What Do You Get For Killing Patches Elden Ring?

Elden Ring

What Do You Get For Killing Patches Elden Ring
What Happens if You Kill Patches in Elden Ring ? – If you indeed decide to kill Patches for past grievances, you will get the satisfaction of seeing him die indignantly as he utters a last bit of profanity, as well as drop a few items:

  • Patches’ Bell Bearing
  • Spear +7
  • Leather Armor
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Boots
  • 2 x Golden Rune

Note: As a boss fight, Patches offers a rather straightforward challenge, as you can easily dodge his attacks and deal significant damage immediately after that.
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Is it worth killing patches in Elden Ring?

Patches is best kept alive until later in Elden Ring – What Do You Get For Killing Patches Elden Ring Should you spare Patches, he will seemingly turn over a new leaf. He’ll offer some help to the player by opening up a shop. Much of what he sells are consumables, most notably Margit’s Shackle and a Stonesword Key, Other items include:

Ballista BoltFan DaggersFestering Bloody FingerFurlcalling Finger RemedyGlass ShardGold-Pickled Fowl FootGrace MimicGreat ArrowHorse Crest Wooden ShieldMargit’s ShackleMissionary’s Cookbook (2)Parrying DaggerSacrificial TwigStonesword Key

Aside from access to a useful shop, accepting Patches’ surrender also opens up a quest later in the game. After he leaves Scenic Isle, players will once again encounter Patches in Volcano Manor. By joining the covenant there, Patches will give you a quest to assassinate Great Horned Tragoth. When this is done, Great Horned Tragoth will drop the Bull-Goat set that offers amazing poise stats. What Do You Get For Killing Patches Elden Ring If players decide to kill Patches, no one will blame them. Patches has been causing trouble for players in many of FromSoftware’s games, including Elden Ring. However, his death is easier to overcome if players have no intentions of using the Bull-Goat set.

  1. Click here for Elden Ring PS4 When killed, Patches will drop his Bell Bearing.
  2. This can be given to the Twin Maiden Husks after reaching the Roundtable Hold,
  3. In return, every item Patches’ would have sold himself will now be available in the Twin Maiden Husks’ store.
  4. Players will also receive a set of Leather Armor and a Spear +7, which is great to have early on in Elden Ring.

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What item does patches give you Elden Ring?

Step 2: Have mercy – Inside Murkwater Cave, you’ll be attacked by Patches once you open a specific chest. The encounter is framed as a boss fight — until you get his health low, at which point he’ll begin cowering and begging for mercy. If you want to continue his storyline, oblige his request — for now.
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What do you get for doing patches quest Elden Ring?

Where to Find Patches in Limgrave (First Encounter) – You’ll first find Patches in Murkwater Cave in Limgrave. Upon entering the final cavern of this cave, you will find it empty save for a chest. Upon opening it, you will hear a voice call out to you, shaming you for assuming you could simply take any treasure you find.

Kill Patches: If you choose to continue the fight, he will begin to fight you again. At this point, you have no choice but to end the fight with death, as he will not return to his pacified state during this time. Upon killing him, you will receive his unique armor as well as his +7 spear, which is a strong weapon early in the game. You will also receive the Patches Bell Bearing key item, which can be taken to the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold to unlock his merchant inventory. However, this will end his questline.

NOTE: If you let him surrender (allowing you to learn the Grovel for Mercy gesture) and then attack him again, he will become aggressive after 2-3 hits and fight back. However, once he’s gotten your health down to around 1/4 HP, he will ask you if you would like to beg for your life. Performing the Grovel for Mercy gesture at this point will cause him to once again become mollified.

Let Patches Live: If you stop attacking Patches when he grovels and begs for mercy (thereby teaching you the Grovel for Mercy gesture), his boss health bar will disappear after a few seconds, and you will be able to speak to him. He will ask for your forgiveness. Regardless of your answer, he will now act as a merchant at this location.

Assuming you chose to let Patches live, reload the area to find that a new chest as appeared next to Patches. This is a teleporter trap that will take you near the Mistwood Outskirts in Limgrave. You’ll need to interact with a Site of Grace before you can fast travel again (the closest Site of Grace is the Mistwood Outskirts, just northwest of your destination location).
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How do you get bull goat armor after killing patches?

