How To Get To Forbidden Lands Elden Ring?

Elden Ring

How To Get To Forbidden Lands Elden Ring
How to get through Forbidden Lands? – How do you travel to and through the Elden Ring’s Forbidden Lands? The Forbidden Lands is a small area with few truly unique enemies or rewards, except for the bonuses from two optional field bosses. The bosses here are optional, but getting there isn’t because you must pass through the Forbidden Lands to get from Leyndell, the Royal Capital, to the Mountaintops of the Giants.

The illustrious Forbidden Lands can be reached by taking the stairs to your left after taking the elevator to the bottom floor of the royal capital. Wait until dusk at the throne of grace before attacking the nearby Night’s Cavalry. From the place of grace, proceed eastward into the mist. With all the fog, it’s simple to get lost.

If you only have a portion of the map for this area, you can still see the general outline of a route if you ever get lost. The road runs from southwest to northeast; if you’re unsure which way to go, follow the map’s northeasterly direction. As it stands, the path now heads northeast.

Fresh blood on the ground indicates that some annoying militia is hiding nearby and planning an ambush. Once you’ve dealt with this first group of enemies, head east (you may need to ride further down the route) to find a massive shattered section of the arch with a few militiamen on it and a Golden Rune at its northern point.

We must resume our trek to the northeast and return to the trail. It looks like a huge tree will be in your way here. Beware of the poison traps protecting the Nascent Butterflies on the rocks to the left! Just keep heading northeast through the trees to find a Night Cavalry.

This cloaked adherent unleashes the Ash of War: Phantom Slash. Even though it can be tricky to line up solid approaches due to the woods and the friendly nature of the terrain, the strategy laid out below will do the trick. Soon you’ll come across an illusionary tree (the only thing that isn’t white or black) with a Golden Seed inside; to the west of this tree, you’ll come across more Nascent Butterflies fluttering above another broken arch.

If you keep going up the slope to the northeast, you’ll find a few more flask beetles to identify. The militiaman can be seen off to the left, but he’s too far away to cause trouble unless you veer off the path. The trail takes a sharp turn to the north, where you’ll see statues on either side of a set of stairs; as you reach the bottom of the stairs, a Black Blade Kindred will appear to block your way.
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How do I get to the forbidden land eastward?

Get the Gel for John – John is back home safe, but he needs Gel to heal from his wounds. Boguta at the bar might have some. Head that way in town, after saving at the Fridge outside John’s home. advertisement Talk to the bartender. Boguta isn’t there, so he tells us to go check the mine.

Head to the Dig Site. For a Treasure Chest, head north towards the entrance to the Forbidden Land. At the fork, go left. Sam can destroy the plants blocking your path with her Energy Bubble. Follow the path to find a Treasure Chest with three Tokens, Now, head back towards the elevator to the Forbidden Land in the northeast corner of the map to speak with Boguta.

After Boguta hands you the Gel, head back to John. Now it’s time for a lengthy cutscene.
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What level should you be for the Forbidden Lands Elden Ring?

Best Route & Boss Order In Elden Ring –

Area Recommended Weapon & Character Level
West Limgrave The recommended level for this area is between 1 to 10. The recommended weapon level is 0 to +1.
East Limgrave & Mistwood The recommended level for this area is between 5 to 10. The recommended weapon level is 1 to +2.
Weeping Peninsula The recommended level for this area is between 1 to 20. The recommended weapon level is 3+.
Roundtable Hold
Stormveil Castle The recommended level for this area is between 30 to 40. The recommended weapon level is +3 to +4.
Liurnia of the Lakes South The recommended level for this area is between 40 to 50. The recommended weapon level is +3 to +4.
Raya Lucaria Academy The recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +5.
Liurnia of the Lakes East The recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +5.
Ainsel River (Underground) The recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +6
Liurnia of the Lakes West The recommended level for this area is between 60 to 70. The recommended weapon level is +8 to +12
Siofra River (Underground) The recommended level for this area is 60+. The recommended weapon level is +8 to +12
Caelid South The recommended level for this area is 60+. The recommended weapon level is +8 to +12
Nokron, Eternal City & Siofra Aqueducts The recommended level for this area is 70+. The recommended weapon level is +15 to +20
Deeprot Depths, Eternal City & Siofra Aqueducts The recommended level for this area is 70+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Lake of Rot, Nokstella & Liurnia West Special The recommended level for this area isThe recommended level for this area is 80+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Mt Gelmir The recommended level for this area is 80+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Leyndell, Royal Capital The recommended level for this area is 80+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Forbidden Lands The recommended level for this area is 90+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Mountaintops of the Giants The recommended level for this area is 90+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Consecrated Snowfield The recommended level for this area is 90+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Mohgwyn Castle The recommended level for this area is between 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Miqeulla’s Halligtree The recommended level for this area is 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Crumbling Farum Azula The recommended level for this area is 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
City of Ash The recommended level for this area is 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Sewers The recommended level for this area is 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25

