How To Play The Contract Gta 5?

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How To Play The Contract Gta 5
GTA Online: How to Start The Contract – How To Play The Contract Gta 5 Before you can learn how to start The Contract in GTA Online, you’ll need to ensure your game is updated to v1.40 on the PS4. The patch weighs in at 3.991GB, and depending on your Internet speed will take a few minutes to download and install, so be sure to set aside some time for that. How To Play The Contract Gta 5 Once you’ve spawned into Los Santos, you’ll get a call from Lamar who will tell you about a new celebrity agency looking for help. He’ll tell you to visit Dynasty 8 Executive where you can buy an Agency office. How To Play The Contract Gta 5 Use your smartphone to access the Internet browser and visit the Dynasty 8 Executive website. You can either find this from the Money And Services tab or by entering the following URL into the browser bar:, There are four Agencies available to purchase, and you can find the Best Agency to Buy through the link. How To Play The Contract Gta 5 Once you’ve bought an Agency, set a waypoint to it using your map or the Interaction Menu and then head inside to meet Franklin Clinton and watch the first cut-scene. How To Play The Contract Gta 5 Franklin will introduce you to your new business, and tell you to get started on some Contracts while he works on a big client. You’ll need to know How to Become a CEO or How to Become a Motorcycle Club President before you start Contract work. Once you’ve registered as a CEO or MC President, interact with the computer in your office to get started.
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How do you play Franklin in the Contract?

Franklin and Lamar are both playable in Grand Theft Auto Online, but players will need to buy an Agency and complete a few missions to unlock them. How To Play The Contract Gta 5 Franklin and Lamar were both added as playable characters to Grand Theft Auto Online in the newest content update, The Contract, Before players can get started unlocking the playable Franklin and Lamar, they will need to purchase an Agency. There are several Agency properties available in GTA Online, and they range from $2,010,000 to $2,830,000.

  1. Once players purchase an Agency from Dynasty 8, they can visit the building to trigger a cutscene with Franklin.
  2. He will explain how the Agency works and how to access available missions from the laptop in the player’s office.
  3. Next, players will need to complete the set of VIP Contract missions for Dr.
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Dre that make up the main story for The Contract DLC. After finishing every mission in the questline, Franklin will let players know that he’ll be in touch. Once he calls, players can head to Record A Studios located at the ‘F’ symbol on the map. Inside the studio, players can go in the back to the Smoke Room to play as Lamar or Franklin in GTA Online,

  • After reaching the Smoke Room in the back of Record A Studios, players will be invited to sit with Franklin and Lamar and smoke with them.
  • They will talk about a Special Strain, and players need to smoke it to begin a mission as Franklin or Lamar.
  • The missions are only available as a two-player event and can’t be completed solo.

Players can invite another person to their game or join someone else’s game. The host of the mission will always be Franklin and the second player will be Lamar.
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How do you unlock the agency in GTA 5?

GTA Online: Best Agency to Buy – How To Play The Contract Gta 5 As you learn How to Start The Contract, you’ll need to decide on the best Agency to buy, You can purchase Agencies from Dynasty 8 Executive, which you can access from the Internet browser on your smartphone. The website is found under the Money And Services tab or by entering the following URL into your browser:,

  • Rockford Hills: GTA$2,415,000
  • Vespucci Canals: GTA$2,145,000
  • Little Seoul: GTA$2,010,000
  • Hawick: GTA$2,830,000

To be honest, all of the Agencies are in decent locations and the interiors are all identical regardless of which one you buy. If you own the Maze Bank West Office, then you may want to go for the Agency in Rockford Hills or Vespucci Canals to reduce travel between the two.
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How big is GTA the contract?

File size of The Contract DLC in GTA Online for all supported platforms – Players will need to download The Contract DLC in order to try out all the new content in GTA Online. Depending on the platform, the size of today’s update will vary. All of the sizes are listed here for players’ convenience:

PlayStation 4 – 3.991 GB Xbox One – 4.1 GB PC – 4.88 GB

PC players can download the update from their respective online client, which could be either Steam, Epic Games Launcher, or Rockstar Games Launcher. The time taken to download the update will also vary depending on the player’s internet speed. Players who haven’t received an update may need to restart the DRM client or the game itself.

As expected, the PC version takes up the most amount of space, although the size difference between the platforms is minor. The Contract DLC includes new weapons, vehicles, music, a new radio station, and a new type of property. This property, called the Agency, has to be bought to start the story missions for the DLC.

Franklin Clinton is the owner of the agency, named F. Clinton and Partner. Dr. Dre is his client, who has lost his mobile phone. Players are tasked with acquiring this phone through story missions, which are structured like heists. Several prominent rappers are making cameo appearances with this update, and several more will have their music featured in GTA Online. GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯
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How do I meet Dom on the maze bank?

MISSION NOTE: AVOID THE PARACHUTE – Do NOT take the parachute from the ground near the Maze Bank entrance if attempting this mission! If you do, you will trigger the “Bank Bailout” Parachute jump instead! Dom will send Franklin a text message saying he’s climbed the Maze Bank building.
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Is buying maze Bank West worth it?

Summary –

For beginners, it is strongly advised to purchase the cheapest Maze Bank West Office. Although its location is not the best, it will still be worth every penny you pay for it. Buy the Arcadius Business Center Office judiciously. Keep in mind that you must buy at least one warehouse in addition to the Office to make profit from the CEO businesses, so be prepared to pay more than the price you see at the first glance. If you feel compelled to buy the Arcadius Business Center Office only because it is close to 4 Integrity Way and you own that Apartment, then consider the combination of Maze Bank West and Del Perro Heights Apartment, which is cheaper and still offers a very short home-to-office distance. GTA Online allows you to own more than one Apartment. The other two more expensive Offices are not suitable for beginners. Use a cheaper Office first, and switch to a luxurious one after you are rich if you still want it. Other properties, like Terrorbyte and Master Control Terminal in Arcades, decrease the importance of a good Office location.

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What is the Contract DLC for GTA?

What is The Contract DLC? – The Contract is an all-new story within GTA Online. Alongside brand new narrative content centered around Franklin and a guest appearance from Dr. Dre, there are plenty of new additions with brand new weapons, vehicles, locations, and more. The best part of it all? This is a free update for all GTA Online players, so you can dive in right now!
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How much money do you make from the Contract DLC GTA 5?

GTA Online VIP Contract Payout – The main source of income with the Contract DLC is the VIP Contract Missions that see players tracking down Dr Dre’s missing phone and his new, unreleased music. These VIP Contract Missions consist of roughly 13 separate missions that will take roughly 4 to 6 hours to complete from start to finish. How To Play The Contract Gta 5 That’s everything you need to know about the payout for The Contract in GTA Online, If you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers. GTA 5 Cheats | GTA Online Weekly Update | GTA Online Prize Ride This Week | GTA Online Podium Car This Week | GTA+ Rewards This Month | GTA 5 Account Transfer | GTA Online Summer Update | GTA Online Independence Day 2022 | GTA 3 Cheats | GTA Vice City Cheats | GTA San Andreas Cheats |
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