Step 3: Defeating Great Horned Tragoth What Do You Get For Killing Patches Elden Ring – From here, travel to the Ravine Veiled Village and climb up, past the Ruined Strewn Precipice and to the Precipice Overlook. Shortly after finally reaching the top, players will need to defeat the Magma War Maker, a dragon boss. Afterward, rest at the New Site of Grace, where a red summoning marker will spawn, allowing the player to summon the Great Horned Tragoth.
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What happens if you open patches second chest?

Should you open Patches’ second chest? – Opening Patches’ second chest in Elden Ring will ensnare you in a transporter trap that teleports you to the northern section of Mistwood in Limgrave. Patches will call you a scheming thief and upon reaching this location, you’ll notice a massive Runebear scratching a tree in front of you. What Do You Get For Killing Patches Elden Ring Screengrab via FromSoftware After escaping Patches’ trap, you are free to return to him in Murkwater Cave whenever you like. He will note that he’s surprised that you’re still alive but will continue to let you buy goods as before. So should you open Patches’ second chest in Elden Ring ? Probably not, unless you want to be forcefully teleported to Mistwood in Limgrave and be called a thief (again).
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Where is patches after you spare him?

How to get the Dancer’s Castanets – After the Volcano Manor, Patches can be found at the Shaded Castle in Mt. Gelmir. You’ll have to fight your way through the area to the Elemer of the Briar boss to find find Patches in front of the fog door. Talk to him to receive the Dancer’s Castanets item.
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Where does patches go after Shaded Castle?

Where does Patches go after Shaded Castle in Elden Ring? – The isn’t the last time we see Patches. After leaving Shaded Castle in Elden Ring, Patches returns to Murkwater Cave. If players revisit the location, they’ll notice the telltale yellow fog has returned and blocks the area where Patches previously set up his shop.

  • Note, players don’t have to for him to appear here.
  • However, when you enter the cavern, Patches is nowhere to be seen.
  • To trigger his appearance, open the treasure chest (don’t worry, it’s not trapped anymore).
  • He’ll accuse players of trying to steal his treasure and attack.
  • DO NOT FIGHT BACK! At this point, most players will have practically achieved godhood, and Patches is a fragile boy.
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After a few moments, Patches will recognize the player and beg for mercy. Shortly after that, the victory text will display, and players will be rewarded with the Patches’ Crouch gesture.

Speaking to him reveals these lines: “Ahhh It’s been ages since I’ve seen you. I didn’t even realize it was you. Took you for a demi-human, or some such. You know how it is, just an innocent mistake. Water under the bridge, eh, back to business as usual? Hell’s bells This bandit business is hardly what it’s cracked up to be Especially if we keep running into the likes of you Maybe I’ll set up another shop with the lads” After this, players can reload the area and return to find that Patches has reopened his shop. “Well, finally made it, eh, and just in time. For the grand reopening of Patches’ Emporium. Where you won’t need a refund, ’cause everything is top notch!”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t sell anything new. This seems to be the definitive end of Patches’ questline. No other lines have been datamined for him except for a few relating to another cut quest. However, he’s a popular character, so we’ll likely see more of him in any future DLCs. : Elden Ring Patches Questline: Where Does He Go After Shaded Castle?
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Is there a negative to joining Volcano Manor?

Should you join Volcano Manor in Elden Ring? – What Do You Get For Killing Patches Elden Ring Yes, if only to advance several quests and get access to Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Despite the gravity of the murders you commit, there are no negative consequences – at least, none we’ve come across. Whether you arrive unannounced or with Rya has no bearing on what happens next.

  1. Tanith, the lady of the manor, will assign you tasks periodically.
  2. These contracts are all assassination missions, where you grab and read a letter, travel to the spot marked on the map, and invade an NPCs world to fight them.
  3. The later ones are in Mountaintops of the Giants, so you won’t be able to finish the quest chain right away in most cases.

You’ll also want to hold off defeating Rykard until you’re completely finished with the Manor, since everyone leaves shortly afterwards. After your first contract – Old Knight Istvahn in Stormhill, a fairly standard invasion battle – you’ll get the Magma Shot spell from Tanith.
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