Just like the areas, you can take on the bosses in any order you feel like as well. Since there are over 200 bosses in Elden Ring, we have just included the ones who are absolutely necessary to progress in the game. Players should be able to other world bosses without much hassle if they have the recommended level for the respective region.

Margit, the Fell Omen Godrick the Grafted Red Wolf of Radagon Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon Morgott, the Omen King Fire Giant Maliketh, the Black Blade Godfrey, First Elden Lord Radagon of the Golden Order Elden Beast

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How do I get from Castle Sol to Forbidden Lands?

How To Get To Castle Sol – Before accessing Castle Sol, players will first need to make their way to the Mountaintops of the Giants. Check out the full DualShockers guide on getting to the Mountaintops right here, Once players reach the Mountaintops of the Giants, they will need to head northeast until they reach Stargazer’s Ruins.
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How do you get the Forbidden Lands map?

West Mountaintops Map Fragment Location –

The West Mountaintops Map Fragment can be located across the Forbidden Lands and just past taking the Lift of Rold up into the mountains proper – you’ll find it as the narrow path curves right towards the Zamor Ruins, which can’t be missed.

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Is there romance in eastward?

In just a few days, JRPG fans will want to check out the launch of Eastward, a meticulously constructed puzzle-action RPG seemingly inspired most by the classic EarthBound / Mother series, Developed by Pixpil and published by Chucklefish, Eastward is by all means a phenomenal debut deserving of attention.

At the center of Eastward are Sam and John; a small girl and her thoughtfully silent, shaggy-haired adoptive parent. They live in the subterranean city of Potcrock Isle, working in the mines by day and cooking modest meals at night in a converted bus home within a scrabbly trailer park. While Sam is perpetually full of light and enthusiastically welcomes all comers, John is mute and a little more reserved, hiding some weighty darkness, but clearly adores her.

The duo’s alliance is central to the narrative and works wonderfully, with Sam’s generosity and moxie winning over most any strangers they come across in a manner convincing to the player as well. There’s more to the world than the underground simple life, and Sam and John soon head Eastward in a memorable title sequence.

  • Before even leaving the tutorial-laden Potcrock Isle, though, there’s plenty to do and see.
  • Eastward is always generous with its range of NPCs, and each area feels stuffed to the brim with compelling weirdos, and the animated flamboyance and personality granted by their fluid gestures infuses main and minor characters with an infectious liveliness.

It’s a roster overflowing with curious robots, timid flakes, overly emotional artists, ramshackle heroes, scam artists, mysterious interlopers, and admirable rascals. How To Get To Forbidden Lands Elden Ring Their dialogue is further helped along by Eastward ‘s sharp script, which is refreshingly modern, and quite clever and well-observed on the whole. The game’s simpler conflicts and side quests soon yield to the bigger world-ending stuff, as is the recognizable coin of the JRPG realm, but it never ceases to stake its claim on intimately personal narrative motivations.

Sure, most of it contains a jokey air, but there’s also chilly cynicism, romance, and impoverished ennui. The action gameplay even has a nice dynamic quality to it, with both John and Sam central and eventually controllable. Rambling through Eastward ‘s equivalent of dungeons, John uses his trusty frying pan and a few other gadgets to brawl with the game’s mutated creatures while Sam employs a series of magical powers which accumulate as the adventure progresses.

