elden Ring for the first time, letting players avoid harder areas until later and ostensibly making it easier to finish than past FromSoftware adventures.

  1. And it seems that design choice paid off.
  2. According to data on, Elden Ring is 2022’s most completed game, with nearly 6,000 users of the site reporting they have played and finished the massive open-world RPG.
  3. That’s an impressive number when you look at the runner-up games on the list.
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Stray, that adorable futuristic cat game, was completed by nearly 4,000 users. Meanwhile, in third with 2,500 completions, was Game Freak and Nintendo’s Switch hit, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, To see such a big and difficult game top the list is both a sign that Elden Ring is very good and also a hint at the kind of audience that is primarily using, Screenshot: / Kotaku But perhaps more interesting is that Elden Ring is also the most “retired” game. When users “retire” from a game on it means they have given up on it, either permanently or temporarily. Now, even though only 261 players officially retired from Elden Ring on the site, that’s still more than double any other game in 2022.

Even if the dataset is a bit small and weird (how many people are logging into this site to admit defeat?) it’s still an interesting data point. G/O Media may get a commission This all makes sense to me. Elden Ring was the most talked-about game of 2022, and with that many people playing, it makes sense that a good chunk of them might give up on it.

Other data seems to suggest around half the people playing Elden Ring never reached the end. So I buy that Elden Ring could be the most completed game of 2022 while also being the game more people gave up on than anything else. Some other interesting 2022 data from the site: Turns out Elden Ring is also on the most backlogs, has the most reviews, and is the longest game of 2022.
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Is Elden Ring the hardest Souls game?

It’s certainly difficult, and contains what some consider to be the hardest souls boss ever. However, with powerstancing, summonable ashes, very adaptable builds, and a jump button, there is a lot at your fingertips. Elden Ring offers a lot to the player and it is up to you as for how you use it.
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Where is Main story Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Elden Throne – Upon entering the Erdtree, players are thrust into Elden Ring ‘s final area, which consists of a single boss arena and an enemy to go with it: Radagon of the Golden Order. Like so many other bosses, Radagon adopts new attacks halfway through the battle, but even when killed, the fight’s not over yet.

  • Radagon was only the opening act.
  • The second Radagon is killed, Elden Ring spawns in the game’s true final boss, the Elden Beast.
  • With any luck, players didn’t waste all their flasks fighting Radagon, and if they can topple this spectral dragon, they will receive 500,000 runes, the games’ final Remembrance, and the ending credits.
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And that’s it. With the Elden Beast vanquished, Elden Ring ‘s story is complete. Players can visit all the locations they missed or start New Game +, or they can hope FromSoftware develops DLC for more story content. Still, anyone who gets this far deserves a round of applause, because they have completed a crushingly difficult (and brilliant) game.
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Can you start a new game in Elden Ring without losing everything?

After beating Elden Ring, a player only has two real options: carry an old character into New Game Plus, or create an entirely new character and start from scratch. Making a new character allows players to explore new classes without the difficulty increase found in Elden Ring’s New Game Plus mode.

  1. If a player does opt for New Game Plus, however, they will get to continue using their old character and keep most of their items.
  2. Elden Ring NG+ players also get more runes from killing enemies and bosses, but enemies also have more health and deal more damage.
  3. The most important factors for any player contemplating this decision are usually items and levels.

Elden Ring’s NG+ allows players to directly build on the time they initially spent beating the game, and for most non-speedrunning players, this can easily mean dozens of hours. Any player who spent ample time collecting spells or gear in Elden Ring will likely want to consider NG+ for the same reason, as NG+ allows players to keep armor, weapons, spells, upgrade materials, ashes, cookbooks, craftable items, maps, and non-quest specific collectibles like larval tears and rune arcs.

In Elden Ring ‘s New Game Plus mode, story-related key items such as secret medallion pieces, quest-specific items, keys, and great runes must be found again, and all sites of grace must also be re-activated! The ideal option for a second playthrough thus depends solely on the desired experience. Anybody who wants to conserve earnings but desires a new play style can respec their character using a larval tear before starting NG+ in Elden Ring, and to a certain extent, the character can adopt any starting class an Elden Ring player may want.

However, a larval tear just resets a character to their base stats, and the player’s actual starting class can not be changed. Any player who wants their vagabond character, which initially has melee-oriented stats, to specialize in magic, will be at a permanent disadvantage.
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