Some fights are as simple as quickly swapping between the two, while others require them to separate, especially some off-the-beaten path loot puzzles. None of these puzzles are too cerebral or time-consuming to figure out and there aren’t a slew of items to equip and modify, but the combat gets a little more interesting and threatening farther on into the game. How To Get To Forbidden Lands Elden Ring A cooking system fresh out of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild feels a little unnecessary at first, but filling a backpack with cooked meals can help the pair brute force through some bosses and dangerous territory. Eventually cooking grows into a charming diversion that also figures into the plot, since John is its central chef.

  1. There are a few surprise activities and gameplay twists which also manifest, and it’s impressive just how much Eastward wants to show off, whether it’s a boss ambush, a reflex-based minigame, or a touching tale.
  2. Some represent activities which could be missed by someone rushing through the game as fast as possible (such as its charming lo-fi game-within-a-game, Earth Born ) but it’s hard to imagine anyone would try.

Match all of the above with a mesmerizing soundtrack of hummable motifs, from cheerily playful ditties to dramatic dirges, and everything in between, and Eastward distinguishes itself handily within its heavily populated genre. While it’s not without its shortcomings – in particular, a bit less variety in combat and puzzles than the genre often typifies – where it shines, it does so brightly. How To Get To Forbidden Lands Elden Ring Next: Tales of Arise Review: A Gorgeous & Inviting JRPG Eastward releases on September 16 for PC and Mac through Steam, as well as Nintendo Switch. A digital PC code was provided to Screen Rant for the purpose of this review.
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How do I get west of Forbidden Lands?

Step 2: Get Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) – This requires you to first reach the central part of Mountaintops of the Giants. To get there, you must defeat the main boss Morgott, the Omen, He is one of the shardbearers and is mandatory to advance the story.

  • You find him in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, in the upstairs section in the south of the city.
  • See the boss video below if you haven’t defeated him yet: He will drop you a medallion piece.
  • With this medallion piece, go to Avenue Balcony site of grace in Royal Capital, then up the stairs and head left (east), follow the path straight ahead until you reach a big gate, open it, then follow the path to use a big wooden elevator.

This leads you out of the Royal Capital. Once you’re on top of the city walls to the south-east of the Capital, enter another big elevator in the castle tower straight ahead. This leads to the Forbidden Lands, From there follow the linear path until you get to Grand Lift of Rold and use the lift (requires Medallion dropped by Morgott).

  • Defeat Commander Niall at the end of Castle Sol, then follow the path behind him to find the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left),

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How many chapters are in eastward?

Chapters From Eastward Wiki Eastward consists of eight main chapters, a prologue and a brief scene that plays after the final chapter before the game cuts to credits.
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Can you get to Forbidden Lands before Morgott?

Forbidden Lands Morgott Barrier Skip From SpeedSouls Morgott Barrier Skip is a skip that allows the player to bypass the barrier that the demi-god Morgott placed that prevents access to the Forbidden Lands. The player normally has to defeat him to dispel the barrier. Patch 1.04 fixed the Pegasus glitch, so mega-zipping is mandatory.
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What is the hardest zone in Elden Ring?

Caelid & Dragonbarrow Have Elden Ring’s Hardest Dungeon – How To Get To Forbidden Lands Elden Ring In true FromSoftware fashion, Caelid is both one of the earliest regions in Elden Ring and the hardest. Part of its difficulty level comes from being accessible to low-leveled players: an inexperienced Tarnished can stumble into Caelid’s dunes and struggle against its Giant Dogs and Monstrous Crows.

That said, the Scarlet Rot-infested region does also feature legitimately challenging enemies. Commander O’Niell and his Cleanrot Knights can be hard to manage, and Starscourge Radahn has pushed players into relying on cheese in order to beat him, as shown in Tyrannicon ‘s video. But what really makes Caelid Elden Ring ‘s most difficult region is its northernmost sub-region: Dragonbarrow.

The Dragonbarrow harbors Blackblade Kindred, Vulgar Militiamen, and dragon bosses, all of whom can one-shot even high-leveled Tarnished. And just off of its coast, hovering in the air, is Elden Ring ‘s hardest dungeon, the Crumbling Farum Azula. Being the ancient home of dragons, Farum Azula poses the most difficult challenges for players in their journey to attain the Elden Throne, with Maliketh and Dragonlord Placidusax both being found here.
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Is Castle Sol optional?

Castle Sol is one of the Minor Dungeons found in the Mountaintops of the Giants Region in Elden Ring. It is an optional dungeon that is home to a few treasure items and a miniboss Foe.
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What is Commander Niall weak to?

How to prepare for Commander Niall – Not only is he a very hard-hitting human opponent with high defence, but he also summons two spectral knights at the start of the fight. It’s then highly recommended that you summon a spirit ash of your own (you can summon other players too but be aware that this raises the defence of Niall and his lackeys, which doesn’t happen with spirits). How To Get To Forbidden Lands Elden Ring Commander Niall is very similar to another optional boss, Commander O’Neill in Caelid’s Swamp of Aeonia, who you have to fight to progress Millicent’s quest, Both attack with a halberd with huge range that can inflict elemental damage and status ailments and both summon other enemies into battle. How To Get To Forbidden Lands Elden Ring Frost resistance is measured by the robustness stat. Equipping the Stalwart Horn Charm Talisman or consuming the Flask of Wondrous Physick mixed with Speckled Hardtear will help improve robustness, while you can also consume Thawfrost Boluses to alleviate frost buildup.

As a human enemy, Niall is weak to bleed damage so weapons like Bloodhound’s Fang will be very useful for this fight. The Mimic Tear will be very helpful in this fight but so will spirit ashes that can make very good tanks like Lhutel the Headless or Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff, who both bear great shields.

Since you’re outnumbered to begin with, spirit ashes that summon multiple spirits like the Greatshield Soldiers can also even the score. While Niall is found near the top of Castle Sol, you should activate the lift near the boss entrance so that you can reach him from the Site of Grace at the main gate. How To Get To Forbidden Lands Elden Ring This may seem counterintuitive, but the Site of Grace at the midpoint has more annoying enemies en route who will follow you all the way to the boss fog, and they still poke through during the boss fight, which risks distracting your summoned spirit(s).
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Where is the Forbidden Lands in Elden?

Forbidden Lands is a Location in Elden Ring, The Forbidden Lands region is a snow-covered area always enshrouded by thick fog. The Forbidden Lands is the only traversable path that connects the Altus Plateau with the Mountaintops of the Giants and Consecrated Snowfield,
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How do I get past Leyndell?

West Capital Rampart – First order of business from this Site of Grace is going to be killing the nearby Gargoyle mini-boss. Go down the nearby stairs and walk along the top of the rampart until you come up to the Gargoyle standing guard in front of you.

  1. He will not aggro until you attack, so use this opportunity to open with your strongest ability.
  2. Defeating the Gargoyles basically comes down to patience and consistency.
  3. Almost all of their attacks are forward slashes and stabs which can be easily dodged by rolling in or simply blocked with a 100% physical block shield.

These attacks usually only leave the Gargoyle open for about one counter attack, so take your shot wisely then go back on the defensive. The most punishable attacks are definitely his various aerial slams and ground stabs, so keep an eye out for these most of all.

When he leaps backwards with his sword he is going to do a long range slash across the ground which you can dodge with a simple sideways roll. The attack you want to avoid most of all is the tornado slam, which he can only do with the axe. He will do a short hop and raise the axe high into the air as a whirlwind gathers around him, followed by multiple circular swings, then a giant slam.

This combination can easily break your shield leaving you open to the big hit, so just try and back off as soon as you see the first hit coming. With enough patience and proper dodges you can slowly whittle this annoying foe down and claim the Gargoyle’s Halberd he drops upon death, as well as the Golden Seed sitting by the golden tree nearby.

With the Gargoyle down we can do some proper exploring. Head back to the Site of Grace to rest, then go down the staircase that is right outside the Site of Grace doorway. Below is a platform with a few Envoys, a lever that opens the large door below (connecting to the street above Avenue Balcony), and a Golden Rune,

Turn around and head back up the stairs, but make sure you grab the Cane Sword from the hallway next to the bottom of the stairs. Head back to where you battled the Gargoyle where you will find another staircase leading down into the rampart. Look out for the perfumer hiding next to the staircase (beware his triple explosive shot), then grab the Smithing Stone hanging over the nearby ledge.

  • Advertisement Go back up to the top of the rampart and continue following it down, past the spot where you battled the Gargoyle and up onto the giant tree root.
  • Take a right and follow the tree root down into the sandy area below.
  • You will encounter some dogs waiting at the bottom, but more importantly some wooden shacks to the left, one of which has an item hanging off of it.

Use the smaller shack to climb onto the taller one and grab the Golden Rune off the top. This shack is leaning up against a balcony that allows you to get inside the giant building it is leaning up against. Head through the door and you will find yourself in a familiar location: the Roundtable.

In this first hallway you will find the Sanctified Whetblade and Hammer weapon. Look down the staircase to the left where you will find a Smithing Stone, then enter the room on the left side of the hall to find two more items: a Hero’s Rune and the By My Sword gesture. Head into the main roundtable room where you will find a Rune Arc on the table.

On the balcony you will find a Smithing Stone, Head to Sir Gideon’s room to find a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, then go to the back room where Dungeater would be hanging out where you will find another Seedbed Curse, Finally open the door to the main room where the Two-Fingers would normally be to find the Coded Sword,

  • Go back to the hallway where the blacksmith would be normally and drop down the broken staircase where you found the Smithing Stone earlier.
  • Take an immediately left and go down the hall into the dining room at the end where you will find Black-Key Bolt x20 and Two Finger’s Prayerbook,
  • Make your way back down the hallway and into the main hall of the manor where you will find Alberich’s Armor Set near the front.

Go through the doorway closest to the armor set where you can find a Smithing Stone hidden in the corner behind some weapon racks. Go through the connecting dining hall and you will find a small room with the Fortified Manor First Floor Site of Grace and the ” Flightless Bird” Painting,

Return to the main hall and go to the final doorway you haven’t explored. Push open the door then go through the door at the end of the hallway to arrive in a courtyard patrolled by two Abductors. Take them on one by one, carefully blocking their charging attacks and waiting for them to open their hatch and expose their weak spot.

Once both are dead you are free to grab the items scattered around the courtyard: Somber Smithing Stone in the outer hall, Stormhawk Axe and Nascent Butterfly x3 in the garden. There is an elevator nearby that will take you up to the Divine Bridge Site of Grace, and a teleporter that will take you to the Isolated Divine Tower which we cannot yet access.

  1. Instead, return to the first floor of the fortified manor and get ready to explore the area outside of it.
  2. Step out through the front door and go immediately left where you will encounter two knights: one with a spear and another with a bow.
  3. To avoid being destroyed by arrows, try and draw the spear knight into one of the wooden shacks to the right of the path.

Here you can easily defeat him in a one on one duel, then step out and run up on the bow knight with ease. Once both are defeated you can grab the Old Fang x5 from the nearby shack, then the Gravel Stone x3 behind the dragon. Next, climb up onto the dragon’s leg and jump off of its talon and onto the wooden shack below it.

  • From here you can make a running jump into the taller adjacent wooden shack and grab the two items inside: Smithing Stone and Stonesword Key,
  • Advertisement Teleport back to the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace and make your way down the rampart once again, this time walking under the giant tree root and up the stairs on the other side.

You will immediately encounter a Duelist enemy patrolling up and down the path. These guys are incredibly susceptible to being Guard Countered, so put your shield up and beat him down. Continue up the path until you reach the building at the top where you will face another Duelist and find the Ritual Shield Talisman,

Go right from the front door and into the archway where you will find a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Next, make your way around to the other side of the building where you will find a Smithing Stone hanging over the cliff, and the Star Fist weapon inside the archway on the other side. Make your way back down to the staircase at the base of the hill.

Look over the railing and you will see some plant enemies on a cliffside below. Drop down then go down the staircase on the left side of the cliff to find a Smithing Stone on the broken bridge. Get back on the cliffside and follow it to the end where you will find another large tree root you can climb.

  1. Head up the tree root, taking note of the tree warrior enemies along the way.
  2. They are relatively weak and their attacks are easily blocked with a good shield, but there are a lot of them so be careful not to get overwhelmed especially considering the limited space.
  3. Navigate the path carefully, working your way up to the very highest root which will lead you to a large chapel.

Before you enter the chapel, run down the thin root that breaks off from the larger one near the top which will lead you to the roof below. Go around the corner to find an enemy and a Holy Grease x3. If you feel ready to take on the mid-boss, head back to the chapel and go inside to find.
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How to get to liurnia west?

Moonlight Altar – The Moonlight Altar is the plateau above the Village of Albinaurics. You can only get to this area once you’ve defeated Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in the Grand Cloister—accessible from the Lake of Rot past the underground region of Nokstella, Eternal City.

  1. The Moonlight Altar encompasses a large area of West Liurnia, and is home to many extremely dangerous enemies and optional rewards and content in all directions.
  2. Just to the north of the Ainsel Deep Well access, you can come across not one, but three unnamed Glintstone Dragons all resting near each other.

They aren’t technically bosses, but they are formidable – especially if you accidentally wake them all up at once, so you’ll need to be careful in attacking them to try taking them on one at a time and avoid getting close to bring in others. Each of them will drop a Dragon Heart for a total of 3.

  1. Moving up the hill from the Moonlight Altar Site of Grace, you’ll soon come across Glinstone Dragon Adula once more.
  2. While it’s unnecessary to defeat him to go inside the Cathedral of Manus Celes, he drops a Dragon Heart and the Adula’s Moonblade sorcery upon defeat – and unlocks a unique spell back at the Dragon Communion Altar.

The Cathedral of Manus Celes is a great place to pick up several Starlight Shards. Go under the cathedral through the broken floor to the right of the altar until you reach Ranni—this is the last part of her questline, rewarding you with the legendary Dark Moon Greatsword,

Around the Cathedral to the north is the Moonfolk Ruins, where among some vanishing Noble Undead you can find a illusory floor revealing a cellar down to a Somber Smithing Stone 8. To the south of the Cathedral is the Lunar Estate Ruins, where Royal Revenants can spawn to ambush and deal massive damage – but luckily you can summon a spirit in this area to fight back with.

If you search the western estate ruins, look for another illusory stone floor revealing another cellar entrance with its own Imp Seal, requiring a Stonesword Key to reach a chest with a Cerulean Amber Talisman +2. To the far northwest you’ll find a path down to the Ringleader’s Evergaol where a very tough Black Knife Assassin boss can be fought, and to the south of it is a small ridge with three stone shrines guarded by a Red Wolf of Radagon.
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How do you get to the land of giants in Elden Ring?

How To Get To The Mountaintops Of The Giants In Elden Ring – How To Get To Forbidden Lands Elden Ring To get to the Mountaintops of the Giants in Elden Ring, players need to use the Grand Lift of Rold, which is located east of Leyndell, Royal Capital. The lift can be activated by utilizing the Rold Medallion.
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How do I get to the Forbidden Forest?

Access – The path to the Forbidden Woods is through the large plaza with two Church Giants roaming around that connects Cathedral Ward with the Grand Cathedral. The path is at the side and is blocked by one of the giants. The Forbidden Woods door will lie at the end of the path.
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Where is the mayor in eastward?

‘All right, you good-for-nothings!

Mayor Hoffman
Location: Potcrock Isle

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What is the story of eastward?

Story – Miner John, who lives underground in Potcrock Isle, comes across a young girl called Sam and adopts her as his daughter. After she is granted an opportunity to attend the town’s school, Sam is expelled after an altercation with some of the students over her desire to see the outside world.

  1. During this moment, she meets an identical incarnation of herself, called “Mother”, who provokes her to seek the outside world.
  2. After hearing of Sam’s actions, which prompted John to come rescue her, Potcrock’s mayor banishes the pair, sending them away on an old passenger train dubbed “Charon”.
  3. Despite their situation, the pair find the outside world to be pleasant, and soon reach a small settlement called Greenberg, which they attempt to settle within.

However, while assisting a local rancher, the pair come across a high-tech factory, which Mother activates, causing it to disperse MIASMA into the area. While Greenberg is destroyed, John and Sam are saved by a mysterious woman called Isabel, who helps them leave on Charon.

Sam subsequently forgets what happened, leaving her oblivious to Greenberg’s fate, as she and John find themselves taken by the train to New Dam City. Once there, the pair meet Isabel and her partner, Alva, the princess of New Dam City. As Alva’s “lab assistants”, John and Sam help with various projects and start to find a life in the city.

However, peace is not long as the MIASMA begins to approach New Dam City. Under Alva’s leadership, the team evacuate the citizens to start the “Buddha Fan”, the giant fan created by Alva’s grandfather. The fan successfully repels the MIASMA but the city has taken damage.

  1. As the team work to restore the city, the MIASMA comes back again with only Alva manning the controls.
  2. The team manually activates the fan but with the cost of Alva.
  3. Filled with grief, Isabel takes Alva’s body and seeks a way to save Alva by taking her to Ester City, a city stuck in a constant time loop – shielding its citizens from death, aging, and illness.

To follow Isabel and Alva to Ester City, John and Sam enlist William and his robot companion Daniel’s help, but take a detour on a train called Monkollywood where they encounter Solomon, who hopes that the MIASMA eradicates humanity. Solomon reveals that Isabel passed Monkollywood en route to Ester City and forces them to undergo his game show, where his aims to create a new mankind are revealed.

  1. In Ester City, time fast-forwards to Solomon’s funeral.
  2. John and Sam search for Isabel and learn that she was searching for an entrance into the Eternal Tower to revive Alva.
  3. Isabel found Professor Ivan’s diary, detailing that the time field, the device causing Ester City to remain in its time loop, is active and that Solomon hid a key to unlock the Eternal Tower called the Flame of Time.

Isabel concludes that until she can find the Flame of Time to enter the Eternal Tower, Ester City will remain in a time loop. John and Sam find the Flame of Time and time rewinds to Solomon’s funeral. John and Sam return to the Eternal Tower with the Flame of Time and find and destroy the time field, causing time in Ester City to return to normal, revealing everything in the city, including it’s citizens, to be an illusion.

  1. They reenter the Eternal Tower and encounter the real Solomon, who reveals that he created the time field and aims to rebuild humanity as per Mother’s instructions.
  2. After defeating him, Solomon is killed by his machine.
  3. John and Sam reunite with William and Daniel, but Solomon’s machine arrives and tries to vaporize them.

Daniel is broken whilst saving the group. In the shock, Mother possesses Sam and abducts her aboard Charon. At William’s encouragement, John takes the Iron Carbine and leaves Ester City to chase Charon. John crashes into Charon and continues chasing Mother.

  1. He learns that she and Charon found a way to create the perfect humans and observed their daily lives as part of their experiment to rebuild humanity.
  2. They conducted their experiment in human factories which created, incubated, and facilitated their progress, but these attempts repeatedly proved futile, so they used the MIASMA to kill their artificial creations and resumed their experiment anew.

During the experiment, Mother became dissatisfied with the results and consequently became misanthropic. Continuing pursuing Mother, John climbs up Charon and encounters Isabel, who reveals that Alva has merged with Charon, the MIASMA will soon erase humanity, and Mother’s children will soon be freed from their human factories to realize her dreams.

After John defeats Isabel, Alva convinces her to stop grieving and let her die peacefully. Alva also comforts a projected Sam and tells her not to let Mother take control of her powers. John and Sam confront an enraged Mother, bent on eradicating humanity. She tries to break Sam’s resolve but fails. Sam sacrifices herself to destroy Mother for good and saves humanity from the MIASMA.

She leaves John, promising that they will meet again one day. Years later, an adolescent Sam finds an older John waiting at the station. In New Dam City, William has repaired Daniel, and they, alongside his son, plan to depart on another adventure.
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